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◜ . easy street ┊double joining . ◞
« on: March 04, 2019, 01:36:26 AM »
two figures walked down the street, the little boy had a prideful 'i need to be somewhere and no ones gonna stop me' mood to his stride while his older sister was a few yards behind him with her hands in her pockets casually strolling. did charles wallace have a specific destination in mind? no, but he knew he wanted to get there yesterday. his sweater vest and khakis were clean, his hair neatly styled and parted to the right. even at a young age, charles wallace had more care for his appearance than people older than him. meg had a much more relaxed vibe, she wore jeans that were getting dirty and an old brown leather jacket that was scratched up, her curly hair pulled into a messy bun. the two were opposites and not just with their appearances.

"hurry up, meg." charles wallace hissed to his older sister. "you walk slower than aunt janet did and she couldn't even walk." meg rolled her eyes briefly, picking up her pace only slightly to make him chill out. "if i knew you were going to slow me down this much i wouldn't have let you come with me."

"charles wallace, you're nine. you can't be out here by yourself."

"what are you gonna even do if something happens? try and work things out by talking about it? yeah that would work really well. you have to intimidate people. that's the only way you'll make it." meg didn't know what kind of person would be intimidated by a nine year old but she didn't say anything about it. the duo made there way into the beach side town, unaware that it was already home to a group of people.

"ugh, this place is a fucking dump!" charles wallace sneered loudly. "i've seen junkyards nicer than this."

"charles wallace, stop swearing." meg said before quickly adding something else. "also, quiet down. people may be here."

"shut up, meg. i'm gonna be as loud as i want. i want to meet the people that would be stupid enough to choose and live here."

// they're here
charles wallace is a little shit i'm sorry
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Re: ◜ . easy street ┊double joining . ◞
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Maybe it was the years they had spent in the Young Rogues talking, but Catalyst could see why a nine year old would be intimidating. Well, they weren't going to be intimidated by a child, but they had witnessed firsthand how violent and awful kids could be over and over. They might have a soft spot (or the closest to soft that they had) for kids, but they knew that children could be as despicable as any adult.

They took careful note of everyone in the Badlands; every face, every voice, even each person's individual habits and patterns to the best of their ability. The voices that went back and forth, one distinctly younger but much more crude, the other imploring. They strode out onto the beach from the alleyway between two houses, a distinctly not amused look on their face. "And I want to meet the bratty kid stupid enough to walk into the Badlands talking shit." They said, looking from the boy to the girl, arms folded over their chest.

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Re: ◜ . easy street ┊double joining . ◞
« Reply #2 on: March 05, 2019, 12:07:17 AM »
"Whoa whoa, let's tone it down, okay?" Came a scolding from the teenager, his tone warning them that there was no need for harsh language to be thrown about. After all, this was a child and Catalyst was the adult here. It was still eyebrow-raising that a child of the boy's age would even cuss so freely; he knew that it would not fly under his parent's supervision. The former Officer arrived promptly, shooting a glance over towards Catalyst for a brief second. He was in no place to order the Boss around, but he was simpy delivering a friendly reminder, if you will.

Now that that was addressed, Gabriel supposed that he would try to clear the air of any tension. "Uh... hi." His eyes flickered towards the strangers, though specifically lingering on the girl for a few moments more. And there went his stomach, flopping forward and every which-way. Sometimes he really hated his brain and its logic, especially when it got in the way of normal human interaction.