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◜ . here comes the sun ┊gardening, open . ◞
« on: March 25, 2019, 12:33:22 AM »
spring was here and jordan was more than happy about it. spring had always been her favorite season, the beautiful flowers being one of the hightlights for her. even when she wasn't the nicest of people she had always loved gardening, it always had a relaxing effect on her. naomi had taught her it not long after the trio took her in. naomi had a green thumb, all of the plants she grew flourished, none of them ever died unless an animal or bugs got to them. jordan learned from the best and she was determined to make camp apocalypse full of flowers to keep a cheerful aura flowing. 

lachlan was peacefully sleeping in the directors cabin, so jordan had taken the chance to go out and start planting some flowers, the baby monitor she had fixed up was set on the ground by her for when he woke up. she hummed softly as place a seed into the hole she dug, starting to push the dirt on top it. after the dirt was packed down, she brushed her hands off and leaned back, taking a quick break to drink some water.

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Re: ◜ . here comes the sun ┊gardening, open . ◞
« Reply #1 on: March 29, 2019, 02:38:48 PM »
lake was... sort of familiar with the process of farming. as in, she understood that if you put seeds in the ground and you didn't step on them, sometimes it would procure food. the whole seeds need sunlight and seeds need water thing was a little too complicated for her to figure out on her own though, and not knowing two of the very basic parts of farming probably contributed to why the teenager, hardly sixteen years old, was all skin and bones, her body consisting of sharp angles from a lifetime of malnourishment. even nowadays, when food was plentiful and she could always find a snack in the pockets of her cargo pants, she never quite made up for all the calories lost as a child, and towering well over six feet didn't help the situation much.

spring had sprung, and sure enough, lake dressed for summer. a black tank top, a little short but comfortable enough, with a square neckline, and a pair of dark green cargo pants that sat high on her thin hips to accommodate for the top. it wasn't by any means a stylish outfit, and the pants were too short for her leg size, leaving half of her calves exposed, but she liked it; the top didn't constrict her, and the pants had plenty of pockets, pockets being something of an obsession for the teenager.

one hand was stuffed into a pocket, the other holding an onion that lake quite literally ate like an apple, and she watched jordan with curious eyes, not quite understanding what she was doing but wanting to. brows furrowed as she approached, she swallowed her bite lowered the onion for a moment and looked between jordan and the dirt for a long moment, leaving silence for perhaps longer than was socially acceptable, before finally speaking. ❝are you playing with dirt?❞ she inquired, tone flat and a brow quirked in question at the woman. she paused, let a beat pass, before taking a bite of her onion and offering it out to jordan. ❝wahssome?❞ she spoke through her chewing, attempting, and likely failing, to offer the woman a bite of her onion.
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Re: ◜ . here comes the sun ┊gardening, open . ◞
« Reply #2 on: April 01, 2019, 03:15:25 AM »
It was very hard to look at any flowering plant and not think of Jordan. She spent so much time with the plants that sometimes, he was half convinced she'd start bleeding chlorophyll if someone cut her. Evan had a small patch of lavender he was growing himself, but it was.. kinda sad, honestly. He was trying his best to care for it (he'd go out there every morning and pick off the dead flowers and pull the grasses away from their roots) but as history had shown, Evan wasn't really the best at keeping things alive.

Was.. Lake eating an onion? Like, an entire onion? The Director blinked in mild surprise, but then shrugged it off. Evan supposed he shouldn't judge, maybe onions were different in the apocalypse. Maybe Lake's tastebuds just didn't mind the onion taste. Maybe it was like that movie he'd watched as a little kid, the one about layers.. That was besides the point. Lake was.. interesting. He felt concerned for her in a weird way - not exactly of a matter of defending herself, but what was to come as living life as an adult. It was hard to feel out of place, and this Amazonian-esque young woman was gonna deal with some idiots in her life.

"What are you planting this time around?" Evan asked softly, tentatively reaching out and pulling a dirt clod out of Jordan's hair as he surveyed her work.
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