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〚 you flew north for the winter ∶ open, spring fling 〛
« on: March 22, 2019, 06:22:13 PM »
☁  when you thought of a widow of hardly a week, you generally didn't think about a woman hosting a party, a baby on her hip and a tight, forced smile on her lips. actually, perhaps the forced smile made sense; she hadn't smiled a genuine smile in the last week, not since she lost jackson. but she stood in the cafeteria of the lodge, forcing that smile as she greeted people. various lodgers manned a half dozen small instruments, playing rather upbeat music, fake flowers filled vases all throughout the building, and on a table off to the side, there were various foods, ranging from soups and salads, to home made breads and the best the lodge could muster for pastries. there was even a few bowls of potato crisps, thinly sliced by hand and fried; they were pretty good if you'd never had a real potato chip before.

most of the tables had been stacked off in a back room to leave room for a dance floor, and the attire was semi-formal; most people wore sundresses in the name of spring, despite there being no real spring weather in the mountaintop. others wore dress shirts or clean shirts with slacks, or even some nice jeans. hope was babbling away, words unintelligible, wearing a yellow sundress, a ribbon tied around her head, small wisps of auburn hair beginning to grow in. and while hope looked lovely, hayley had taken advantage of the semi in semi-formal, wearing a loose black skirt that fell to her knees, and a silk pale green camisole, a black cardigan covering her arms to keep them warm.

new arrivals streamed in steadily, while others picked at the snack, a few people even taking to the dance floor. as always, there was a table in the corner well stocked with various alcohols, and fireplaces on either end of the large room burned warmly, giving the illusion of half-decent weather.
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Re: 〚 you flew north for the winter ∶ open, spring fling 〛
« Reply #1 on: March 22, 2019, 08:37:04 PM »
brendan i. collins
tag: n/a. words: 323.
brendan is actually pretty okay with spring, and he’s sorta looking forward to it at the moment. After all, The idea of warmer weather than what’s going on right now is...well, pretty fricken enticing, needless to say. Sure, summer is more of his favorite season at the moment (and possibly for the rest of his life), bUT spring is the transition into summer, which is pretty cool. Not only that, but with spring comes new chicks; he already has fertilized eggs developing and warming up. Within a couple of weeks or so, he’ll have new chickens to add to the already colossal army he has—he’s immensely looking forward to it. In fact, he’s already thinking about possible names for them, but that’ll have to wait, of course.

But in all honesty, no matter how much Brendan is looking forward to spring, he is definitely not looking forward to this stupid party. Like, who the heck even is blue-thing prayer? Brendan’s heard of (and lived in) northstar, he obviously knows who the badlands are, but...these guys? Brendan’s never ever seen them before and, as he briskly meanders through the crowd and towards the nearest corner, he can’t help but wonder where the heck they’re from. At least they aren’t badlanders, but——ugh. Meeting a large group of people at one time isn’t really Brendan’s preferred...well, anything.

Oh well, though; he’s here, that’s all that matters. Dressed in a white, simple dress...shirt thing missing its tie with black jeans, Brendan really isn’t all that much to look at. Originally, he had been planning on wearing something less formal and more like his usual style (which consists of navy blue hoodies and whatnot), but he figures the adults in the lodge have other plans. Blech, whatever. As long as people don’t talk to him, especially considering the fact that he’s just chilling in a corner and casually ignoring everything, he’s okay with a fair chunk of things.
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Re: 〚 you flew north for the winter ∶ open, spring fling 〛
« Reply #2 on: March 22, 2019, 10:55:10 PM »
Michael Reynolds
Dallas Darrow
Dallas was here because it sounded like a blast. Michael was here because he had to be.

He just... wasn't keen on big social events, especially not with strangers. But Hayley had promoted him to Representative, and while he still wasn't totally sure what that meant, he was pretty sure that meant he had to go out and... represent. Besides, if he didn't keep an eye on her, who knows what his sister would get into. It was almost already guaranteed that she'd get into something, but what? It'd just be better if he was there, keeping an eye on her and doing his job. So, dressed in a suit and tie, leaning a bit more on the formal side of things, Michael camped out a few yards away from the alcohol table. Not because he had any interest in the stuff, but because he was worried that Dallas would be.

It was unnecessary, though, because she wasn't here to sneak some drinks in. It was the spring fling! She was here to socialize and have fun and dance, if anything else happened, well, then it happened. She was glowing with optimism for what the night might have in store, and though she tried not to make any plans or get her hopes too high, she'd only managed to limit herself a little. She still thought she was going to have a marvelous time. Like her brother, she had definitely dressed up for the event, but unlike Michael it wasn't out of a fear of being underdressed, and rather the lack of opportunity to dress up like this... ever. She was wearing a dark purple dress with an outer layer of lace that sparkled just a little bit, and she was currently clearing a path through the dance floor.

//I'm bad at describing clothes so uh? this? for Dallas?

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Re: 〚 you flew north for the winter ∶ open, spring fling 〛
« Reply #3 on: March 23, 2019, 09:42:58 AM »

mickey usually did dress quite nicely, or he at least tried to look like he had a sense of style. the only difference in today’s attire was that he was wearing an outfit that wasn’t such a mute, dark color. granted, dark dress pants would've been his go-to; the white dress shirt? definitely not. he couldn’t even remember the last time he’d worn white. he had to say that he didn’t hate the change in color, though; it definitely fit the spring atmosphere for the party. he could do with it actually being relatively nice here on the mountaintop, even though he doubted that that would even happen. everybody looked lovely and ready for spring, though, and hopefully with spring would bring in better things than what the bleak and dreadful winter had.

to be honest, he didn’t quite know why he was at the spring fling. he wasn’t very great at socializing - i mean, he used to love conversation, but his conversation skills had definitely become more lackluster - and he simply didn’t belong in a place filled with people chatting about happily. sometimes he felt like a rainy storm cloud, and who would he be to rain on someone’s parade? rather than being an absolute drag, he merely went straight towards his very best friend; the liquor table. pouring himself a glass of whiskey, sipping at it as he watched others socialize.

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Re: 〚 you flew north for the winter ∶ open, spring fling 〛
« Reply #4 on: March 23, 2019, 03:05:29 PM »
With the invite to go to Flintlock Lodge for their annual Spring Fling, Silas wouldn't hesitate for a moment to urge his people to come along for the party. After all, they were here to make friends, right? It wasn't quite in Silas' nature to get on with others... With most others, really - his too-good-for-anyone attitude and generally obnoxious demeanor tended to rub people up the wrong way, and Silas couldn't quite say that he had many friends. Especially since the death of Violet, Silas hadn't socialized as much, plus he hadn't made a conscious effort to make any friends until now. Today, though business relations were crucial between the two groups, would be a day to party and mingle with allies. It was Silas' big opportunity to prove to each and every single member of Flintlock Lodge that him and his people could be trusted. A way to challenge the potentially aloof and distrustful ethos of the Lodge.

Bringing along his people of the Prairie, Silas was first to wander into the cafeteria, body adorned with a rather interesting brown suede suit, James in tow as Silas rested a hand on the eight year old's shoulder. James appeared nervous but keen, hands held together as he trudged into the cafeteria, dressed in a gray tweed suit, the outfit complete with a very dapper looking pink floral bow tie. The event was semi-formal, but the Overtons liked to show off - in this case, it was more so James insisting on looking extra handsome because he was excited about the prospect of making friends. The idea almost made Silas smile. Finally, his son was getting to grow up like a normal boy.

Eyes landed on Hayley as he entered the cafeteria, patting James' shoulder before walking ahead to greet the other leader. "Fancy home y'have up in the mountains." He commented, a smile playing on his lips. "I appreciate the invite - my peoples were very peppy 'n' bright today. We brought some fruit tart for y'all, where should we put it?" He rolled his head slowly, a quiet popping noise resounding from his neck as he glanced around. If he was honest, the Lodge had done a great job at making this a fun looking party. At this point, James had returned back to Silas' side, quiet but curious as he curled his lip and peered around. "Ah, right." Silas suddenly exclaimed, ruffling at his son's hair. "This is my son, James. I take it this is your kid, 'ey? Funny how she looks both like you and your husband, huh? Speaking of which, where's the guy? Brought with me a bottle of whiskey for 'im."
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Re: 〚 you flew north for the winter ∶ open, spring fling 〛
« Reply #5 on: March 23, 2019, 11:06:27 PM »
☁  hayley had been having a just fine time by herself, hovering off to the side, feigning a smile to bluestemers when they glanced at her, though her behavior was obviously intentionally isolating to any of the flintlockers who knew her. when silas approached, her veiled sulking was brought to an abrupt end, though she didn't exactly mind; he was a nice guy from their last interaction, and if she wasn't in the family way, he probably would have been fun to get drunk with.

of course, he was as friendly as he'd been in their last interaction— possibly even more so. he complimented the lodge, and of course the warm-weather-dwellers had fruit tarts. ❝it's got it's appeals, though it can be a bit small at times. all the rooms are side-by-side, so when one person snores, everyone loses sleep over it.❞ she joked, punctuating it with a chuckle that didn't reach her eyes. at the mention of the tarts, she motioned to the food table with her free hand. ❝we've got some food over there; more savory things than sweet, so i'm sure everyone will be all over those.❞ she mused, smiling a bit more genuinely as he introduced his son. however, the smile flickered on her lips at the mention of jackson, dying entirely when he inquired about his whereabouts.

it only lasted for hardly a second before her guard was back to a state of polite neutrality, but if silas had paid attention, he could have gotten a glimpse of the pain she was bottling within her, the pressure building until an inevitable breaking in the future. ❝yes, this is hope.❞ she said, free hand grasping her daughters hand, and hope happily squeezed at her fingers.

❝and jackson is no longer with us, unfortunately. bears are... something of an issue up here, one we're taking care of.❞ she said carefully, glancing down at hope's smiling face, her tiny hand's holding hayley's, and her ring finger now bare. she'd been contemplating whether she should keep wearing the wedding ring, and tonight was one of the nights she'd decided to keep it off. she didn't want to think about him tonight, about how much she missed him, about how angry she was that he wasn't there with her. her eyes shifted back up to silas however, and, at the thought of the whisky and the reminder of her current state, she cleared her throat, eyes shifting to ensure no one else was within earshot, before taking a step towards him. ❝he also left me in a state that that whisky would be wasted on, so you're better off enjoying it for him.❞ as the words left her lips, her eyes silently said something else entirely: don't tell anyone.
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Re: 〚 you flew north for the winter ∶ open, spring fling 〛
« Reply #6 on: March 24, 2019, 06:36:31 AM »
There wasn't many people who Silas could quite say that he genuinely got on with. Most of the time, his obnoxious and defiant behavior got the better of him and tarnished any sort of relationship he had with anyone. He'd never be able to comprehend why he'd do such a thing, but unwittingly it was purely down to respect. He struggled with authority, and the lack of respect towards someone usually meant that he'd do whatever he could to prove that he was constantly above them. With this attitude came snide remarks, feeling threatened and a general unstable relationship with others. There were exceptions to the norm, however.

Hayley was one of the few who Silas felt like he couldn't find any fault in. Though they'd only met once previously, he could acknowledge her ways of thinking. Though both were very different, they shared the same morals, the same ways of thinking. It was something Silas could appreciate. Finally someone who could understand him and, for that, she deserved his respect. He chuckled at the woman's joke, folding his arms across his chest whilst he peered around the cafeteria. "Good thing it's not the same way back at 'ome. If my people all had to hear me snorin', I'd be a hated man." He kidded, a crooked smile growing on his lips.

His smile only lasted for moments, though, quick to fall off his face as Hayley spoke about Jackson's demise. He squinted at her, firstly in disbelief and then - realization. Oh, she wasn't kidding. "Shit." He uttered under his breath before he was quick to apologise for cursing in front of two children. Dark eyes flitted away almost awkwardly as he tried to process the information. He didn't know Jackson very well, but it seemed as if Hayley and Jackson could not be one without the other. Silas was never very good as comforting others who were grieving, and so he was quiet as he wondered what he could possibly say to make the situation better. But, even Silas knew that nothing could make this situation better. A man was dead, for fucks sake.

He'd brought Jackson some whiskey. More specifically, the same brand that he'd given to the pair of them when they'd visited Bluestem. He glanced over at Hayley once again as she stepped closer to him, lips pressed to form a straight line as she spoke a hushed utterance. Silas sighed, raising a hand to rest on her shoulder for a brief moment. A sign of sympathy, he would say, as he gently rubbed her shoulder before his hand returned to himself. "Tonight, I'll drink that bottle in his memory 'n' lets celebrate his life, 'ey?" He was never good at offering condolences or expressing sympathy, but this was the best anyone would get from Silas: A genuine response. He cracked a smile, small but genuine, her way, "He was a good man." He stated finally before walking off to mingle with others.
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Re: 〚 you flew north for the winter ∶ open, spring fling 〛
« Reply #7 on: March 24, 2019, 07:35:24 AM »
・゚✧ — Ellie was sure to be amusing at the Spring Fling. Adorned in a sweet red and white floral dress, she was one of the first to arrive, having helped set up the party and decorate the cafeteria. Whenever there was any mention of a celebration, of course Elinor would be the first to insist she help. After all, she loved parties and celebrations. Social events meant that people could come together and have an evening of fun - what could possibly be so bad about that? In fact, Ellie had even begun helping other Lodgers with their outfits, namely Brendan who insisted that he'd turn up in dark clothing. This was not an event for dark casual attire - and so she smiled when she saw the teen turn up in semi-formal attire.

And so, as people began to flood in, Ellie made it her mission to be the very first on the dance floor, regardless of who was watching. She would dance like nobody was watching, spinning around elegantly and giggling at smiles on the faces of those who were playing the instruments. Of course, in her hand was a bottle of rosé, soft pink liquid sloshing side to side as Ellie swayed, an eager smile on her lips. Soon, the dance floor slowly but surely began to fill up, Ellie joining random groups of other people and dancing with them before hopping from group to group. It had been a while since she really let her hair down, allowed that child-like innocence and exuberance to shine through and, honestly, it was the most fun she'd had in ages.

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Re: 〚 you flew north for the winter ∶ open, spring fling 〛
« Reply #8 on: March 24, 2019, 09:59:23 AM »

wynter really wasn’t much of a socialite. however, at parties, so long as he wasn’t the main star of the show, he figured that he would be just fine going around and meeting some of the people from flintlock. he was having this sudden burst of confidence in this room full of people he didn’t know, and he decided that now was the time to socialize. he’d been by silas’s side - as always - but when his brother had gone to talk to the leader of flintlock, wynter had chickened out and gone to find company elsewhere. however, as he actually glanced around for someone to talk to, that was when he had shied away from talking to someone new. saying was a lot easier than doing, and with that, the blond simply carried himself over to the dance floor. maybe he could try and get the most out of interacting with someone from here. where he lacked confidence in interacting with someone, his confidence burst helped him to at least get out on the dance floor.

it wasn’t until someone had come up alongside him, bottle of liquor in hand, that he actually got the nerve to dance with them and strike up conversation. “looks like you’re having fun,” he laughed as he pointed it out, gesturing to the bottle of rosé as they danced. “oh- i’m wynter, by the way. but you can just call me wyn.” again, he wasn’t the best at socializing; he was awkward and generally rather reserved. might as well try and change that when he was in a place he would only come back to not that often, only from time to time.

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