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kill all survivors >> introduction
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"speech" 'thought' text
tw: mentions violence, and blood

Brian Valentin Jamison. That was him, a former marine special ops fighter. Now running a large scale uprising against former powers. A number of former special forces members had banded together, creating a group called the Insurrection. It was a difficult group to look over, the generals seemed to have an overly high turnover rate, usually because of cheerful occurrences such as death.

Brian was not dead though, at 6'5" and 260lb, the man was intimidating to be around, he usually looked like he was brooding, or not caring, which was surprisingly accurate. He didn't let his emotions play into his choices, or moods either. Emotions weren't something he usually dabbled in, logic was much more useful in situations anyways.

He was a calculated man, and right now he was sitting in the sunlight (though it came and went). In one of his hands was a large beautifully balanced machete that he was sharpening, a wooden chair underneath him as he slid the steel over the whetstone. Brian certainly preferred the feeling of blood being spilled from the weapon to the impersonality of shooting someone with a gun.
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