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There isn't anything I wouldn't do for you
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Eloise "El" Edwards
is a future political science major. she is 18, vegetarian, a major animal rights advocate, and has friends in 2/3 first responder departments. she has a black cat named salem and grew up in a household with about five other kids, all adopted. she works at a beautiful year round garden center and volunteers at an animal shelter.
[This is a slightly older modern au, all groups are welcome! It's +4 years meaning older fcs if you wanted! also means adding four years to their age, like: Eloise is 14 in TNW, so here she's 18. Also, your character not know El? A friend could've brought them!]

The large backyard of the house she grew up in was set up for a pool party. The pool area was all set up for swimmers and for people to hang out by. Eloise was never one to throw parties during high school, but here she was doing one the summer after. Well, the party had been going on for a short while now, some people have said hello to her, but others she hadn't ran into yet which was okay. She was just happy she actually managed to do this.

Eloise made her way towards the pool, she was wearing a pretty simple swimsuit: the bottoms were high waisted, black with sunflowers on it while the top was just your average white bikini top. She had sunglasses rested on the top of her head, holding her hair back at the same time. She hadn't really grown a whole lot, stopping at five foot three while all her friends grew to be much taller than her which she supposed was what she gets for having mainly male friends.

There was music playing, eighties music actually purely because she liked it and figured that was the one kind of music people could at least tolerate. On her way to the pool, she was bumped into. This was something she had gotten used to but still, it was rather annoying. She didn't make a noise or anything as she was bumped into, she just as much looked up to see who bumped into her. Usually they wouldn't look down so she'd just...ignore it, but maybe this would be different. If not, well then she'd continue her adventure to the pool.
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in all honesty, Brendan really doesn’t want to be here.

With a baggy white t-shirt on and navy blue swim trunks, he makes his way towards the nearest lawn chair, sitting down on it with a huff as he messes with the sandals on his feet. Then, he straightens his posture, icy blue-Gray hues landing on the pool ahead of him, frown tugging on his lips begrudgingly. He’s...he’s supposed to be in a fricken taekwondo lesson right now, not some darn pool party; he has stuff to do, and it doesn’t involve throwing his shirt off and jumping into a bunch of probably freezing water. Plus...he has cop training tomorrow, he can’t stay for too long.

But—whatever, el practically begged him to show up and, Brendan being Brendan, he caved in relatively quickly. However, he definitely doesn’t give off much of a "yes, I want to be here" vibe, especially considering his stare—glare—is more of a bitch face than anything else; the fact that he’s six-foot-four doesn’t really help, either, especially when his glower lands on whoever bumps into el. He still remains sitting, but his arms instinctively move to the arms of the chair, ready to bolt up just in case. Call him over protective, but it’s just how he is—no one can change it, unfortunately.