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//tw for threats of violence/death and mentions of death

It had started out as a simple supply run and check-in with their neighbors. But then Catalyst had found two, maybe three people there. They asked a purple-haired man who the leader was, and he said that there was no leader, that they just went about their business peacefully. How peculiar. Now, it wasn't all that long ago that the Badlands had lacked a leader, and what had they told the Badlands when they took over? That if they didn't, someone worse would come along and overrun them? Something like that. Well, wasn't it funny that now they were going to do the very thing they had warned their people about?

Some might call the decision impulsive, but many of their decisions were. When it came to things like this, they could feel Fate's hands guiding them, and they had learned long ago not to resist. They went wherever She wanted them to go, did whatever She bid, and now would be no different. They reckoned they could take this place just with the two Badlanders that had accompanied them, hell even on their own, but what fun would that be?

Cat completed their business there, giving no indication to their plans. They headed back to the Badlands, rallied their troops, and now led them back to Northstar. They told their people not to rough anyone up too badly, nor to destroy too much, but this was still a raid, still a hostile takeover. "I want everyone rounded up and brought to the... where the fug is the main hub?" They glanced at some of the surrounding Badlanders, each of whom shrugged. No wonder they were so disorganized, apparently there was no where to organize. "Eh, let's just do it in the graveyard." So the Northerners would be able to see where they'd end up if they resisted.

There weren't very many people to round up, though there were quite a lot of places to check for hiders. Cat waited in the graveyard, leaning against a crumbling headstone that was nearly as tall as them. The first Northerner that was brought was that purple haired man from before. He glared daggers at Cat, spat curses at them, but they ignored him. It wasn't until they heard that it was all clear that they spoke addressed the crowd of Badlanders and Northerners.

"I don't think I need to explain what's happening here. This is a raid, yeah? But a bit more than that, see, because the ratio of supplies to people are insane. There's hardly anyone here, but you're all really well-stocked. Now, the Badlands has been growing quite a bit. It's getting hard to feed everyone there, and it doesn't seem all that fair that there should be this much food here for so few mouths, does it?" They tsked and shook their head.

"So here's how it's gonna go down: we're gonna take what we need. You'll carry on like normal, and if you're good we might just build this place up a little. Or leave you be. Depends on my mood, I guess." Whatever bends in the path that She had planned, She didn't want them to know about it. That was fine, they could follow along and take life as it came. "But," their tone darkened significantly here, their pale blue eyes taking on a dangerous glint, "you resist, you make problems for me, I'll kill everyone here. Sound good?" And then they were right back to borderline jovial; they didn't care if they killed everyone in Northstar, it made no fugging difference to them whether these people lived or died.

"Alright. That's it, y'all get on with it." They waved a hand dismissively. The Northerners could protest or stand there or go back home to protect their belongings, they couldn't care less. The Badlanders would get food, confiscate weapons, and take whatever supplies were needed back home.

//So yeah! The Badlands is temporarily taking over Northstar; Cat's effectively the leader though over time the authority will shift over to Sango's character Mason, who will be the one that cuts ties with the Badlands, ends the occupation and takes over. For now there are going to be Badlanders running around and taking whatever they want, but the Northerners are just supposed to carry on even with the occupation.
//also this is a fucking mess I'm sorry

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GENERAL   welcome to the end of eras, ice has melted back to life
⇥ Given name is Scott Mathew Darrow ⇥ Goes only by Catalyst or Cat
⇥ Assigned male at birth ⇥ Agender ⇥ They/Them pronouns only
Twenty-one ⇥ Born 11/27/17 ⇥ Sagittarius ⇥ Real time aging
Boss (leader) of the Badlands ⇥ Ex prisoner of the Badlands
⇥ Ex cultist (Mourningstar) ⇥ Ex member of the Young Rogues

RECENT EVENTS   done my time and served my sentence
⇥ 03/03/39 ⇥ Took over Northstar District
⇥ 02/23/39 ⇥ Attended Hayley and Jackson's wedding
⇥ 02/17/39 ⇥ Had a heart to heart with Molly and Gavril
⇥ 02/15/39 ⇥ Visited Michael in Flintlock
⇥ 02/14/39 ⇥ Hosted a Valentine's day party
⇥ 02/11/39 ⇥ Got drunk

APPEARANCE   dress me up and watch me die
⇥ Catalyst is 6'2" tall; they possess a lean and muscular body, one that has a variety of old scars adorning it. They have two piercings, one in their tongue and the other in the cartilage of their left ear. They typically dress in dark colors (favoring jackets with some sort of writing on the back), and their hair is black. They're not all dark, however, as they have pale blue eyes that peer out from beneath medium-sized eyebrows.

PERSONALITY   if it feels good, tastes good, it must be mine
⇥ Catalyst is ambitious, with the cunning and ruthlessness to reach their goals by any means necessary. They can be brutal when they feel it is needed, however when it's not they won't bother. They tend to be rather aloof and apathetic to most things and people, with some very rare exceptions. Provided those around them don't cross a few specific lines, they're content to leave them be, though they've been known to take an interest in some people, which seldom has a positive end for whoever their interest is in. They can be manipulative, and will often encourage people to make bad decisions. Those that stick by them will be rewarded, but those that do not will be cast out, as they've been outcast for their entire life and have learned to appreciate loyalty wherever they can find it. Even during the most stressful of situations, they usually keep a firm grip on their temper and keep their calm, though when they do snap and lose their temper, it is uncontrollable. They're remarkably observant, often able to deign much from subtle clues in what people say, how they say it and how they act.

RELATIONS   dynasty decapitated, you just might see a ghost tonight
⇥ Molly Darrow x Austin Darrow ⇥ No siblings
Pansexual/Panromantic ⇥ Essentially taken ⇥ One Crush
⇥ Not looking but it happened ⇥ Rarely forms romantic attachment
⇥ Holds most people at arms length and doesn't get close

INTERACTION   i'm taking back the c r o w n
Hard physicallyHard mentally ⇥ Doesn't let their guard down
⇥ Is most comfortable with close ranged-weapons ⇥ Dislikes guns
Brass knuckles ⇥ A variety of knives ⇥ Blunt objects like bats
⇥ Will kill/capture/maim in certain circumstances
⇥ Will leave things be in others ⇥ Will start & finish fights
⇥ No kill/capture/maim without permission
⇥ Peaceful powerplay allowed but they may react negatively
⇥ Dislikes almost any sort of touch unless they initiate or agree to it

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now there was a name he hadn't heard in a while. no wonder there'd been radio silence from the little group for so long; maybe they'd kept so quiet because there was no leader. or maybe he was looking into it too much -- as he tended to. he'd heard whispers on the way of exactly where they were headed, mutters falling on his perhaps too-eager ears as he only slightly subdued the bounce in his step. they were really going to do it, huh? how novel. everything was so new: the noises, the smell of the soil, the haze laying low in the sky. despite his knowledge of -- or, rather, his familiarity with -- the human stride to adapt, it was a wonder to him that anyone stayed in this environment for long. maybe it was for the aesthetic of it all, the price for living here being comfort; though, in the world's state, comfort was rare anywhere, so that seemed too blind an assumption. again with the overthinking.

the place itself was relatively well-kept, which was another surprise, considering. there were only, what, a few people? a few very dutiful people, then. as far as taking over went, he didn't quite care for the political aspect of it all, whatever that was. he more liked the idea of having it all within his bounds -- the act of owning, and of being able to bend this place easier than if it were sovereign. if it came down to it, that he had any free reign, he would most certainly work on how the place looked; much like another art project, but grander and on such a scale that he hadn't yet been faced with. yeah, he liked that idea. nothing like those pitiful little half-hue sketches he'd more or less holed himself with for the past few months. an entire territory to work with. he very much liked that, indeed.

and then they were marching those remaining residents into what he supposed was a graveyard, and cat was giving them the talk, and… how boring, it all was. he knew it was important, but he couldn't will his hands to stop wringing nor his mind to cease its pace. supplies, weapons -- he'd deal with those later; they were all going to the same place anyway. he more liked the thought of being able to walk around and observe more of this “northstar district”. for art.

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