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* a world that's waiting up for me / plotting thread
« on: March 13, 2019, 12:21:46 PM »
shamelessly copied and pasted
wassup yallmst
gabriel is the (un)official Good Boy™ of the badlands and he is Very Good. yes.
in all seriousness, he is genuinely kind and is an optimist who tries to see the good in things. honestly he doesn't really belong there in the first place but he holds some ties there and has admittedly gotten attached to this place so he's not leaving anytime soon.

i would like to open him up to interactions outside of his own group though!! they will vary depending on if y/c is a threat to him, if y/c is from an enemy group, etc.

— making friends, as gabriel is a friendly guy and tends to get along well with people.
— rivalries/enemies, although gabe likes being on good terms with everyone. if y/c is a threat to him or to the people he cares about, though, then he'll prob dislike you. he'd prob be like "??" @ any rivals but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

— conflict, such as arguments or physical fighting. y/c would have to provoke him like HELLA for this to happen, and he still would not resort to physical violence unless he had to defend himself
— relationships/crushes, of any kind whether it's short or long term or just yEAH. he's never had a relationship before so it'll depend on their chemistry but if you're nice to him 'n a cutiepie then there's a 99% chance that he'll get a crush on u anyways sO!! yeah. i'm open to this but it'll need to b developed yknow yknow ( also it would b tougher if y/c is not from the badlands but!! )

— kill/maim/capture, because that's pretty obvious

& feel free to suggest more stuff! these are just ideas

* i'd prefer threads with prompts so that they don't die out! they can also be open threads to keep things interesting :^) or, depending on the plot, they can just develop throughout the roleplay w/o a private thread?
** i always forget about private threads so, if i owe you one/need to reply to one, please tell me here! it might take me a while to respond to private threads, so apologies in advance!!
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