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house of the rising sun | joining, open.
« on: March 08, 2019, 11:43:18 AM »
"Aghh - I'm having a BAD DAY!" The blonde finally snapped at the sky with vexation, abrasive voice echoing across the vacant land. Nothing. It'd probably been weeks since she'd last seen another person and it was undoubtedly driving her nuts at this point. Week one had been all right, week two slightly worse, week three an teensy weensy bit more difficult and now at week six she was itching for some decent company. Curling her lip, she sneered across at the empty plains, not entirely alone in her troublesome voyage.

She at least had the company of four others. Shadow was her faithful hound who had the face of a demon but the courage of a mouse. The doberman trudged alongside Dolly, Val's even-tempered steed, sniffing at the occasional bush or flower along the way. Then, bobbing her head away, followed that other horse who seemed to have grown fond of Dolly. After all, she'd been following the other mare for weeks now - probably needed a friend, just like Val needed. And so, the blonde mostly used the other horse to lug along supplies. She had to pay her way into this group, after all. Most importantly, though, Val had the joyous company of lovely Smiley.

She let out a soft sigh, slowing Dolly to a halt as Val looked over her shoulder to Smiley who was strapped onto the back of the other horse as if It was riding said horse. Maybe this was what Smiley needed. Its own horse to ride. "What was that?" Val responded in the silence, furrowing her eyebrows over at the purple and white doll whose eyes remained unblinking as it lay on it's back, staring up at the sky. "Hm." Hummed Val, features softening before she walked Dolly on again. "You're right, I'm thinkin'. Today can only get better from now on." The day didn't get any better. And so, she'd try again the next morning.

The sun had barely crept over the horizon before Val and her entourage were on their way again, wandering through the wild lands of the New World. She reverted back to the usual mechanical wandering, thoughtless and automatic as Dolly hacked across the land. A brief lapse of concentration turned into hours of unprovoked thought as her body swayed slowly side to side with Doll's gentle strolling. That was until a silhouette of an empire stood its ground in the distance followed by a vast expanse of blue. She'd reached the damn coastline. Ooh, she loved the beach! "Oh, eat your damn heart out, Paddy." She began cackling, eyes glistening with a newfound sense of eagerness. All she could see in front of her was a paradise. She bet there'd be tonnes of supplies in the town, too.

And so, she kicked Dolly into a canter, swiftly approaching the town. That was until, in the corner of her eye, she spotted a person, but not before Dolly had been spooked by them, dashing to the side with fear and beginning to rear up. Val gasped, clutching onto the saddle to stay balanced before Dolly began to settle, though the other horse seemed to still be on edge with Shadow darting around the person barking anxiously. In all honesty, the entourage looked like an absolute circus with the daft ruckus they were causing. With Dolly bouncing backwards away from the person, Val was quick to whip out her bow and arrow, aiming towards the stranger with a worried look in her eyes.

"Nice way to make friends, Valerie! Shoot! Shoot! Sh-" "Oh shut up!" She suddenly snapped, lowering the bow and arrow to sneer at Smiley. "You're putting me off." And then, she huffed and stilled. Today, she'd defy Smiley's chants. A moment of quiet, and then- "Oh, darlin' sorry about that!" She turned her head back to the stranger, grinning like an idiot. "The name's Valerie Kennicot; pleased to meet ya! Findin' a beach resort was God's gift to us all, huh?" Val was... showing her crazy already. It was obvious.

Re: house of the rising sun | joining, open.
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( discord is blocked at school so idk if you were waiting for another reply so??? hsjfjsj i hope this is okay + also hella rushed )

The beachside city had been considerably laid-back as of late, with minimal newcomers arriving at the borders and hardly any violence ( y'know, besides him shattering a shop window ). This was ideal for the non-confrontational teenager; plenty of time to focus on individual growth and betterment and not... plundering innocent communities for resources. Gabriel was sure that the Badlanders weren't all that bad they just needed a nudge in the proper direction. He would be willing to try his best and help the more troubled residents here, although it may prove to be more difficult than he would have liked.

The beach looked nice today, wild and untamed waves barreling onto the sandy shores. Gabriel certainly appreciated a town with a view over a barren, small town nestled in the woods. The teenager, donning a light jacket, strolled along and took in the sights of his environment. His focus had been so taken by the horizon that when he suddenly came face-to-face with a practical circus and a bow-and-arrow he nearly jumped out of his own socks. Gabriel gasped and threw his hands up in a defensive stance, gritting his teeth and wincing as he braced for an arrowhead burying itself in his chest. Was this his end? Now? "W-Whoa! Wait, don't" He felt the blood in his veins run ice cold.

Then, she lowered her bow. She lowered her bow, thank god. Features still painted with disbelief and shock, he slowly lowered his hands and tilted his head to look up at the stranger. She seemed... oddly jovial, though he still did not consider her less of a threat. "Uhhhh yeah...." Gabriel was visibly tense, and he frowned, baby blues meeting her gaze warily. "What are you... Do you.. need something...?" Quickly, he thought to add, "This is the Badlands." He figured that he would inform her that she was, indeed, on someone's territory. He was certainly one of the more lenient people here, and undoubtedly Catalyst would likely end up giving her an earful had they arrived first.

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Re: house of the rising sun | joining, open.
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//tw for mentions of injuries/violence

Though the regular members of the Badlands didn't always see it, it was never very long between when one person's blood was spilled and the next. The most recent victim was Catalyst themself, though they took care not to let anyone but the necessary people know about it. There were the two people that had witnessed it, and the two people that had helped patch them up. That was it. They weren't going to go around advertising that they could, in fact, be injured. They would carry on like nothing was wrong, and given enough time, nothing would be.

They had a pretty good view of the beach from their house, and as the weather started getting increasingly less wintery and more like spring, they had taken to sitting on their small balcony, sometimes with Molly and sometimes alone. Right now they were with their mother, as after their injury she scarcely wanted to leave them alone. What she would do if someone tried to attack them, they had no idea, seeing as she was injured herself with a broken arm and a generally pacifistic person. But, being there made her feel better and all of their assurances that the threat had been dealt with didn't, so... At least there were certainly worse things than Molly's company.

Noticing the practical zoo confronting Gabriel on the beach, Cat stood up. They hardly took the time to set their tea down on the little table, though when Molly got up to follow, they paused. "I need to go handle this." That didn't deter her, unfortunately, but she was still the most stubborn person they'd ever known.

"You're not handling it alone."

Rather than fight her, they headed downstairs and outside, the older woman close on their heels. "What's going on here?" They asked, crossing their arms over their chest and observing the little rag-tag group with some level of suspicion. They hadn't been able to make out everything that was said and done from their balcony, but they were fairly sure they hadn't liked what they had seen.

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