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heyo! welcome to santos' plotting thread!

santos is a 29 y/o newbie of the badlands. his bio, tags, character boards, etc. can all be found in THIS thread (brief character traits and notes are clearly listed there too- don't feel overwhelmed to read long areas!)
he is open to mostly all plots. he is willing to kill/attack/injure/torture other characters (we can plot out a reason to make whatever work!) he is open to family relationships as well, if their backstories can be intertwined in some way (his history is listed in the above thread, but to be brief, he was a foster kid whose mom died and dad was a mystery.) he is open to friends, enemies, mentoring others, being a father-figure, providing a lending ear, romance, one night stands, and just about anything. just post here or pm me and we can work something out! :^)
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