Author Topic: Play one of Brendanís relatives 👀  (Read 22 times)

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Play one of Brendanís relatives 👀
« on: April 14, 2019, 06:17:03 PM »

OKAY SO. Iíve been planning this for a while, but due to a sudden lack of muse for most plots Iím in, I kinda held back?? But since people are showing interest and Iím no longer bored out of my mind due to a very uneventful and...not healthy spring break (Iím back in school), I can get this bad boy rolling!!

His parents arenít for grabs bc theyíre dead, but literally anyone else in his family can be Snatched since I havenít developed any other part of his family. Aunts, uncles, grandparents, whatever, idc. Siblings are a no-no tho.

What side of the family theyíre on (Brendanís momís or dadís) and how you develop the character is 100% 10/10 up to you, they just gotta look somewhat like Brendan and be a part of his family (and preferably live in FL) smfncmvmm

Hereís a quick melting pot of info about Brendanís parents if that sparks more interest? tw for underage drinking and accidental pregnancies:
Spoiler:  info • show
ó Long story short Brendanís parents had Brendan when they were 18-19, so if youíre worried about old characters then like the aunts and uncles could be pretty young, since Brendanís parents would be 32-33 rn if they were alive. That, or you could play cousins?? Idk up to you
ó Brendanís parents literally were edgy and ran away from home without telling anyone, got a little too risky with alcohol, and boom here came the accident: Brendan
ó That means no one in the family knows Brendanís parents are dead, or that they even have a kid. Brendanís never met his relatives, so thatíll be pretty fun to roleplay??
ó Like ďwhoa. Danielle (Brendanís mom) has a kid now??Ē ďLol wtf I have a (family member role here) now kĒ

SO YEAH!! The form and character for this is legit 10/10 free-for-all but keep in mind that there are Some specifics (listed above). Idk when this will end, if I see a cool character then Iíll end it bUT FOR NOW THEREíS NO DUE DATE OR W/E
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