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lollipops [open, invite]
« on: April 20, 2019, 07:41:49 PM »
molly darrow


the badlands
Up until the recent party in Springfield, Molly hadn't known about Camp Apocalypse. But after a really nice conversation with one of the leaders, Jordan, she was keen on having some more fun interaction with them. Before Cat decided that war with the Insurrection wasn't enough, or something. (She didn't exactly have a high opinion of her child right now, but at least they'd enabled her to do this).

Getting here had been a hell of a thing. Even with the directions that Jordan had provided, the boats had been a whole other issue... One that was exacerbated by Paige, who curiously rocked the boat and sent Sheo right over the edge. Lucerne had to pull him back into the boat while Molly told off Paige for being foolish. Still, the party managed to make it to Camp Apocalypse, even if one of them was sopping wet.

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Re: lollipops [open, invite]
« Reply #1 on: April 21, 2019, 07:36:07 AM »
— When Lucerne agreed to accompany Molly when she went to send invites to the other groups, he intended to be around just in case one of them were to get hurt. After all, after seeing the state of Catalyst and Creed when they returned two weeks ago, Lucerne realized that it would be ludicrous to not allow himself to keep and eye on them and ensure all returned safe and sound. He trusted Molly not to make a fool of herself, but as for Sheogorath and Paige... He didn't set his standards too high for the two of them.

That was why Lucerne was not even surprised when Paige managed to rock Sheogorath out of the boat, Lucerne grumbling to himself and rolling his eyes dramatically as he hauled Sheo back onto the boat. Shriveling his nose up, he brushed wet hands off his trousers. "Dear God, I feel so outnumbered right now - there's too much stupid on this boat." He uttered to himself, releasing a heavy sigh before scrambling out of the boat the moment it reached the shore. He brushed his clothing down before waiting for any Campers to approach.

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Re: lollipops [open, invite]
« Reply #2 on: April 21, 2019, 11:25:16 AM »
thes code
Getting into the boat had been enough of a struggle, but Sheogorath hadn't expecting staying in it would be any problem. The fiery red head had been daydreaming about one of the strange species of unrecognized butterfly that he had seen earlier when a sudden rocking of the boat sent him over the edge, and Sheogorath was sent toppling into the water with a splash, breaking the surface to dip beneath the wild waves. Ripples expanded across the fluid as he dragged himself back up to the surface with a few good and strong kicks. Hauling himself into the boat was another matter entirely, but thankfully Lucerne was there to help.

"The water isn't freezing, at least." Sheogorath spoke cheerily, as he shook his head back and forth, wet hair flying, and probably getting everyone else in the boat wet with tossed, glittering droplets. A chuckle flowed past his lips as he heard Lucerne's words. "Careful, or you might be next!" The eccentric man teased with a good-natured smile. His amber gaze flickered toward Paige for a moment, the culprit behind why he was soaking wet, but he said nothing, content to sit quietly for the rest of the ride. As soon as the boat struck the shoreline, Sheogorath found himself rising unsteadily, and he struggled for a moment before managing to hop onto dry land without toppling into the water again. As soon as he was on soil, Sheogorath turned back to the boat to retrieve his pack, which, thankfully, hadn't been on his shoulders when he had fallen. It was dry, and that was a blessing. His sword and gun at his hips however, well, that was another story. Oh well.

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Re: lollipops [open, invite]
« Reply #3 on: April 21, 2019, 07:06:52 PM »
lake had just sort of walked away from the badlands. she hadn't said goodbye, she hadn't returned the handcuffs to catalyst, she'd simply walked off, willow at her side, deciding to start a new life. gabe was being an asshole, and, well, he was more willow's friend than lake's, so she didn't care all that much. that was how lake operated; the only person she sort of cared about was ready to get going with her, so they got gone.

right to an island that was adept to handle her. six foot five, nearly sixteen years old, she thrived in camp apocalypse. she scaled trees, she swam across rivers, she played on the ropes course and handled potentially lethal falls like a bump on the shin. she'd always been tan, but it was deeper now, with constant sunlight. she'd cut off most of her hair, once wave length curls now ringlets hanging nearly to her shoulders. her skin had streaks of dirt from earlier playing, and in one hand she held a banana, halfway empty, and in the other, an entire bushel of bananas, eight of so connected at the root. she ate them as she approached, peel and all, biting them like carrots.

❝what're yous doing here?❞ she asked, voice monotone as always as she stuffed another piece of the banana into her mouth, squinting at the badlanders as she looked over them, not so much in a harsh manner as a confused manner. these people didn't live here... did they? popping the last of her banana into her mouth, she yanked one off of the bushel, offering it out to molly, half hoping she wouldn't take it; lake wasn't exactly one who liked sharing food.
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Re: lollipops [open, invite]
« Reply #4 on: April 22, 2019, 05:51:35 PM »
molly darrow


the badlands
"I hope you're not including me in the with the stupid." Molly said, half joking and half preemptively offended. She shot a glance at Sheo through narrowed eyes. "Let's not toss anyone else into the water. Otherwise I'll have to make Paige rock you out again, and I don't think we're strong enough to haul you back in without Lucerne." Despite the relative suspicion of the unpredictable man, her tone was just as lighthearted and teasing as his.

Then the first Camper approached them and... Wait a minute, was that Lake? She was taller, tanner, but when she bit into a banana - peel and all - Molly was quite sure that it was her. "We're here to invite Camp Apocalypse to an Easter party." She said, reaching out to accept the offered fruit, unlike when she was brought to the Badlands and refused the girl's offered potato.

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Re: lollipops [open, invite]
« Reply #5 on: April 23, 2019, 01:20:13 AM »
jordan had a brief history with the badlands. she had temporarily lived there, joining once she had found thorne. she didn't mind it there, it wasn't the best place to live, but it was well protected and it was better than being pregnant and off on your own. most of the people that she had met there were all gone by now, the territory filled with new faces. she had been planning on going to the group and all of the other ones, but with a newborn baby she had found that long journeys were a bit more difficult for her now.

she made her way towards the growing group, lachlan was wide awake in her arms, wide eyes looking around at everything nature had to offer. a smile grew on her face as she reached them, stopping beside lake. she felt a little bit of pride as lake offered the woman a banana, her manners were improving and jordan was happy about that.

"it's good to see you again, molly." she smiled at the older woman, and then towards her little group. "that's very thoughtful of you, we'd love to attend."

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