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Re: ⋆ — ❝ S C A R. ✧˖ ˚「 STORAGE ; V.III. 」
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/ɡōst/ / /hōst/


I. An apparition of a dead person which is believed to appear or become manifest to the living, typically as a nebulous image.
Synonyms: Specter, phantom, wraith, spirit, soul, shadow, presence, vision, apparition

II. A person who receives or entertains other people as guests.
Synonyms: Party-giver, entertainer, hostess

III. Given the identity of the crack of the sky, the final breath of stars, the death of life itself. And everyone will witness it all.
Synonyms: Goes by Ghost, although due to their usual low tone, some mistakes them as known as Host instead; designated male at birth, will identifies themselves as agender, as referred with any pronouns, but mainly neutral ( they / it ); currently thirty three months old at physical and mental states while his spiritual age is unknown, born on [date to be added], in loner lands to Sheogorath and Cougarstar, sibling to [characters to be added]; member of BloodClan—holds a high interest of the medical field; has a history of speaking in third person


I. This is a massive beast who wears the Death’s face. Something that even the sun and moon would plead as a song for anything to cover the terror—the truth. Horror reigns half of their mortal body while it is mutilated, with furs gone like the stars that had once ran through their damned veins. A bloody blindfold wraps around their eyes, unknown to the world if they can still see or not, with a neck bearing a collar that is adorned with dirty dog tooth and rotten eyeballs of various creatures pierced into the wicked sharpness. But below, when there is darkness, there is, too, always light. Light brown pelt still shown below the waist, long furs sleek and soft when they somehow have gentle paws, careful motions. A thick tail is still attached behind, giving up a chance to put them in a position of strength, broad shoulders up, mangled head forward. Though, the brittle bones with sharpened teeth still shake. Violently. Terribly. Body forever shakes, unstable is forever speaking. What a wonderful image of half Heaven, half Hell, oh, how tragic this creature appears to be birthed as beauty, only to crawl from the belly of Life to shift into a half mortal walker with a face of a monster. A face that is ever grinning, a sign that Death is always watching.
Synonyms: Male presenting, maine coon, muscular; massive sized, light browned furs, furs usually sleek and soft from how well cared they are; entire face, upper half of body and paws reveals only flesh as heavily mutilated; appears to be constantly trembling and twitching for unknown reasons, wears a bloody blindfold and a maroon collar with rotten eyeballs sticking out from the dog tooth around it.

II. They speak of silence, a language that closes its eyes. They are the shadows that hovers behind other creatures or between the nature’s and man made’s pieces. They often follow everyone and everything behind, watching them either close or far, they are always there. There are times when the ghost can speak, only do their whispers rises and fall from the ancient lungs full of phantoms, as many as there are dwelling in a place mortals call it a mind. Yet even in words, not many entities are be able to decipher the cryptic intentions behind them that would be waxed from such silver tongue and golden consciousness. Whatever they may mean, do not define them yourself. Only take them with a hope that these meanings will not be of chaos, as madness is a song lovingly made by the eldritch shape of beauty and terror themselves. Regardless of how frightening they may appear, nothing about them are too sharp and too rough. Silver serenity is what they only seek for. What they will touch will only bring a caresses to the world with their whispered poems and faint stories. Somehow, for a beast like them, bearing a soul that stained with tragedies and dread, they want to be a part of their joy. Maybe not in the right ways, but there is a thought. After all, if they can not smile, they will make everyone so. That is their job as a host. ( DonottrusthemtheirliesDON’T— )
Synonyms: Charismatic, confident, creative, curious, flexible, observant; artful, enigmatic, reserved, solemn, stubborn, unpredictable; aloof, amoral, deceitful, mechanical, morbid, nihilistic


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Re: ⋆ — ❝ S C A R. ✧˖ ˚「 STORAGE ; V.III. 」
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Your name is Bloodsmyth, fondly known as Boo by loved ones, simply known as Myth by others. ( To the damned and beyond, you are just Ghost. ) An interesting name given to a kit who was born from such passion and hope that no lovers can ever give more than their parents. With veins made to contain hellfire and heavencloud, teeth formed to bear brimstone and mistletoe, your body and soul is marked in blacks and whites as a child of Hades and Persephone, bearer of the dead and living.

You were designated male at birth, although, you will eventually identify yourself as agender, allowing anyone to refer you with any pronouns. You are five months, born on [to be added] in BloodClan. You have been tended to by Caledon and Waspwing, both the former leaders of said Clan, as your littermates are [to be added].

As for the plots...

When Grimkit becomes a Tyro on the sixth moon, he will get his first paw of his enemy that are around his age as to acknowledge his growth and desire to be trained into a great warrior, protector of his damned home. Each moon from there, he will gain another paw. Until at the twelfth moon, he gets his first full kill: a heart, the core of the body.

When he had his first paw, he couldn’t resist but nibble it, and the blood of his victim allowed him to see into their future. It is something he will soon realize in order to take a glimpse into their future, he must drink their blood.

He starts to become find himself becoming more protective of his family.


1. It is a name given by the forbidding presence—not to the family or BloodClan—but the world itself. A hope within only honey coated word that this child of the former king and queen will strike terror upon the precious gift and its beyond delicate pieces. The suffix will be given for his cunning mannerism and an ever desire to smile at everything and everyone despite anything, alive or dead.
2. Reference
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Re: ⋆ — ❝ S C A R. ✧˖ ˚「 STORAGE ; V.III. 」
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scuttles in
––––––––––– I WALK BY THE FACES, PEOPLE passing by
❝ it's not too late, my friend, to get up and try again. ❞

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Re: ⋆ — ❝ S C A R. ✧˖ ˚「 STORAGE ; V.III. 」
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*pats you*
Hewwo, wewehcamefh teh mwah hoeth uwu <3

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Re: ⋆ — ❝ S C A R. ✧˖ ˚「 STORAGE ; V.III. 」
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Spoiler: show
Code: [Select]
[fancypost='margin: 0 auto; width: 200px; text-align: center; font-family: nyala; font-size: 24px; color: #000']
[fancypost='margin: 0 auto; line-height: 93%; letter-spacing: 0px'][glow='#c60707']3AM COLLECTING ALL MINDS & CORPSES[/glow]
[fancypost='width: 500px; font-size: 22px; margin-top: -11px; margin-left: -1px; letter-spacing: 0.5px']
[glow='#c60707']( ––— will we ever know if it is a time or a place ? . . . )[/glow][/fancypost]
[fancypost='margin: 0 auto; width: 72%; margin-top: -14px'][hr][/hr][/fancypost]
[fancypost='margin: 0 auto; width: 72%; margin-top: -20px'][hr][/hr][/fancypost]
[fancypost='margin: 0 auto; background: url( bottom; min-width: 200px; max-width: 500px; height: 124px; background-size: cover; margin-top: -6px; border: 1.5px solid #c60707']
[fancypost='margin: 0 auto; height: 109px; width: 98%; margin-top: 6px; border: 1.5px dotted #c60707'][/fancypost]
[fancypost='margin: 0 auto; height: 62px; width: 72%; text-align: justify; margin-top: 4px; font-family: times new roman; line-height: 90%; color: #000; font-size: 13px'][glow='#000']ELEVEN - AGENDER ( ANY PRONOUNS ) - XVIII - FF’S STAR CHILD - THE ANTIVIRUS TO 23R0’S VIRUS - GEMINI - INFJ - CHAOTIC NEUTRAL / DUMBASS - PASSIONATE WRITER & GRAPHIC EDITOR - AVATAR WITH SIGNATURE ( CODING & WRITING ) ARE CREATED BY ME; PLEASE DO NOT USE THEM ———[/glow][/fancypost]

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Re: ⋆ — ❝ S C A R. ✧˖ ˚「 STORAGE ; V.III. 」
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Re: ⋆ — ❝ S C A R. ✧˖ ˚「 STORAGE ; V.III. 」
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The technomech. ❞
  • 3D is used as an English noun word, meaning “the quality of being three-dimensional”. It is unknown why it is called as 3D, considering it is a name it picked for itself.
  • Created, not born. Although, its date and place of creation are unknown. Some says that 3D is the first conscious Android.
  • Sexless, identifies itself as agender; goes by any pronouns, though, many refers it with neutral pronouns.
  • Always use emotions to express its emotions and thoughts, such as “:3c”, “uwu”, “ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ”, etcetera. It can speak in all code languages, but it loves to confuse / annoy the shit out of entities, so it only uses emoticon to interact with others.
  • During the morning, it works as a mechanic, and at night, it performs at streets and nightclubs as a LED dancer or magician, depending on its mood.
  • (+) Creative, curious, daring; humorous, independent, kind; observant, patient, playful; realistic. (=) Absentminded, ambitious, casual; enigmatic, impassive, neutral; private, quiet, stubborn; whimsical. (-) Bizarre, blunt, childish; clumsy, distractible, impulsive; mechanical, nihilistic, petty; troublesome.
  • Mischievous as fuck. Loves to pull pranks on anyone and tease them.
  • A greedy bastard. Collects just about everything, but doesn’t like to share its belongings with others. Especially when asked if they can hold it or such. Loved ones are slightly okay, but it gets annoyed if they have it after a certain amount of time.
  • Particularly find a higher joy in collecting anything that glows or shine, video games, gaming consoles; bottle caps, masks, and playing / trading cards.
  • Strongly prefers to be with children than adults; it finds the former more “chill”.
  • Holds little to no care towards anyone’s opinions of it—have a rather high self-esteem.
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Re: ⋆ — ❝ S C A R. ✧˖ ˚「 STORAGE ; V.III. 」
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The Unseen

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Re: ⋆ — ❝ S C A R. ✧˖ ˚「 STORAGE ; V.III. 」
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Re: ⋆ — ❝ S C A R. ✧˖ ˚「 STORAGE ; V.III. 」
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Re: ⋆ — ❝ S C A R. ✧˖ ˚「 STORAGE ; V.III. 」
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The Unfelt
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Re: ⋆ — ❝ S C A R. ✧˖ ˚「 STORAGE ; V.III. 」
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Some Cute Domestic Shizzles with the Artwrights

— They love to draw or write on each other. They always get this soft tingling feeling at the sense of washable marker pressing against their skins and printing out a certain word or shape. But, of course, Arthos often gets subjected into the dick attack from the others drawing dicks all over him.
— Everyone is Horrible at sleeping early and a huge hypocrite when it comes to that because once one tells the others to go to bed and they do, that one person will stay up more longer and it’s just, smh... Arthus, who is less guilty than the other two, suggested if this shit happens, he will not hesitate to blast out an overused song and keep it on until they go the fuck to sleep.
— Gardening!!! They plant fruits, plants, and such. Just everyone be chilling by their gardens without a care to the world.
— I absolutely love the idea that once a month or two, depending on how busy they are with their own business, they make their own little short animation film with each of them putting their own touch into it—with Arthur’s writing, Arthus’ music, and Arthos’ illustration, and at the end of the year, they watch the films they created throughout the year together.
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Re: ⋆ — ❝ S C A R. ✧˖ ˚「 STORAGE ; V.III. 」
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Ever work in progress incorrect quotes with the Artwrights

Arthus: Let’s play 21 questions. You start.
Arthur: Uhh sure, what’s your favourite colour?
Arthus: Triangle. So you a virgin?

Arthus: I’m the most responsible in the group.
Arthos: You literally just lit the kitchen on fire.
Arthus: Yeah, and I take full responsibility for that.

Arthus: When I get murdered, can you make sure I become an unsolved case?
Arthur: What?
Arthus: I want to be on Buzzfeed Unsolved.
Arthur: Can we go back to the part where you said “when I get murdered”?

Arthur: You know, you can solve your problems without violence.
Arthus: Ok, but consider: I’m really, really good at violence.

Arthos: We’re gonna die.
Arthus: I thought you were an optimist!
Arthos: When you’re bleeding to death, you have a right to be pessimistic.

Arthos: There’s no "I" in team, but there is one in "pizza".
Arthus: ... So you’re not going to share.
Arthos: I am not going to share.

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Re: ⋆ — ❝ S C A R. ✧˖ ˚「 STORAGE ; V.III. 」
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Order of the Spirits, Home of the Life Bearers
Founder: Alpha Vitalifer
Emblematic Celestial Body: Sun
Order Colours: Red and orange
Element: Fire
Territory: Desert
Direction: North
Season of Celebration: Summer
Magical Tool: Wand

Order of the Souls, Home of the Death Bearers
Founder: Omega Mortifer
Emblematic Celestial Body: Moon
House Colours: Blue and cyan
Element: Water
Territory: Beach
Direction: West
Season of Celebration: Winter
Magical Tool: Cup

Order of the Bodies, Home of the Nature Bearers
Founder: Wildkin Naturifer
Emblematic Celestial Body: Cloud
Order Colours: Green and brown
Element: Earth
Territory: Forest
Direction: South
Season of Celebration: Spring
Magical Tool: Pentacle

Order of the Minds, Home of the Time Bearers
Founder: Cipher Tempifer
Emblematic Celestial Body: Star
Order Colours: Yellow and gray
Element: Air
Territory: Fields
Direction: East
Season of Celebration: Autumn
Magical Tool: Sword
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Re: ⋆ — ❝ S C A R. ✧˖ ˚「 STORAGE ; V.III. 」
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Roman Malison
The Time Ruiner . . . ❞


Meet Roman Malison, the Time Ruiner. He is also known as Rory, though he allows this nickname to be used only by loved ones. While he was designated male at creation, he identifies himself as demiboy, going by neutral / masculine pronouns. Physically, he is somewhere in his late thirties, as his spiritual age is more than millions of years. He was created by Cipher, the Embodiment of Time itself, in Los Angelos, United States on an unknown date—presumed somewhere during the Beginning. He is currently residing in said location with him occasionally helping Oschar Fallon with his job at the bookstore bake, but have no official occupation. Formerly, he was a Tempifer, Bearer of Time, before he was Cursed for breaking one of the Laws of Balance by saving Oschar Fallon’s life through a time travel. His orientation is demi-biromantic asexual, having no certain preferences. He used to date with Oschar Fallon for a few months before becoming a Malison, him being the one to break up with him, due to his fear of Time harming Oschar if he continued to remain personally too close to him. However, they still maintain a supportive and positive relationship. He have a history of clinical depression, nightmare disorder, and mild generalized anxiety—said conditions stemmed from his Curse.

+: Clever, decisive, eloquent, flexible, hardworking, honest, observant, protective
=: Ambitious, outspoken, private, quiet, reserved, sarcastic, strict, stubborn
–: Anxious, cautious, clumsy, envious, irritable, moody, paranoid, resentful

— For some reason, he is partly known to have his face punched across by a lot of entities many times. From strangers to loved ones, even Oschar Fallon who did it by “accident”—said the man himself, not Roman. His close associates dubs him “the punching dickbag”, but he is more annoyed at the fact than amusement.
— He loves to drink coffee with a lot of sugars contained in them. His morning routine will always involve him getting one from a cafe or such. He gets quite cranky if he isn’t able to get one for whatever reasons.
— He doesn’t admit this fact to a lot of entities, even though his coffee full of sugars tells the fact, but he have a sweet tooth. He finds joy in eating treats, especially lollipops because “it can take a bit having to finishing them”. He becomes a bit uncharacteristically cheerful if he sees there are candies being given out for free.
— He often tries to act rough to appear intimidating, however, he is a foolish and clumsy man who will only get himself hurt along the way of his false aggression, such as him slamming his fist against the table to prove his dominance, yet receiving a great pain against himself.
— He does not take compliments very well, as in a way if someone does compliment him, he will be highly flustered and attempt to shove them aside. He rarely receives compliments throughout his life, and especially with his standoffish attitude, it’s difficult for him to imagine anyone would see him in a positive outlook.
— While he gets flustered highly easily, he blushes just as much as the previous statement. When he gets shy, he usually tries to shove his head down into his coat, so the collars can hide his cheeks and ears, which are where the tinges most prominently appears. 
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