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☁  hayley had heard plenty about camp apocalypse, though even the name itself said enough. they were a summer camp within the apocalypse, and there was something heartwarming about that, about some people trying to hold onto some goodness within this dark, dismal world. maybe, just maybe, if hayley had found a place like this as a kid, her life wouldn't have turned out the way it did. she loved the lodge and everyone within it, and she loved her daughter, but she couldn't help but wonder how it all might have turned out if she'd gone down a different path.

and then summer vomited beside her, pulling hayley out of her thoughts and forcing her to focus on her sister-in-law, who had spent the entire boat trip vomiting, and even now that they'd reached the beach, was hunched over, everything she'd eaten that day coming up. hayley stood beside her, one hand holding her hair back and the other rubbing a small circle on her back, white her eyes searched the beach and the forest beyond, waiting for someone to come marching up.

❝i'm not getting back on that goddamn boat hayley,❞ summer muttered, panting and finally straightening, ❝looks like i'm joining this freaking group.❞

hayley rolled her eyes at that, stepping away from the teenager, who now seemed to be doing alright, and peering into the forest. ❝oh come on, you'd miss hope too much.❞ she mused with a laugh. summer and dallas, the resident late-teenage-girls-who-weren't-actually-grown-women-like-blake always seemed to have plenty of energy, and truth be told, hayley figured they'd be nice to have along for an adventure to a summer camp island. maybe they could burn some energy while they were there, make some actual friends. however, summer was apparently seasick, which had made for an awful ride.

glancing over her shoulder at the girls, she cleared her throat. ❝stick close, i'm, like, mostly sure we're on the right island.❞ she told them with a sigh, glancing back to the depths of the island before her.
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Re: 〚 keep my head from going under ∶ open, flintlock visitors 〛
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though it was their mission to bring a little hope back that things could still be good and peaceful, they weren't completely protected from the bad there was. residing on an island helped, though if someone wanted to come and do harm, they could easily wipe the small group out without much problems. hopefully that day wouldn't come. jordan cared about everyone in camp apocalypse, she had a family here. she didn't wanna think about something happening to any of them, but it was something that needed to be thought about so there was a plan set if the day ever came.

jordan made her way down towards the beach, her blue eyes looking down in the stroller where lachlan was chewing on a teething ring. she was excited to show him all of the nice things spring and summer had to offer. he couldn't do much yet at only five months, but he could at least enjoy the fresh air and see the colors starting to change.

as she neared the beach, jordan's gaze caught onto three figures getting out of one of the boats. she hesitated for a moment, trying to figure out what the best course of action would be since she had lachlan with her. then she noticed that one of the women had a baby in her arms that was around lucky's age. a small smile grew on her face as she decided to walk over as close as she could with the stroller.

"hi there, you've made it to camp apocalypse." she started. "my name's jordan wright. i'm one of directors here, is there anything i can help you with?" she reached out her hand for them to shake, her eyes looking back towards the baby again. "she's awfully cute, by the way."

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Re: 〚 keep my head from going under ∶ open, flintlock visitors 〛
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☁  hope, who had been half awake in hayley's arm, legs wrapped around her hips, peacefully basking in the sunlight, awoke with a start at the sound of an unfamiliar voice. hayley caught it out of the corner of her eye, the infant's head popping up and eyes widening, and after a moment they half-closed, lips parting in a small yawn. it was sights like that that, truth be told, made hayley entirely fine with the fact that she was pregnant again. but then hope would spend an entire night crying, or she'd catch a cold, and hayley would suddenly be unsure how she'd manage with two babies when she could barely survive with one.

❝hayley chase-kenner,❞ she greeted right back with a polite smile and a handshake, glancing down at hope as the compliment was offered, then back to the blonde, pride visible in her eyes. ❝thank you- he's adorable as well. her name's hope. and this is j-❞ almost immediately after introduced her daughter did she remember hope's father, and the fact that jackson wasn't there. he'd always been there, for just about every diplomatic trip, but this time he wasn't, and she could feel her heart seize in her chest at the realization. for the briefest second, a look flashed in her eyes that suggested she was a second from crying, but it almost immediately disappeared, and she kept moving. keep moving, keep going. ❝this is summer and dallas, two of my residents. i'm the leader over at the flintlock lodge,❞ she explained, praying jordan wouldn't address her momentary lapse in fine-ness. because she was fine. she was definitely, one-hundred-percent fine.

❝i wanted to come by and see about the status between our groups, and possibly discuss an alliance?❞ she inquired, a twinge of hope in her tone. by this point, hope was wide awake and lazily glancing between jordan and lucky with the vague interest of... well, a baby.
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Re: 〚 keep my head from going under ∶ open, flintlock visitors 〛
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Flintlock? This was a bit of a territory change for them. The sight of another woman with a baby was interesting - were there many leaders with children now? The concept that this world was now safe enough to house newborns was.. interesting. Evan supposed it was, it wasn't like the chaos and terror that he remembered when the blackout had officially begun. But still, Evan hadn't expected to see children at least until there'd been some more progress.

The slight shift in the woman's mood felt.. familiar. Evan's loss hadn't been a partner, it'd been his sister, but the emotion was still the same, the expression felt like he was staring at a very warped, very old version of himself. Back when emotional (and literal) wounds had still been fresh. Evan's hand went to a scar almost impulsively as he thought back, but got quiet as he listened to Hayley speak.

Jordan and Hayley looked like they connected well. That was always good, maintaining relationships were important.. and Evan supposed having a baby created a bond with moms. They'd experienced something so.. how could you describe that? Hosting life for so long, especially in a world that seemed very unforgiving to newborns. He chose to keep back, Evan felt confident in knowing the two seemed to work well together. So, instead he slowed to a halt a few feet away from the two, blue eyes watching the exchange carefully.
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Re: 〚 keep my head from going under ∶ open, flintlock visitors 〛
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TW mention of drugs

When Ottie was here, Finesse had more than enough reason to mind his own. When he wasn't on duty, they was training together. Talking. But now that she was gone, having run away because apparently his presence wasn't enough, but his letterman jacket was, he got nothing better to do but to engage himself in the business of others. And plus, when you do that, you come upon some interestin' things, people. Things tended to be more interestin' when it wasn't his turn to be on guard. Like seeing a woman, a baby in her hand as she announces herself to be the leader of a group named Flintlock. As he said before, interesting.

Now Finesse isn't one to engage himself in politics. He frankly thought it was what collapsed they system in the first place if you wasn't including everything else, but he had consistently mentioned to Evan what they should do if people like Miss Hayley Chase-Kenner were to show her pretty face around: Finesse was running low on his supply and he felt like it couldn't just be in accords to them. People sold they vegetables, they fruits, but what if Camp Apocalypse had their marijuana? It seems as if some people around here could use the chill, and it was a good trading supply if Finesse were to say so himself. More of a reason to get himself involved, as this could be his opportunity.

"Hey there Evan, Jordan." He greets casually as he approaches them in a loose t-shirt, now clinging to his body from the heat and basketball shorts. His eyes scan over the newcomers and for the first time, he can't help but notice that Hayley isn't the good looking one in the group. Summer seems disgruntled, but she's gorgeous none the less. He flashes her a grin before he once more tries to attain to his business antiques, something that anyone could clearly tell he lacks in. But he's charming, he's young-faced. What more could you want?

"Couldn't help but overhear, Hayley, that you are a leader of the Flintlock Lodge?" He asks, clasping his hand together. "Well I have a question in relation to trade. We" his eyes shift to Evan. "been discussing a happy little plant to put into the business. Interested in hearing more?"
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