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IG|Normani & Jack- joining?
« on: Yesterday at 02:11:14 AM »
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Trigger Warnings ★ ★ ★ ★ Here
She was no less than agitated blowing away a curly sprig of her hair as if it would help her to read the parchment. Her polyester gloved hands stiffly held a dated, discolored map of the area, so she had assumed. Normani was no worst than the next able-reader in the world, but this map had seen better days and it's life was shortening within her very sight.

"So, just in case you didn't notice there is that city over there," came the careless voice of her friend, so-called Jack. She squinted at the map even before her scrutinizing glare bathed him in her stare. "Yes, I see it, that's likely Bad Lands territory. So let's not go there please. We are not exactly bad guys much less bad guy material. Just let me figure this thing out."

"Are they really all bad, that is a highly large amount of land and people to just all be bad. But I guess I'll let you finish, let me know when you're done."

"Yes. Thank you." And like that her mind went back to consuming what she could of the faded lines and spotty paper. Not really understanding the disposition of Jack, despite having known his weird, unique tendencies.

Trigger Warnings ★ ★ ★ ★ Here
Jack knew she would be dissecting every scrap of information in that Hell worn map. He also knew while she wasn't necessarily judgmental, she was easily cautious of most things, especially with places that had already been labeled as Bad though the name did not help. He however was a bit curious, anyone who liked a bit of fun would be. He was anti-social and didn't care for people, but found they could be interesting.

I probably shouldn't wander over there... nah, I don't care. What happens, happens. Might be interesting. Just a quick looksie. Had he cared about Normani's thought on the action, he would have considered her being upset for sticking his foot in the trap. But he did know, he just was not concerned. This world was boring and full of generally the same people. He was just here with them, doing what he wanted while he was still breathing with the rest of them.

"Why, hello, have we met." Already he could hear the inaudible gasp from his friend and inward shrieking. Jack offering nothing more than a polite smile.

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Re: IG|Normani & Jack- joining?
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In some ways, the old maps were reliable. It wasn't like the infrastructure of the world was going to change that much, aside from the natural deterioration of time. New buildings weren't really popping up, not at any significant rate, anyway. The people that survived the blackout would either become nomadic to find food or stay in what was already there. Sure, some would make a life in the wild and might construct some home that was all their own, but those people were in the minority.

In other ways, however, the old maps were useless. The changes that were made weren't reflected, towns and cities were abandoned, names were changed, and you could no longer be sure whether or not you were walking into a friendly village or a hostile bandit camp.

The Badlands? Well, they were somewhere in between. Provided those that approached them weren't threats, and weren't there to cause trouble, they were allowed to go on their way or join. Most Badlanders wouldn't harass someone over that, even if their greetings could be described more as "gruff" than "friendly".

"Why, hello, have we met." They had been patrolling, as they still occasionally did even with all the craziness going on with their life. "No, we haven't. Who are you?" They asked, looking between the two. They seemed to be a few years younger than Cat, and the girl had been examining some yellowing bit of paper. "That thing won't tell you where you are." Not unless someone had scribbled "The Badlands" over whatever city had been here when the world ended.

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Re: IG|Normani & Jack- joining?
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Trigger Warnings ★ ★ ★ ★ Here
The girl was in some state of shock. She did not know why she did not expect her friend to poke around if it so entertained his strange curiosities, but she did not. She had every suspicion that this area was owned if not heavily influenced by those people who called themselves the Badlanders. She did not expect a, well, civil exchange of words. Nothing about the air spoke to her s something friendly, but she did not feel all the animosity she would have anticipated from the people she had wanted to avoid. That did not lessen her wariness though.

She remained cool and level voiced, but she was the painting of a skeptic- she corrected it as critical and logical thinking. "Well if you don't mind me asking then, where are we?" she inquired, even though she had a spot on guess as to exactly where they were. Lying underneath her caution was a bubbling frustration and annoyance with Jack. I literally said not to go over here, and he does the exact thing I said not to do. Couldn't even let me finish with the flubbing map.

Trigger Warnings ★ ★ ★ ★ Here
Jack knew Normani was probably peeved with him, but he wasn't going to deny himself his strange curiosities for her this time. Now it was fun, she was engaging in the conversation too now, and it pleased him. He heaved a content sigh before gesturing to his probably already analyzing friend, then to himself respectively, "This is Normani, and I am called Jack. We have not met before but I like that we are now- whether or not the feeling is mutual with all parties involved."

Jack looked back to his curly haired friend. Adding to the lack of shampoo and conditioner and whatever other hair remedies could be involved in grooming, here eyes had specifically only widened when he took a glance at her. Jack wasn't happy he was upsetting her, he was just enjoying the chance to take her on a ride in his own way instead of following her stick-to-plan mannerisms. They had been doing it for awhile, it was boring, it was time for a change. It was time to open her eyes and for them to both get a kick out of what came next. Now to imagine everything running smoothly and dandy fine was not at all what Jack would expect. That was the idealism of a fool. but he could take a few beatings and fails, he has before, just to generate that thrill of a challenge or something new. Normani can grow from this, she will thank me later. Like probably a lot later, but I'll wait.