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* everybody leaves / releasing rue
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Only a handful of people knew about Gabriel's, er, special little animal friend. She had rarely been out of his small apartment, as he didn't want her straying outside and getting picked up by the wrong hands. Gabriel had never taken care of an animal before, though he harbored a certain compassion towards the stray bobcat kitten. He had been raising her for weeks now, simply giving her a roof to sleep under, some scraps from his meals, and playtime ( of course ). Playing with a wild animal had its downsides, though, such as Rue taking it way too seriously and playing rough when batting at the bits of string that Gabe teased her with. Never did he once think about encouraging her to explore on her own, though; she was young and vulnerable, especially without her mother.

While he rarely let the bobcat kitten outside, he couldn't keep her cooped up in that space forever. The apartment was much too small to keep her domesticated, so once in a while, Gabe took her into the woods where she could roam freely about the undergrowth. With the creature nestled in his arms, the teenager walked out into the street and towards the trees. Man, she was growing fast - she could hardly be cradled anymore.

They had made it to the nearby pond, the one nestled in the woods. Gabriel had set Rue down and had taken this moment to bring a cup of freshwater up to his face, and he had proceeded to splash it onto his features and rub down his cheeks to remove any remaining dirt from them. It was no bath, but it would have to do for today. It was cloudy outside and the boy didn't feel like dousing himself in cold water.

He stood up, now glancing around for the kit. "Rue," Gabriel called, but to no avail. She was nowhere in sight. A terrible pang twisted in his chest, one of fear and uncertainty. Was she lost? What if she got trapped or hurt somewhere? The teenager had taken care of her for this long, and he did not want to lose her now. So, he traveled through the bushes and the trees, peering into the distance to look for where Rue had gone.

Gabriel appeared on the edge of the forest now, frowning as he cast his gaze towards the meadow. Where could she have gone? Nervous, anxious, his eyes searched the grassy area before suddenly catching sight of a brown figure in the distance. "Rue?" The teenager called, stepping forward in her direction. This had alerted the bobcat kitten, prompting her to lift her head quickly and shoot a glance at him; she had stood completely still, even wrinkling her nose vaguely as if sniffing at him.

As if saying goodbye.

He wanted to run after her, he wanted to scoop her up and take her back to town, but he knew that she wouldn't be coming back with him. Not today, and not ever. The bobcat had blinked before ducking into the meadow and trotting off towards the mountains. Just like that, she was gone, and Gabriel was left standing there and quietly bidding farewell to the creature he had saved from the streets months ago.

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Re: * everybody leaves / releasing rue
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Molly hadn't known about Gabriel's pet bobcat; in truth she knew very little about the boy. He seemed nice, and Cat appeared to have a soft spot for him, but that was about the extent she knew. Well, she knew what he sounded like, of course, and she was a bit surprised to hear him calling out in the forest for... Rue? Had she heard that right?

Molly had been walking in the woods, not wanting to stay in the house all day. Hearing the boy calling out, she followed the sound of his voice and found him staring out into the bushes. "Gabriel?" She asked, glancing over at the bushes, a frown appearing on her features. "Are you okay?"