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[ are you gonna go my way ┊ bluestem, open. ]
« on: March 31, 2019, 05:02:10 PM »
— The moment Silas had been reminded of the name Camp Apocalypse in some mindless chatter, his interest was piqued. Five months ago, Silas had made his great escape from the very same group - not that Camp had done anything wrong. It was more so what he had done wrong. The Cult knew about his whereabouts, settled comfortably in the Camp, having fun and games and denying that he was ever in deep shit. But, the moment Ruby found herself in Camp Apocalypse territory, Silas knew that he'd been found. He had to escape before the rest of the Cult caught up to him.

And so he ran. He ran as far away as his group could carry themselves, until the day Violet died. Ever since that God awful day, he knew he had to settle down again somewhere. Running away would never solve his problems. Running away would never keep him entirely safe. And so, they found refuge in Bluestem Prairie, a decision that Silas would never regret for as long as he lived. Whilst he couldn't live in Camp Apocalypse anymore, it didn't mean he couldn't associate himself with them. After all, they were good people. They'd help him if he ever needed, right?

And so, Silas and a group of people he trusted traveled on horseback back to where Silas' story began. The route felt so familiar as he neared Camp territory. He'd dedicated such a chunk of his life to this place... He dismounted Jawbone as they neared the boathouse, tying the stallion up before he turned to peer over to the others. "We're gonna have to be takin' multiple boats... Try not capsize, 'kay?" With that, he dragged out a row boat, the group beginning to make their way across the waters.

Finally, the boat met with the shore, Silas standing up and stretching his limbs before hopping off. If he was actually quite honest, he was serious shitting himself. If Evan saw Silas back at Camp, he'd probably whoop Silas' sorry ass for ever leaving in the first place, or something... Oh well. "Right, Ladies, this is it. They're good peoples, s'lets be civil." He uttered before slowly trudging into Camp heedlessly.
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Re: [ are you gonna go my way ┊ bluestem, open. ]
« Reply #1 on: April 02, 2019, 03:11:23 AM »
Evan knew a thing or two about running. It'd been a year or so since he'd taken off on his great escape, desperate to be somewhere that wasn't there, but wasn't... Evan didn't know. Being away from things he was too scared of breaking, he supposed. And instead of keeping them safe, he'd trampled them. He'd lived to regret it, as Evan had found that running from it had made things.. worse.

The whole pregnancy thing hadn't made him feel better about the ordeal, either.

He'd picked some peppermint and lavender this morning, and as Evan rustled around the camp, the beat-up canteen he held like some kind of magical potion to his chest indicated what he'd conspired to do with the herbs and hot water. Coffee was very hard to find nowadays, and though his caffeine addiction had died out long ago.. he still needed something warm to simulate normalcy.

The entrance of a pretty decent-sized group was surprising, especially to see who was leading them. Was Evan annoyed? No, not particularly. Evan had bigger fish to fry than matters of who-lived-where, and frankly - Evan knew the Camp wasn't the best place for people. Confusion gave way to concern - they never really got visitors, let alone people they knew. Evan felt incredibly isolated here, but it was safer for him and the little "family" that wandered these places. Glancing up and down at the newcomers, Evan scanned for injuries, scuffles, any sign of.. well, danger. "Are you guys alright? Silas, what happened? Why are you h..." Stepping closer, Evan watched Silas' eyes, narrowed in confusion.

Swirling the canteen as he thought, Evan's slouched posture straightened as his own nervous thoughts did nothing but heighten his tension. Well, they all seemed to have gotten here fine.. Evan was just putting thoughts into his mind for no good reason. "I hope those canoes are well up on the shore." Boats were precious to them, and judging from the group, they hadn't used just one. "I swear to God, I'll make you carve new ones if I have to."
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Re: [ are you gonna go my way ┊ bluestem, open. ]
« Reply #2 on: April 13, 2019, 04:58:18 PM »
He'd been dead.

That's how Finesse remembered it.

White people and they crazy cults, Finesse remembered it. Knowin' like ten people that derived from them. Okay, maybe a little much but it was pretty damn close. Hadn't Silas been caught up in one, too? A buncha' kids who thought that if you lived passed the age of like, eighteen you was the devil? It something like that. And then he ran and caused the Camp trouble and Finesse vexation. They relationship, it was pretty damn complicated. Finesse ain't know much about Silas, but he ain't have to know much to know that he'd immigrated half of his damn family here, settled, and then just like that he was gone. Finesse was a bit hypocritical, he supposed. He'd left too, but in some sort of self-discovery. The only thing he'd discovered in the process was some white girl who stole from him and followed him home like a lost puppy. Would'a been a lie to say he ain't catch feelings for her. But now even that was complicated. Anyway.

Finesse would consider himself the most friendly, maybe he's 'cause he refuses to hold a gun. He'd also been a newbie once, too, scared but he wouldn't ever tell you that. And he had a thing where he tended to accidentally run into new folks. Silas isn't new, he's returning, so it only makes sense that Evan is the first to see them. Finesse is mindin' his own, listening to music on his turned off iPhone so loud it nearly busts the earphones he's listenin' to him on when he sees Evan, talkin' to someone concealed by a bunch of trees. Finesse isn't one to mind his business, so he approaches, music still blasting shocked when he sees exactly who it is.

For a minute, he's standing there, listenin' on to the conversation, his eyes trailing on the girls who flank him like a wolf pack ready to protect they alpha at any given second. Considering his history with women, he didn't take Silas as someone who could persuade them to hop onto whatever the fuck this was, but consider Finesse corrected. One in particular grabs his attention, the way she is poised is like some sort of Greek Goddess and now that she sees it, her eyes aren't pined on Evan, but Silas himself. Like she waitin' for him to say something wrong. He'd know. His mama used to look at him the same way. It's only when Evan says a particular thing does Finesse drive his attention away from her and to Silas himself, top lip curling almost belligerently.

"I wouldn't make his ugly ass stay any longer than he has to," He deadpans, approaching the group. When it came to these two, both apprehended with unpleasant tendencies, anything could happen. Finesse could punch him and frankly, he kinda wants to. But he doesn't. Instead, when he takes those two daring steps forward to close the gap between him he draws him into a hug. One that isn't long-lasting but is enough to shock those who are familiar with whatever they had going on. "Thought that little devil would'a had ya head on a stick by now."
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Re: [ are you gonna go my way ┊ bluestem, open. ]
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Evan was first to appear through the woods, Silas resting his hands on his hips nonchalantly as the other man approached in puzzlement. "Mcfreakin' zazzed." Silas was indifferent as he shrugged, eyes fixed on Evan's gaze before finally maturing enough to add, "I'm f- We're fine. No gettin' your knickers in a twist, Evan." A grin grew to his lips, glancing over his shoulder at the women who chose to accompany him, before he peered back. "I had to leave here, s'all. Wasn't safe for me anymore, so made m'own group. We live at a ranch now."

The canoes were mentioned, and Silas scoffed, taking a small step backwards. He knew well enough that boats here were a precious commodity at Camp Apocalypse and if he wanted to stay in their good books he'd have to keep said boats safe and sound. Dark eyes landed on another figure approaching, only for Silas to practically roll his eyes to the back of his head, releasing a sharp sigh. Finesse. If Silas were to describe their friendship, he'd say it was something along the lines of speeding car with broken brakes. Absolutely chaotic and, if they were to crash, it'd purely be carnage. But, despite the bad reflection, Silas hated that he loved his friend.

He began to scoff before laughing at Finesse's comment, cocking an eyebrow at said man before turning back to Evan. "Don't you worry. I've kept the boats nice 'n' safe for you." He was actually slightly surprised to see Finesse walk up to him, half expecting the man to deck him right there and then - but then he hugged Silas. The blond man furrowed his brows, hesitating merely for a moment before wrapping his arms around Finesse in return. The hug was brief, but enough to show that these two had history. "Mate, if that lil shit tried that with me, I'd be beating the shit outta him with that stick." He replied as he pulled away from the hug.

Finally, clearing his throat, he finally announced his intentions. "We're actually here t'form an alliance or somethin'. The Ranch has good people there just tryin' to get by, but we're still so newly established it's not so easy to give people what they need. I'm really tryna change - my son deserves more than a shit-bag father, 'ey?"

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Re: [ are you gonna go my way ┊ bluestem, open. ]
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jordan would be lying if she said she didn't think about the old members of camp apocalypse frequently. she had missed them and was often up at night worrying over them. were they all safe? what if they weren't? there wasn't much she could do if they were in trouble, she had no way of actually knowing, but it was common for jordan to worry over things like that.

she was walking around with lachlan in her arms, talking to him softly. she made her way towards the growing group, her curiosity getting the best of her even though evan and finesse were already there.

she stopped by evan once she got there, finally looking away from her son and towards the others. she didn't recognize most of the faces until she spotted silas, excitement soon spreading. "silas!" she adjusted her hold on lachlan so he was balanced on one of her hips now, walking over to the familiar face, using her free arm to wrap around him in a hug, careful not to squish lachlan. "it's so good to see you again, how are you?"

finally she pulled away, taking a step back before she offered a smile to the women. "my name's jordan, it's nice to meet all of you."

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