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down by the river / joining, open
« on: April 13, 2019, 04:35:50 PM »
Running at the time,

It seemed to be the best option.

He had no proper destination in sight. Maybe it was to find his sister, to find his best friend. To instill the idea that everyone that had been left in the beginning, everyone that he'd cared about wasn't gone. Maybe it was foolish of him. He could have stayed with what he knew, and what he knew and what he was sure of was Evan. Rivalry and all, A- she'd been the one to connect them. But it doesn't feel right. Looking at her face wasn't exactly like looking at a carbon copy of her, but the knowledge that they shared the same blood continued to resonate with him. It hurt knowing that he wouldn't wake up and see her again. That Evan continued to live on without his sister by his side. It was an extremely selfish thought, but it should have been Evan. Jesus Fucking Christ, it should have been Nemo.

So he did run. And Evan doesn't look for him. Good.

He hunkers down in God knows where, making makeshift of places that you wouldn't even think you could make temporary homes out of and for the time being, it works. How he manages to last this long, he isn't sure. If he hadn't settled down with a group mostly populated by children who seems to know more of what they're doing than he is, he probably would have died. It was nice to forget things, if only for a moment. Nice to make family. And there, he meets Maddox. An anxious boy who hates when people touch him without watching their hands and decorating his room. Complete opposites, they found friendship with each other. Only, it seems that people Nemo cares about never seems to last long in his care. Where is Maddox now? He doesn't even want to know. It makes him feel as if he's running out of options, makes him desperate. He doesn't know where to go so, instead of saving his friends who were maimed, avenging those who were killed, he runs. Runs to the doorstep of the man he thought he'd never see again.

"Shit." He cries out. The boat manages to finally immerse himself out in the water, but nearly takes him down with it. Just his luck. He runs his now wet sleeve over his forehead, reaching up to run both of his wet hands over his now-wet face. And then he remembers- before the boat can wander too far he grasps it, eyes wandering out to the island that holds so little memories but is traumatic enough. Is Evan even there anymore? It's been a year. He wouldn't be surprised if someone managed to other throw his scrawny ass. ( Nemo has a lot of nerve ). Nevertheless, he sighs, carefully climbing in the canoe and beginning to row. A half an hour of his time rowing. He doesn't even get the claim the victory of arriving there first before someone is at the shore, ready to greet him.

"Is there a guy named Evan there?" He heaves, his voice his notably deeper from the last time that Evan has last seen him. Puberty does that to you. "Dark hair, a shitload of tattoos, scrawny looking?"
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Re: down by the river / joining, open
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Nemo? Evan couldn't tell what Evan thought of him. Every glance at Nemo just reminded him of the way how Evangeline looked when she was happy. It was like staring into a memory, seeing the little kid wander around. It felt like older times, it felt like better times. When he wasn't.. him now, and Angel was still breathing. Perhaps it was best that Nemo was gone, Evan hadn't exactly made the best impression on him. Evan had survived, after all. The older brother was supposed to keep his siblings safe, he was supposed to have saved Angel.. instead, he'd messed up, and now it felt like he was some kind of monster, spreading his mistakes onto every person he touched like a plague. A Typhoid Mary, if you would.

Seeing him now (older, curlier, weathered by the world), Evan felt a tightness in his chest. Chewing on his lip as he approached, Evan felt like he couldn't meet his gaze. Instead, he focused on the ground, the way his sweater felt, how the sand was getting into his shoes and socks. Anything to not face the boy, knowing what they'd see in each other. "You're alive." Evan says after a pause, dark eyes rising to look behind Nemo, trying hard to not look.
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