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Phoenix imagines that this world is great entertainment for whatever gods still live. It must be entertaining, watching your creations scuffle in the dirt. In some ways, this whole shitshow mirrors his entire goddamn life the rise to the top and then the crash back down. His family had been the rich sort before the end of the world. They'd actually had this... bunker, filled with all sorts of useful stuff. They were prepared. Maybe the good thing to do would be to share it once the riots had stopped. Distribute it out, make sure everyone got enough to eat and a safe place to sleep, but well, they were nice people but not that nice. And to kick a sixteen year old kid out because he was a little too hot-headed, that's another level of not nice.

But he survived, that's what matters. With a duffel bag full of his stuff and a good measure of determination, he supposes anything is possible. Made a different name for himself, outside of the family business and their bunker full of shit. Making a name for himself just wasn't always a good thing, and Phoenix has walked for miles and miles to try and find a place that doesn't carry that same amount of heat.

Here, he thinks he might damn well be anonymous. It was a long walk and he can't tell yet if it's worth it, but it's the first hint of civilization he's seen in days and he's tired of being alone. He makes himself stop when he sees people, waving a hand and then dropping the bag he'd kept over his shoulder. Phoenix looks messy, with soft hair pushed back and dirt under his eyes, but friendly enough. Approachable, even in olive drab and a torn jacket. All he wants is a shower guess that was probably a few years out, huh? He'll manage.


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Unlike Phoenix, Gabriel had not been thrown out on his ear out of his family's home. He really had a good thing going loving parents, a little sister, a green front yard, a vast backyard, and a roof over his head. There was no electricity and little food, of course, but the Griffins had managed. The fact that the teenager had fled his childhood home may have seemed insane to the less fortunate souls that suffered the wrath of the post-apocalyptic world, but truth be told, Gabriel wanted to be independent. He no longer wanted to be coddled and hidden away from the world, like how his parents wanted. He missed them all dearly, the security and the love and the warmth that he felt in the suburbs, but he was managing here. This was his new life.

The boy had been standing near a few other Badlanders when the group collectively turned their sights onto an apparent stranger, dirtied and well-worn from his travels. He did not appear threatening, so Gabriel supposed that he could go ahead and greet him just like he would anybody else. He took a much more civilized approach to dealing with newcomers than most others did. "Hi," The teenager's features were neutral as well as his tone, his pubescent-ridden voice leveled and not too demanding but not too timid. Months of training under the Boss and some of the group's toughest fighters had taught him a thing or two about confronting strangers with at least a shred of confidence. "You need something..?"


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Catalyst didn't believe in gods. Well, they believed in one, but She wasn't a god in the way others would think of them. She was more. It was fate that life had started up, fate that each and every event happened, no matter how small. Everything was meant to be, though for what reason they did not know. Maybe She was just entertaining herself, or maybe this was her job, her own fate, something she had to do until the end of time. The idea was sort of saddening, though perhaps it would explain the world's decline in recent years as She grew wearier and wearier.

They had lived in two houses, with two families. The first it had just been them and their mother, and there were times when they longed to go back to that. Things were so much simpler then, so much softer. Not completely, the other kids had still been terrible, but some part of them wished that they hadn't run away from home that night. That Fate hadn't bid them leave. But She had, and she'd ended up with Derick and his family. They had always felt like they were three-quarters accepted there, almost another one of the kids but not quite. Things only got worse on that front when things took a cultish turn, and any part of the family dynamic they may have had was gone. Eventually, they left that house too.

A few years later and now they were here, standing with a few other Badlanders. Their attention shifted from the topic of conversation to the stranger, but before they could say anything Gabriel was stepping forward. He was too nice for his own good. Cat followed him, hovering just behind the boy's shoulder, waiting for the stranger to answer.

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