Author Topic: Play one of Brendanís relatives 👀  (Read 92 times)

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Play one of Brendanís relatives 👀
« on: April 14, 2019, 06:17:03 PM »

OKAY SO. Iíve been planning this for a while, but due to a sudden lack of muse for most plots Iím in, I kinda held back?? But since people are showing interest and Iím no longer bored out of my mind due to a very uneventful and...not healthy spring break (Iím back in school), I can get this bad boy rolling!!

His parents arenít for grabs bc theyíre dead, but literally anyone else in his family can be Snatched since I havenít developed any other part of his family. Aunts, uncles, grandparents, whatever, idc. Siblings are a no-no tho.

What side of the family theyíre on (Brendanís momís or dadís) and how you develop the character is 100% 10/10 up to you, they just gotta look somewhat like Brendan and be a part of his family (and preferably live in FL) smfncmvmm

Hereís a quick melting pot of info about Brendanís parents if that sparks more interest? tw for underage drinking and accidental pregnancies:
Spoiler:  info • show
ó Long story short Brendanís parents had Brendan when they were 18-19, so if youíre worried about old characters then like the aunts and uncles could be pretty young, since Brendanís parents would be 32-33 rn if they were alive. That, or you could play cousins?? Idk up to you
ó Brendanís parents literally were edgy and ran away from home without telling anyone, got a little too risky with alcohol, and boom here came the accident: Brendan
ó That means no one in the family knows Brendanís parents are dead, or that they even have a kid. Brendanís never met his relatives, so thatíll be pretty fun to roleplay??
ó Like ďwhoa. Danielle (Brendanís mom) has a kid now??Ē ďLol wtf I have a (family member role here) now kĒ

SO YEAH!! The form and character for this is legit 10/10 free-for-all but keep in mind that there are Some specifics (listed above). Idk when this will end, if I see a cool character then Iíll end it bUT FOR NOW THEREíS NO DUE DATE OR W/E
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Re: Play one of Brendanís relatives 👀
« Reply #1 on: June 08, 2019, 11:47:06 PM »
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Re: Play one of Brendanís relatives 👀
« Reply #2 on: June 09, 2019, 09:24:21 PM »
Augustus Finch

full name augustus jae finch
nicknames aj, auggie, gus
alliance alliance goes here!
d. o. b. 08/07/1990
gender demiboy
pronouns he/him & they/them
orientation homoromantic / homosexual
zodiac leo
faceclaim naleye junior

aj is an easy-going person.   they are slow to anger and possess a seemingly endless amount of patience.  though aj is currently trying to focus on himself, he often finds himself caring for, and looking after, others.   he is also rather impulsive and idealistic, causing him go into situation because he feels it's right, without considering the effect it may have on him and others.   his greatest fear is that he is destined to end up just like his sister.   to counteract his impulsiveness, he can often overthink and stress about the possible consequences his actions will have on his future.


aj dresses for comfort.   he can be found wearing a sweater and jeans or a t-shirt and sweatpants.   due to his hair being on the longer side, his wrists are decorated with mismatched scrunchies and hair ties.   his hair is usually down if he is relaxing, while a messy updo makes an appearance when he's working.   aj is particularly fond of 80's and space aesthetics, though rarely has time to replicate this in his own wardrobe.   his nails are very stubby because he chews them.   they are yellowish because he smokes.


aj and danielle had a classic back-and-forth, as most siblings due.   alike in their bold, somewhat impulsive nature, they tended to be at odds with each other, thought aj did care for his sister deep down, they weren't super close.

the night danielle ran away, aj was there.   he confronted her, words were exchanged, and ultimately, he let her go.   in the morning, he said nothing, though it weighed on their conscience.  they were fourteen, they didn't know what to do.

newly the eldest sibling, aj felt obligated to take this position seriously.   he focused on caring for his younger siblings, pushing down the guilt, ignoring the remarks that he too would flee like his sister.


- they are into metaphysical concepts like free will and fate
- despite being pretty easy-going, they are a total neat-freak and enjoy cleaning
- trying to quit smoking and bites nails instead
- smokes when stressed thinks it doesn't count
- mom friendô
- doesn't swear out loud, often uses mock swears
- good at cooking & good listener
- hums when cleaning and clicks his tongue when he's thinking of what to say
- dyslexic but loves to read, so it takes him longer
- crosses fingers for good luck
i like that you're lonely, lonely like me
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