Author Topic: 〚 if you loved me, why'd you leave me? ∶ open, funeral 〛  (Read 117 times)

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tw for uhh? setting a raft with a dead body on fire?

☁  twelve hours.

twelve hours had passed since jackson had died, and somehow, hayley looked fine. lovely, even. her hair fell down her back and over her shoulders in natural barrel curls, and while she only wore minimal makeup, the setting sun hit them just so, giving her an extra glow. she wore a black shirt, black pants, a black scarf and a black coat, the best funeral attire. most people in the crowd behind her wore black as well, including her daughter. the majority of the group had made the brief trip to the lake, just beyond the ski village, the sun setting behind them and a darkness laying ahead. several npc's had come down just before to set the raft on the edge of the lake, jackson's body within, a sheet draped over his lower body, where the real gore lie, only his head exposed. in the light of the sunset, he almost looked like he was sleeping, peaceful and serene.

hayley held hope in her arm, the baby's small legs wrapped halfway around hayley's waist, a look of confusion in her eyes as she searched hayley's features, somehow sensing the deep sadness that lingered in the air, but not understanding it. she was an infant, entirely unaware of the loss of a man she'd never know, a man who'd loved her with ever fiber of his being, right up until the end. she'd never know him, only ever able to gather the stories of the way his smile was contagious and the way his laugh could echo for miles.

hayley didn't cry. she didn't break down standing there, looking at her deceased husband. she only passed hope to someone close by, trading the infant for the bottle of whisky. she removed the top, and after a moment's consideration, pulled it up to her lips to take a long sip from, before extending it out and tipping it over, pouring it over the sheet that covered him, his head, and the raft. once it emptied, she bent over and set it on the raft beside him, before reaching into her coat to retrieve a piece of paper, folded neatly to conceal the words within, which she tucked beneath the sheet. she straightened then, turning to the crowd; most people were holding torches, with the rapidly dying sun behind them, and someone handed her one, a somber look on their features. she accepted it, turning back to jackson and laying it beside him. immediately, the alcohol caught fire, and she retrieved a stick to push it off from the coast, sending the flaming raft off on a slow sail off to the horizon and the darkness beyond it.

❝till death do us part.❞ she mumbled quietly, and within her left hand she clutched his wedding ring within her hand, holding it tightly. she would have sent it off with him, too, but hope would get married one day, and they were a kenner family heirloom. she deserved to have them when the time came.

and she stood there, watching the raft sail off with her husband on it, not crying, not breaking down. she simply stood there, features void of any emotion as the love of her life sailed away.
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Re: 〚 if you loved me, why'd you leave me? ∶ open, funeral 〛
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brendan i. collins
tag: n/a. words: 425.
(( this is so bad lol && tw for talks of death ))

Brendan’s familiar with death. Very familiar; Despite his pitifully younger age compared to the majority living here, he’s seen many people die right in front of him. His parents, those killed in the flintlock raid...they’re all gone. Forever. And it’s frightening, as much as he hates to admit it...ugh, he fricken hates death. It always appears out of seemingly nowhere, swiftly snatching people with its claws for its own selfish gain—Like Jackson.

Now, Brendan wasn’t there to see Jackson’s death; he was busy taking care of the chickens. However, he heard the gunshot, which was enough to spike fear running through his veins and to abandon his work momentarily. He didn’t see too much of the aftermath, though, mostly due to the fact that he was too late. That, and he just...didn’t want to see the gore—who would? As much of an angsty teenager he may be, Brendan doesn’t have the strongest stomach; most gore would make him vomit, but thankfully not pass out.

Well——either way, he was too late. And as strange as it is, he currently feels a little...guilty. After all, he was awake when it happened, since he’s always up early in the morning for his chickens. Heck, when he was walking to the chicken coop, who knows? He might’ve passed by the fricken Bear. And if he didn’t wake up that stupidly early, if he just waited another ten fricken minutes, then—he would’ve been there. He could’ve...he doesn’t know, distracted the Bear or something. Maybe even help Hayley fight it off. Sure, it’s not like his staff and a few kicks can do much to an animal that weighs a crap ton more than him, but...the idea is still present. He could’ve done something to help the situation, and he could’ve helped save Jackson.

But he didn’t, and now he’s watching the raft with a lifeless body on top of it.

Gulping, Brendan rubs one of his arms, eyes darting to the ground as the event drags on. He’s dressed in as much black as he can grab ahold of in such a short timespan, and even then, he still feels like an outlier in this crowd—he doesn’t have a torch on him. But maybe him feeling like an outcast is just in his head, though. Lifting his hues upwards, he catches eye of Hayley throwing the torch onto the raft. Inhaling heavily, Brendan looks away, not wanting to watch. He, too, doesn’t say anything; he just simply opts to not see the fire, to ignore any emotion inside of him.
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Re: 〚 if you loved me, why'd you leave me? ∶ open, funeral 〛
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Michael Reynolds
Dallas Darrow
//tw for death/murder/dead body/grief

She's lost family members before. It's always hard, for them to be there and then just suddenly... not be. It's hard to process that they're gone, that you can never hear their laugh again, they'll never tell that same lame story you've heard a thousand times. You won't be able to hug them again, or tell them you love them just one more time. Dallas didn't know Jackson very well, and she doesn't know Hayley. But she can imagine that the pain the leader is experiencing right now goes well beyond simple hurt, it must be agony. And yet there she stands, stoic in the face of her husband's death.

Being her older brother, Michael too has lost family members. They all hit hard, though he could privately admit that some hit harder than others. The most recent death, though, that of his step-father, had definitely hit him the hardest. He still wasn't over it, but considering the circumstances, how could he? Had his step father even gotten a funeral? Surely he had... but Michael and Dallas had been too far away to have any chance of attending. He had dragged her away from it, but he didn't really think it was his fault. He'd say the blame for that landed squarely on their mother.

Dallas still didn't know about her father's death, and Michael wasn't yet ready to tell her. He would when it was the right time, but it wasn't the right time. Not when there was another man dead, a different funeral to attend. The two of them stayed back, as they weren't all that close to the widow or the deceased and would rather let those that had known Jackson be closer if they wanted to.

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Re: 〚 if you loved me, why'd you leave me? ∶ open, funeral 〛
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・゚✧ — Ellie didn't know what had felt worse: the shock of what had happened, or the aching sensation of what never would happen. Hayley was widowed, Hope was fatherless, Ellie had lost a friend and a brotherly figure whom she craved for in her life. She'd grown up with a brother once and, when he left, a piece of her felt missing. Jackson filled the void. A friend whenever she needed, the sense of security and comfort that she was never alone when she was at the Lodge. She had a family here. Jackson had meant a lot to her. Green eyes were red and bloodshot from the tears she'd silently wept, urging herself to stay strong for Hayley and Hope. She'd do whatever she could to be there for the two girls - they needed support and consolation in a time like this.

She hugged her torso for comfort, pressing her wobbling lips together to form a straight line as tears spilled down her cheeks. Grief was really as awful as one would think. No matter what anyone could tell her, nothing would remove the fact that what had been lost could never be restored. Jackson had died, and whatever had happened could never be made right. In this very moment, acknowledgement was key. No soothing could urge the hurt away. No explanations or solutions or 'moving on' could wash away the bereavement. All one would need to get through it was acknowledgement. Knowing that people understood, knowing that they would hold onto you whilst you'd stare in horror at the hole that had once been your life. Jackson was dead, and there was no solution to the anguish. Only acceptance.

Stilled in the darkness, Ellie stood, gaze darkening as the flame lit up the raft in the most heart-wrenching way, bobbing slowly down the river and into the darkness. She swallowed hard. And, off he went... Now, life had to go on. Lowering her gaze, she tried to smile, mainly because it felt nicer to smile to distract her mind from the numb. Sniffling gently, she used the palm of her hand to wipe away her tears, releasing a slow and steady breath before she wandered to Hayley's side, taking the brunette's hand and squeezing it gently. She grimaced softly as she tried to smile at her, instead releasing a slow sigh and pulling her friend into a hug. "We're all just a moment in time. Even Jackson." She mumbled softly before pulling away and beginning to make her way back to the Lodge. She winced, eyes dull and tired - this was the truth about the flames. It always hurt to get too close.

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