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« on: March 18, 2019, 09:40:01 PM »
Heyo! Who knows if this is the right board but idfk.
I felt like I've put off making this official long enough, so here we go? I'm taking a small break from roleplaying, my muse, motivation and general free time have dropped to an intense low that means I can't continue to string myself out pretending I can balance this and RL responsibilities without driving myself insane.

I'm not leaving Bearbones obviously, and I'm not necessarily dropping Tomorrow or Abraham either. I have IC reasons for both of them to be absent that will be listed below, and I am planning on bringing them both back once I've got the time and ability to roleplay them properly. I've got one plot with Bryne regarding Tomorrow and Dallas that I'll be tying up, but I won't be posting around outside of that.

Spoiler: Tomorrows Absence • show
Tomorrow is taking his long awaited spring trip away from Flintlock, taking him and his pack of dogs back into the wilderness as he tries to process Jackson's death. He did let a few NPCs know prior to leaving where he'd be going, and that he'd be back in a few weeks.

Van, feel free to demote Tomorrow if you feel it necessary.

Spoiler: Abrahams Absence • show
Abraham's just off on another job, nothing more to say about it really.

So yeah, there's that. Seeya guys in a few weeks, feel free to jump at me on Discord; I'm in both the Badlands and Flintlock discord so it's pretty easy to find me.
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