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It was apparent that something was... off. There was a constant influx of joiners rolling in through the borders each week, and the Badlands continued to grow, and often times it could be hard to keep track of everybody. However, Gabe had noticed one difference within the ranks, and it was that the presence of both Lake and Willow had dwindled to a halt. Eventually, he had noticed, there hadn't been a sign of the two girls anywhere. Not at the meetings, not at the beach, not even passing on the streets. He hadn't talked to them much since his promotion to Officer, but that hadn't meant that hadn't noticed the lack of their presence. Nowadays, he hadn't seen them at all. Gabe had taken to walking amongst the streets and even near the harbor to see if either one of them would show up, but unfortunately, his efforts were for naught. They weren't here.

Of course, he had taken his concerns up with Catalyst, but there was not much that anybody could do. They couldn't send people out scouting for the two teenagers, not with this new enemy group on their heels. Gabriel had been half-tempted to venture out on his own to find them, but where would he even start? What if he couldn't find them? Or worse, what if he found what was left of them? He could hardly stomach the idea.

The boy had checked one last potential hiding spot a rotting, abandoned shack on the outskirts of town. He shouldered his way through the open door, the hinges creaking slowly as it was moved. He nearly wheezed at the amount of dust floating around in the space, his eyes peering into the empty, dark space. "Willow?" Gabriel glanced around carefully, gaze darting to every crack and crevice the place had. Not a soul was in sight.

Disappointed, Gabriel had made his way to the nearby docks, where Willow's boat was still anchored in its spot. It floated calmly on the water, still and silent, its deck untouched for what looked like weeks. Not even her dog, Fish, was here anymore. How long ago had they disappeared, assuming that she had left with Lake? Had they been... taken? How could Gabriel have failed to notice?

His worries pooled into his stomach and he eventually sunk down onto his bottom, his feet hanging off the edge of the small pier. He stared down into the water, blue eyes dimmed and downcast, a tight frown tugging down at his lips. Pure regret also weighed on his shoulders as he thought about how he hadn't gotten the chance to apologize to her for his sour mood, or in the least talk to her one last time. Gabriel twiddled his thumbs together, stifling a shaky breath, his shoulders sagging. Things had, for the most part, normalized in his life... all except for this. How was he supposed to move on from it?

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raegan was painfully aware of the lack of presence she had ellis had had since joining the badlands. it was unlike her, yet how could anything more be expected of them when the two had been so codependent over the past few months? she hated to admit it but she and her partner had come to both detest and completely depend on each other's company, and it had inhibited her willingness to throw herself into their new environment. no more, she had decided, up and abandoning ellis to explore their new home in solitude. she would call it reclaiming her independence.

now she was wondering, without purpose or destination, for the first time in a long time simply enjoying the trek. her new sneakers, in better condition than her old, destroyed ones, were covered in wet sand from the beach. rae had had little opportunity to see the ocean in her time, and could now barely keep her eyes off it. it was so vast - a symbol of liberty, almost. rae chuckled quietly to herself; she was rarely this pensive.

ahead of her now the teenager could see what could only be a harbour, a variety of boats hovering peacefully in its embankment. eagerly, rae continued towards it, her sense of adventure really kicking in now, but she halted at the inland end of the pier as something came to her attention: a figure perched on the edge of the promenade, their legs dangling over the edge. she quickly recognised him as the lad who had been part of the welcome party who had first met her and ellis upon their arrival in the badlands. gabe.

hesitant, rae made a move towards the boy, who had seemed kind and welcoming, if a little awkward, when they first met. she couldn't really blame him - if it was in her nature she might have been a little awkward as well if a stranger had pulled a knife on her having trespassed on her land. inwardly cringing at the abrasive impression she would no doubt have made, she arrived at gabe's side, looking out at the open ocean instead of down at him, almost unsure of what to say. she wanted to crack a joke, or make a profound comment about the vast pond before them, but what came out was: "y'aright?"
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