Author Topic: A Crime Solving RP? ( Open Plotting)  (Read 676 times)

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A Crime Solving RP? ( Open Plotting)
« on: April 22, 2019, 04:27:57 PM »
So an idea came into my mind. Why not do a crime solving rp? It seems fun enough  :)) Also! if you want to add more to the plot I'm very open to that!
Spoiler:  The Plot • show

Dead bodies have been turning up all over Victorian London and the inhabitants are scared. Ten murders in ten weeks, all committed by various methods, and still nobody has a clue who the spiteful killer is. Person A is a doctor, who is an alcoholic, and he doesn't know it yet but he is the only one who can stop the killer, and the killer could possibly help him. When their brother becomes a victim by being kidnapped by the killer, Person A finds themselves thrown into the center of the investigation. Their only clues are a key and a map of the city. They enlists the help of a helpful detective, Person B. Can Person B help Person A overcome their liquor addiction and find the answers before the peculiar killer strikes again?

Spoiler:  My Character: Simon Clark • show

NAME: Simon Clark

AGE: Late 20's - Early 30's
Simon can be, and has been, called a very interesting character. He knows how to read people well and is able to observe details in a crime scene somewhat quickly, he can miss a detail or two if he's rushed or feeling pressured. He can act and seem naive, but he only uses that as a barrier so that others won't question too much about him. Deep down inside he can be a bit of a sociopath, and sometimes unwilling to help a client if he deems the case too simple. Simon can have a sarcastic attitude if he's tired, trying to be funny, or just plain annoyed by people. In the end, he'll try his best to solve a case with poise and rationality.

- Can be nice and charismatic or standoffish, it depends on if you made a good first impression
- A very fun loving person when off a case but a very serious person when on a case.
- Has a german shepherd husky mix named Koda.
- He will drink if invited to a bar (Let it be noted he is an emotional drunk, a very emotional drunk)
- Has a bad habit of cursing when very emotional or drunk.

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