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〚 i just wanna be by your side ∶ open, death 〛
« on: March 12, 2019, 11:10:51 PM »
☁  tw for death, blood, gore, animal attacks, and guns. tl;dr at the bottom since this is long.

she should have known something was amiss. she should have known, because the silence was so loud that she could hear the blood rushing inside of her ears. maybe the world wasn't really silent, maybe it was just the memory of it all, maybe her mind had twisted the memory so she couldn't remember the sound of the wind, the sound of the world. but when she recalled that scene in front of her, there was something so eerily beautiful about it, and she should have known something was wrong with it. because the sun, it was so, so bright, and the way he smiled made her melt the same way it had the first night she'd met him. light bounced off of his features in the distance, gleaming off his bare chest as he stood there, a piece of wood in one hand and his axe in the other, looking at her with eyes like chocolate fountains.

she stood there, face wedged in the crack of the front door as she watched her husband out there, a romantic glisten in her eyes as she stared at him, and he stared back. it couldn't be later than four, five in the morning, and the sun was just beginning to ebb over the top of the neighboring mountains. she and jackson had had a late night with hope, who'd apparently decided she no longer wanted to sleep at night, and he'd gone out to get more wood for the fire before they both went to sleep, as with the sunrise hope had finally decided to sleep.

he'd gone out to get more wood and she'd tip toed down the stairs to fetch some tea, marking a rare sighting of her in he pajamas, a silken white nightgown that fell to just above her knees, the white fabric contrasting against warm olive skin. nearly every day, she dressed before leaving her room, but this was a rare occurrence in which she snuck downstairs, hoping no one else was awake to spot her. even still, a robe draped over her shoulders, clearly a few sizes too large, white and cotton and the only thing keeping her mildly warm against the chill of the wind from outside as she peered out the cracked door at him.

jackson tossed the axe on the ground, grinning at her with a carefree smile. ❝you're gonna freeze to death, standing there like that,❞ he called to her with a laugh, lifting another piece of wood and hugging it to his body before lifting another, and another, never breaking eye contact with her.

❝you're a sight to die for.❞ she called back with a grin and a wink that he seemed to catch even from a distance. he laughed again at that and shook his head, glancing back down to the wood, and that was when it happened. when he was looking down, the axe a few yards away, she saw it. she saw the great big brown beast emerge from between the evergreens, and everything continued on in slow motion.

❝jackson!❞ she screamed, voice high and blood curtling, filled with horror, with a knowing of what would come next. and he looked up, to his credit. his neck jerked upwards to look at her with a wide eyed stare, visibly alarmed, as if expecting her to be collapsing on the ground with blood.

and maybe if she hadn't screamed his name, he would have heard the beast behind him, black eyes lacking emotion, foaming at the mouth, jaws hungry, claws grabbing for him. maybe if she'd shouted behind you or run, he would have realized, but he didn't.

and maybe if she'd been faster, she would have gotten the shotgun faster, but by the time she grabbed it from it's position beside the door, by the time she hastily lined up a shot, it's limbs had burrowed itself into his flesh, and he was a mess of red. and she pulled the trigger, and the bullet buried itself in the bears head in a perfect shot, right between the eyes, but it was too late by then. it toppled over, covering jackson, and the snow around them turned red.

she dropped the gun, shoved the door open, and cold be damned, she dashed out into the snow without a single thought of her own well being. she wore no shoes, no protection against the subzero temperatures, but she didn't care. all she cared about was the fact that her husband was laying there on the ground, buried beneath a pile of fur, bleeding out.

and in that moment, the world changed. the sun seemingly disappeared, unwilling to shine without him. the cold grew colder, the shadows darker, and suddenly it was no longer sunshine and romantic glances, but a dark, frightening world. a world she'd have to face without him. but she refused to believe it, she ran despite it all, feet numb as they pounded through the snow, not feeling the cold biting at her, the frostbite threatening to set in. all she could think about was him.

she fell to her knees beside the bodies, harshly rolling the bear off of him, and found him a mess of blood and torn open flesh. his breathing was labored and shallow, but it was still there, and she immediately pulled him against her, propping his head on her lap, shrugging the robe off to hold against his flesh as though the small drape of cotton could stop the blood. but it didn't, it couldn't. nothing could.

❝jack,❞ she whispered, she sobbed, not even realizing that tears were pouring down her face, that her hands were violently trembling as she pressed the robe against his body, though within seconds it was nothing more than a red, sopping wet mess. his blood spread like a river, covering her arms, her legs, her nightgown, the red against the white evidence of him rapidly bleeding out. she shoved her hair out of her face and it covered her face, too. ❝jack, jack look at me. you're gonna be okay, m-mickey, micah, someone's gonna help you. j-just stay with me jack, please,❞ she sobbed, nearly choking on her words, feeling small and helpless against the cruelty of fate. somewhere out there, someone had twisted the cards against her, condemned her to live a life alone, to raise a child without the slightest idea as to what she had to do. ❝jack, please, hold on, hold on for me, you're gonna be okay.❞

his hand was trembling when it took hers into his own, fingers wrapping around her bloodied ones, looking into her eyes as he shook there. ❝hayley, i love you, okay. i have always loved you-❞

no. she couldn't let him talk like that, like he was going to die. she couldn't let him talk like this was the end, because this wasn't how it was supposed to end. they were supposed to grow old and have more kids, they were supposed to watch hope get married and have children of her own, they were supposed to argue over whether he'd be grandpa or pop-pop. this wasn't supposed to be the end. ❝jackson, don't-❞

❝when i first saw you, i broke.❞ he sputtered, a trail of blood leaking out of the corner of his mouth. she wiped it away, but all it did was smear it, and his eyes never left hers, struggling to focus. ❝you broke me, hayley, and nothing has ever been the same since. i just want you to know it was all real. every moment, every touch, every word. i was born to love you, and getting these last few months with you, that's all i could have ever asked for.❞ there was an earnesty, a desperation in his eyes, that told her he needed her to understand this, to find her peace with his mortality so he could do the same, but she couldn't. she couldn't accept this defeat.

❝jackson, don't talk like this is the end,❞ she hissed, the tears flowing freely now, ❝you promised me forever. stay with me jack, and you can have all six kids, i don't care, just stay.❞ she pleaded, she begged, her grip on his hand so tight it could break, chest seizing with pain.

❝take care of our girl hay, tell her how much i loved her,❞ he pleaded, his voice hardly above a whisper, and suddenly his breathing hitched and his eyes took some far away look, ❝i love you hayley, always and...❞ and that was all he got out before his gaze glazed over, and his body suddenly felt so cold, and his blood was suddenly so sticky all over her, and the world suddenly lost someone she wasn't sure she could live without.

❝always and forever jack,❞ she choked out, pulling his lifeless body closer to her, burying her face in his hair to remember the smell of his shampoo, ❝always and forever.❞

so while jackson was out chopping wood hayley was standing at the front door looking at him, they were throwing flirty glances, then a bear crept up on him, and suddenly no more jackson. hayley shot the bear but it was too late, she ran out and is currently holding him; they exchanged some last words, and now he dead. it's like five in the morning, but the door slammed open, she screamed really loudly, and she shot her gun from inside the house, so everyone's definitely awake. she's currently only wearing a white nightgown out in the snow, and she's like soaked in his blood, and in a state of shock at the moment.

1511 ic words.
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Re: 〚 i just wanna be by your side ∶ open, death 〛
« Reply #1 on: March 13, 2019, 09:42:25 AM »

when he had heard a scream, mickey had immediately known that nothing good could be coming from this night. he’d been restless for most of the night. i mean, hardly ever did he get sleep, but something about tonight made it exceptionally hard, and caused him merely to shift around restlessly in bed. that was, until he’d heard hayley screaming. he had known that it was hayley who had screamed, and something about it made this ominous night even worse. getting out of bed, he scrambled about for clothes, throwing on a coat as he headed towards the front door and--

shit. it took him a moment to truly take in the situation, to try and realize what all had happened. there was blood all around where hayley sat, a dead bear, and-- jackson. his feet carried him outside into the frigid cold before his mind had truly processed the situation, just needing to reach hayley and see how bad everything was. maybe jackson was okay, maybe there was something that he could do. he was a medic; he could save him. he had to. that man had a wife and a child. he had to be okay, he had to.

however, the moment he saw the jackson’s face, and the all-too-familiar, glazed-over look in his eyes, mick’s quick pace to get to him immediately stopped. there was no need to even check his pulse; he was gone. shit. he glanced over the man’s features, wandering if he’d gotten there sooner, could he have done anything to stop all this bleeding. god, if he had just been a little big quicker, this wouldn’t be happening. a child would still have her dad, a wife would still have her husband--

wordlessly, he took off his coat and, kneeling down, draped it over hayley’s shoulders. and now this was where things got incredibly difficult for mick. he could deal with the blood, the gore of it all- he could deal with death. it wouldn’t have been the first time he’d carried someone’s dead body, or cleaned up bloody carnage- what he couldn’t deal with was how to console someone who just lost one of the most important people in their lives. it was too gut-wrenching, too real.

after a few moments of silence, he softly said, “c’mon.” taking in a deep breath, he glanced at jackson in her arms before turning his gaze back to her. “let’s get you inside. we don’t want you to get frostbite.” get hayley inside, possibly see what they could do about the situation at hand, here. it would take multiple people to clean up this mess- move the bear, figure out what to do with jackson’s body. hayley had to be the first priority, though. mickey wouldn’t be much help - helping mourning people was something he was absolutely terrible at doing - but he could hand her off to someone who could help hayley out more than he ever could.

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Re: 〚 i just wanna be by your side ∶ open, death 〛
« Reply #2 on: March 13, 2019, 02:43:50 PM »
It'd been a while since he'd woken up to a scream. He moved on autopilot as soon as his eyes blinked open, the blurriness not yet out of his vision as he pulled his boots and coat on before running downstairs two steps at a time.

For a second he wondered if there'd be anything when he arrived. Memories and present mixing together, making him feel that the second he reached his destination there'd simply be nothing left. He threw open the door, heart in his throat as he took in the blood. Gods no, not them.

Hayley and Jackson were supposed to grow old together, they were supposed to have a bunch of kids Tomorrow would adore from a distance and one day when they were older he'd tease them about the day Jackson arrived at Flintlock. He'd come to terms that his feelings were unreciprocated, and he'd come to terms that Jackson would be a great husband for Hayley. He wanted them to be happy together.

But instead- instead there was blood, so much blood. The giant form of a grizzly bear slumped nearly entirely on top of Jackson, who was staring up with clouded over eyes. Mickey was there, trying to urge Hayley to come inside; oh gods, she was only in her pajamas. He took a gulp of the cold air and trudged towards them, offering a hand to Hayley.

He didn't know what they were going to do - give Jackson a funeral? Carve up the bear? - and he didn't know how to comfort Hayley. But he wasn't going to walk away, not when she'd just lost the love of her life.
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Re: 〚 i just wanna be by your side ∶ open, death 〛
« Reply #3 on: March 14, 2019, 11:27:31 AM »
☁  tw for blood, death, suicidal thoughts (in the third paragraph only) and being hellsa cold

she had to be okay. she had to be okay. she had to be okay. she had to be okay. she had to be okay. she had to be okay. she had to be okay. she had to be okay. she had to be okay. she had to be okay. she had to be okay. she had to be okay. she had to be okay. she had to be okay. she had to be okay. she had to be okay. she had to be okay. she had to be okay. she had to be okay.

she had to be okay for hope. she had to be okay for jackson. she had to be okay for everyone. as the warmth left his body, and he stopped being her husband and became a corpse, all she knew was that she had to be okay. she couldn't break, because people depended on her, because lives depended on her, because she wouldn't- no, she couldn't let another person die. she couldn't lose anyone else, not right now, not ever. she had to be okay, because that was her fucking job, to be okay. if she wasn't okay, then who'd step up to the plate? as much as she cared about brendan, he'd probably hole them up and kill anyone who tried to approach. tomorrow, ellie, blake- she couldn't put that kind of weight on their shoulders. she had to be okay because it was her job to be okay.

mickey said she had to get inside, because of frostbite or something, and some part of her didn't care. some part of her wanted to lay there and be with him, to say fuck it all and die right there with him, but she knew she had to worry about hope. her daughter had lost one parent, and she couldn't lose another. she couldn't let hope grow up as an orphan. she needed to be there to tell her daughter what an idiot her father had been, with his stupid jokes and his stupid smile and the way he was so stupidly perfect.

her hands trembled violently from the cold as she moved them to shut his eyes, before moving them to zip his coat, covering his exposed abdominal muscles from his unbuttoned shirt underneath. ❝w-we need to br-bring him ins-s-s-ide,❞ she stuttered through the shivers as her entire body seemingly shook, wearing only the nightgown as she sat there, ❝j-j-j-just ins-side of the b-back doors. i n-n-need to ch-change, wash his b-b-b-blood off of me, and we'll b-bury him this aftern-n-noon.❞ she was shaking when she stood, olive skin both pale and red at the same time from the cold and the wind, bare feet growing numb in the snowy-bloody-slush beneath her feet. ❝c-can on-ne of y-y-you do th-th-that for m-me?❞ she asked, and though she looked so frail standing there, scantily clad in the blood soaked nightgown, face and arms streaked in the crimson substance, there was a hardness, a resolution in her eyes that seemed to say i have to be okay. she had to be okay, so she would be.
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Re: 〚 i just wanna be by your side ∶ open, death 〛
« Reply #4 on: March 14, 2019, 12:17:45 PM »

mickey never seemed to be the carrier of good news. wherever he went, whichever gang or group he joined, it was surely followed by death and sadness. sure, he wasn’t the one to blame for this incident. it had been a tragic twist of fate, sudden and unexpected. however, in the deep crevice of his mind, part of him blamed himself for this. the carrier of bad luck. messenger of death and sorrow. he closed his eyes gently as hayley talked. right. this wasn’t mick’s first time having to carry around a dead body. while he knew anyone else would probably be willing to do it, he figured he might as well accept the offer before other’s were forced to carry the body of a loved one.

there was something in her eyes that made her look so strong compared to the weakness in the moment. she looked frail, but strong… mick admired the hell out of that. “don’t worry, i’ll take care of him for you,” he softly assured, giving a brief nod. might as well be there for hayley, even if only in the only way he truly knew how.

his gaze turned from hayley over to tomorrow, who had also been awoken by the commotion. “could you help her inside?” a quiet, silent way of asking “could you take care of her?” mick wasn’t that great at consoling others - nowadays he just bathed in sorrow, so how could he help someone else out of their own sorrows? - but he figured tomorrow would be better help than he could ever be.