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kill them all >> open
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"speech" 'thought' text
tw: mentions violence, and blood

He was disappointed in his niece, Harper had been given a mission, and she had failed that mission, if she had been any other soldier the consequences would probably have been different, though Brain would never admit to the idea he was showing favoritism to the young woman because she was family. Despite the instructions of her mission, Harper was here two weeks earlier than requested for her report, which meant one of two things, either she had discovered something important, or she'd failed.

"Mission report, soldier." Brain's voice was cold, and did not hold any of the usual warmth it had when he spoke with his niece about subjects other than "work". Outside of his duties he liked to believe he was a rather reasonable man, who could set aside passion for logic in any situation whether it included Harper, or not.

"Failure. Targets were aware of my affiliation with this group, and warned the leader against me." It might seem odd to anyone who had witnessed Harper days before when she'd attempted to join the Badlands, this stark different side of her. She was not the flippant, care free girl who she'd personified at that time, instead she was a stiff and uptight soldier reporting to her superior.

Brain's features formed into a frown, and he looked at his niece in obvious disappointment. "Failure? Failure is unacceptable soldier." Harper did not move as Brian said this, only watched passively, as there wasn't much more she could do. Brian looked at the rigid form of his niece, and relented slightly, "At ease." His voice was less threatening than it had been just seconds before.

Harper seemed to deflate her shoulders sagging, her breath letting out in a long deep breath. "Did you know that Creed is alive? She's alive, and she seems to be on really good terms with the leader." It was her turn to be angry, well not exactly angry, bitter perhaps. She hated it when she didn't get the full details of something, and Brian had obviously known more than he'd let on with the whole Creed situation.

"Go get your rations and then rest. Tomorrow is an early morning." Brian didn't answer her question, but shooed her off, and she walked away, perhaps he'd suspected, but he had not known until just now that Creed was also involved. Trust that little pity project of Mike's to come back and bite him in the ass. He needed to talk with Delta, his fingers twitched around the handle of the machete to his left, plans were already in the works, and Harper didn't need to know. She was still young, emotional, venerable... and worst of all pliable. Perhaps it was for the best that she'd been turned away... though now he knew that the Badlands were preparing for something... but for what?

It was like a game of chess for Brian, and the thrill of the game was half the fun.
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