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〚 two bros chilling in a hot tub ∶ open 〛
« on: March 30, 2019, 10:38:53 AM »
sometimes, just every now and then, lake just kind of... did things. not so much because she wanted to, or because she felt like it, but because doing a thing was an option, and she didn't like not having anything to do. like that particular afternoon, the sun was lowering in the sky and people were milling about, and lake was sitting at the base of a tree, a pair of rusted scissors in one hand, and a shattered-but-still-in-one-piece mirror in the other, glancing between the two. then, after only a moment's hesitation, she lifted the scissors and just started chopping at her hair.

and within a minute she was done. a solid three feet of hair left in a pile on the ground beside her, her hair now cut in a choppy, mid-neck bob. the natural slight curls bounced a bit more free, no longer weighed down, and although it wasn't even, or even close to well-done, it still looked sort of cute. picking up the mirror, she inspected her reflection curiously, before nodding, clearly content with her decision.

〚 just lake chopping off her hair, you know how it be 〛
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Re: 〚 two bros chilling in a hot tub ∶ open 〛
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willow understood the need to just do things. a lot of the times, she did the things she did for no specific reason either other than the sole fact that she could. she learned pretty early on that no one really cared very much anymore, as long as you didn't cause complete chaos or burn down the whole territory (which she's almost done a few times in every group), they wouldn't normally stop you from doing other things. willow knew that and she took very good advantage of that. one thing she never attempted to do was cut her own hair. it probably would've been easier for her, it was long and thick and often got tangled. back in abaddon, anne would always help her comb it out while the fifteen year old ranted to her about things that would piss her off. that wasn't the case now, so willow had definitely thought about chopping it off from time to time.

willow walked out from the crows cabin she was now living in, looking down at the camp below. she missed her boat that was still back at the badlands, but she supposed that a cabin way up high in the trees wasn't so bad. as she looked around, she saw lake down below looking into a mirror as pieces of her hair fell down to the ground by her. willow made her way to the rope ladder before climbing down. once she was close to the bottom, instead of just climbing the rest of the way she let go and jumped, a slight shooting pain going through her legs as she brushed it off and walked the rest of the way over to her friend.

"you cut your hair." willow said after a few moments of silence, stating the obvious fact. she was quiet once more, looking down at the pile of hair on the ground. "you look different." her tone was blunt, but she didn't mean anything bad by it. she wasn't good with the whole being nice and complimenting people thing. she had to work on that more. "you look good."

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&. when you first meet willow, you will notice that she's quite untrusting and almost anxious when meeting people, especially those over the age of twenty. growing up in a cult full of children, she never was around adults so is very hesitant around them because she doesn't know how they normally will act. she's very observant to how people act, she's always watching every move they make, trying to calculate that they're gonna do. when she feels anxious she may start to feel like a caged animal, her flight or fight response kicking in as she tried to figure out what to do.

once she is comfortable around you she's really loyal. certain people make a calm feeling rush over her, so once she finds someone that gives her that feeling she'll try and be around them as much as a she can. she'll often look for them when she's in big crowds and go to stand by them, maybe even going as far as holding their hands when she's nervous. she'll often try and stand up for these people a lot, especially when people are targeting them.

her imagination always gets the best of her. she's overflowing with creativity at all times and often tells random stories to keep that part of her from exploding. she loves going on adventurous and getting herself into trouble, even though that's probably not always the best thing to do.

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&. dean x lilith | both parents are deceased, has one older brother whom is deceased.
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Re: 〚 two bros chilling in a hot tub ∶ open 〛
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Evan didn't really have long hair, but sometimes it was late at night, there was a mirror around, and the odd urge to do something to himself was overwhelming. Cutting off the fluff he had was pretty soothing, sure (the soft click of the scissors shearing through his hair eased something inside of him that he barely knew was real), but it usually meant Evan was starting to spiral into more bullshit he didn't have energy to deal with. Now, he wasn't really doing that, his hair had finally grown out after the last bought of existentialistic torture, so seeing another person chopping off a massive hunk of hair was.. interesting.

"Are you gonna do anything with that hair?" Weird question Evan, but alright. He was peering thoughtfully at the pile as he drew closer, tapping his lip softly with a finger. "We can use hair for composting, or we can leave it out for the birds to use for nests.."
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