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◜ . bad liar ┊open . ◞
« on: April 23, 2019, 12:47:14 AM »
when she was little, creed would immediately jumped at the idea of owning a pet. her mother and father had always promised the kids that one day they would get a puppy, but with the way things played out, that never happened. now, she wasn't quite as interested in that idea. she did think about the concept of having a furry companion, but up until now those were only mere thoughts that were soon to fade away.

she looked down at the small creature staring up at her, eyes wide with his tongue hanging out of his mouth happily. the puppy had been following her for about fifteen minutes now, creed had assumed that if she just gave it water and a snack then moved on with her day it would too, but that wasn't the case. it followed her around, stopping whenever she stopped, staring up at her.

"go on." creed nodded her head away from her, but the puppy didn't listen and walked over to stand rest its paws against her leg instead. she sighed and bent over to pick it up, awkwardly holding it in her arms as it licked her cheek. she did have to admit that it was quite cute, one of the ears didn't point up like the other, instead it folded over itself in a little flop. she moved her head away from it but it squirmed closer to it and licked her cheek again.

"you know what? fine." she had a dog now, she guessed. creed kept the puppy in her arms as she turned around and started back towards the center of the badlands again.
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Re: ◜ . bad liar ┊open . ◞
« Reply #1 on: April 24, 2019, 11:44:15 AM »
Addams loved dogs. They were friendly, they kept you safe, they usually told you when something bad was going on. In the movies that he remembered, dogs were always seen as best friends. Except for Cujo. That dog had given Addams nightmares for weeks afterwards, until his parents had told him about how rabies vaccines existed in the world. Now, vaccines weren't really.. a thing, but Addams still had his. And he wasn't worried about catching it anytime soon.

The woman and the puppy made Addams chuckle a little. She seemed so uncomfortable with it, and it was just a little baby. "Where'd you find it?" Addams asked, cocking an eyebrow and staring at the puppy. It didn't look rabid..

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Re: ◜ . bad liar ┊open . ◞
« Reply #2 on: May 02, 2019, 01:40:24 PM »
They weren't an animal person in general, pets were something they'd never begged their mother for or wanted whatsoever. Molly had a dog now, a big old rottie named Charles, one that Cat did their best to avoid. Of all the animals, they were probably the least fond of dogs. More or less; it's not like they had much experience with anything other than the animals you could typically expect to see around. Dogs, cats, horses, that sort of thing. If they had to pick an animal to keep as a pet... they'd probably pick goldfish. Those weren't intrusive.

Though if it had to be your common furry pet, they wouldn't say it. It was too obvious, too lame. Catalyst, preferring cats? Clear bias.

Okay, they hadn't seen too much of Creed lately, here and there but not enough that they were up to date on everything that she had going on in her life. So when they saw her walking around the Badlands, they decided to pop over to her to say hello, and that's when they noticed the dog. The dog. When did she get that? That was new, right? They'd have known if Creed had adopted an animal a while ago. "When did you get a dog?"

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