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〚 country boy i love you ∶ open 〛
« on: March 29, 2019, 03:49:29 PM »
lake understood that she was... different. she wasn't book smart, but that didn't mean she was stupid, though people had a habit of treating her as though she was. she spoke sort of awkwardly, she acted strangely, and well— look at her. hardly sixteen years old, and yet she stood at six foot four, towering over most grown men, and she wasn't even done growing. frankly, it was just short of a miracle that her legs were the same length; any day now she was expecting to wake up and have an awkward limp.

still, lake knew she was different, she knew most people knew she was different, so with that in mind, she really didn't expect anyone to protest to her doing some real dumb shit. it wasn't like she'd ever explicitly explained to anyone that she was pretty sure she was immortal, but frankly, she had to blame them if they hadn't assumed as much, just looking at her. tall as a tree, her form littered with scars, a mostly healed bullet wound on her shoulder, she was... well, she was lake. and as far as she was concerned, mortality wasn't really a thing that applied to her; it was just optional.

with that in mind, lake stood at the top of the waterfall, the water icy cold and racing down a few feet to her right, peering over with a casual interest. hands tucked into the pockets of her cargo pants (khaki, today), a white bathing suit top covering her top half (apparently it wasn't okay to run around topless here), she even still wore her black combat boots on her feet, socks and all. she wasn't exactly dressed to go jumping off of waterfalls in march, but like previously mentioned, lake just kind of did some real dumb shit.

and anyone watching might very well get a glimpse in lake's psyche. for a moment, there were gears turning in her eyes. then, they stopped as she came to a decision. then, of a sudden, she just sort of... stepped off. hands still tucked into her pockets, pockets full of rocks as always, she took a stroll right off the cliff and fell in time with the water, disappearing beneath it, and after a moment, she did not, in fact, resurface.
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Re: 〚 country boy i love you ∶ open 〛
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Evan's dumb shit was internalized to the point where sometimes, he forgot everyone wasn't filled up with the same dumb shit he had. He tried his best to stay in the moment, because who knew what would happen if he tried to think of anything aside from what he was gonna do for his group. As of now, his focus was on the rhubarb that he'd collected from the gardening bed outside of camp. Whatever group that had existed before their arrival had clearly had no concept of where to lay out the gardens. It was a summer camp, he supposed. Nothing about it was supposed to be too organized.

His gaze caught on the waterfall, the soft sound felt soothing after the silence of the rhubarb bed. Slowing down, Evan's hands absently ran across one of the scars on his cheek. The weather was beginning to warm now, and the water was finally looking appealing after a long day. Especially if you were Evan, who preferred long sleeves whenever possible.

Evan was contemplating if a swim before going back would be worth it, when he saw a body crash from the waterfall. Which inherently wasn't horrible, but after strolling towards the edge to suggest a lower height (Evan had no clue how to set a bone), Evan realized there wasn't a whole lot of surface action happening. Oh shit.

Dropping the basket, Evan started into the water, trying to ignore the sensation of water soaking through his shoes as he waded in, his heartbeat racing as he tried to look for a sign of the woman. Maybe under the waterfall? Damning his poor clothing choice, Evan took a deep breath, then dove underwater, trying to catch a glimpse of Lake.
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