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this is a fancy by aj inspired by thes
Sheogorath was not a good man. He had warned her of that the very first day she had joined with his son, Joshua. He had warned her, and yet, she had joined anyways, she had given him his child, she had allowed them to spend precious hours together, as Sheogorath whispered into her ear about the foul murders he had committed, because he needed someone to talk to, to tell his sins to without fear of judgement. But unbeknownst to to the eccentric red head, Mary was not without judgement. She found Sheogorath to be cruel and evil, with a heart that was too cold to yield to even Joshua's presence, no matter how loving he acted in the presence of his son. At least, that was her belief.

It was why she had been thinking, long and hard, about what to do about it. The Badlands wasn't safe for a two year old, and as they walked into the old schoolyard, she couldn't help but watch her adoptive child reach for her hand and stare up at her with bright amber eyes, so like his father's, as was his fiery red hair.

"Mama, I play?" Joshua questioned brightly, pointing toward the swings and slides of the old playground in the abandoned schoolyard.

"Yes, you can play." Mary replied sweetly, and he immediately released her hand and dashed toward the swings.

After Sheogorath had returned to Springfield, he had been different, calmer, not so manic, if at all. He had explained everything to her, his bipolar, his autism, and what that all meant. Mary had a hard time considering whether or not Joshua had taken on any of those traits. The boy did grow suddenly irritable at times. But manic? Depressed? No. But perhaps he was too young for those symptoms to manifest. Mary knew absolutely nothing about bipolar and very little about autism. She had considered whether or not Joshua might have that, as well, but he was walking, talking, and she thought that was a good thing in her mind.

Whether or not he was behind, she did not know. Mary had never had a child before, and she had adopted Joshua out of the desire to be a mother, because she was incapable of bearing one within her womb herself. Raising a child had always been a dream of hers, but raising one in the harsh conditions of the was nothing like how she wanted. The blonde haired woman uttered a sigh as she took a seat upon a bench and watched her adoptive son play upon the swings, her blue eyes observing his every move. He looked so happy, so innocent. What if the Badlands took that from him? Turned him into a killer? Like his father. was time for her to leave. She had been seriously considering it as of late, but Mary wasn't aware of how to reach any other groups. She had heard of Flintlock and Northstar, and thought perhaps either would be a decent place to call home, better than the Badlands, but first, she'd have to figure out where the groups were. She wondered how devastated Sheogorath would be, to lose his son, but did the man really have a heart to hurt? She did not know for sure, if a monster could truly feel love.

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//two for themes of violence + theoretical threats against children

Could monsters feel love? Well, speaking from personal experience as a monster, Cat would argue that yes, monsters could feel love. They loved their mother (for all their struggles), and their boyfriend (though they still had yet to even say the "b" word aloud), and of course they loved their daughter (though they had to be talked into adopting her).

Did that make them a better person? No, not really. It made them question it, though. Should they be better for Mo's sake? Clean up their act and try to make the world a better place? Or at least show a better example and find them a better life. But they were this way so that Mo wouldn't have to be. The violence was a risk, but it was her protection too.

Pacifism wouldn't protect her when the bigger evils, the ones that wouldn't think twice about hurting a baby, came knocking. So Cat kept their weapons, kept their guard, and oftentimes knocked first. They were too bloodstained to expect the stains to fade or the ghosts not to haunt them. It was too late to change, if such a thing was possible, which they didn't think it was. Not unless Fate willed them to change.

Mo was in their arms now; Gav and Molly typically took the lead in her care since this sort of thing wasn't really their forte, but they still played a part in it. That included taking her out for some fresh air and... hey, there was Mary, with Joshua. Mo made a sound; she was forming words but she wasn't quite there with sentences or saying much of anything, really. But it was pretty clear she wanted to go play with Joshua. They weren't sure how much they wanted Mo getting pal-sy with Sheo's kid; he might have gotten back into their relative good graces from saving both Cat and Gav, but they tried to keep their kid out of the way of... 99% of the Badlands population, even from the people they supposedly liked.

But Mo seemed like she was about to cry, and Mary seemed like a nice enough woman. So they walked over to her, baby straining to crawl over their shoulder to get to the swings. "Does Joshua need someone to play with?"

//this is really bad and took like two hours I'm sorry

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this is a fancy by aj inspired by thes
The woman heard foot falls approach, and her piercing blue eyes lifted away from Joshua's position upon the swings, head turning to gaze upon the figure of Catalyst and their child, Mo. She immediately felt unease, knowing of the ruthless things the leader was more than capable of. Another monster with a child. But while she was quite the judgmental woman, and certainly didn't approve of any young child living in the Badlands, she managed to keep that emotion off of her face. Instead, she smiled slightly as they spoke, and let her eyes linger upon Mo for a moment before shifting back to Joshua.

"To be honest, I don't know." Mary answered truthfully. Her voice was friendly, despite the disapproval hidden within her mind. "Joshua has never really played with anyone else before." There weren't exactly other kids his age in the Badlands, and before that, they had always been wandering, and had never really met any other children. The boy was crawling up and down the slides now, laughing brightly. "But he's sweet. I'm sure he'll get along with Mo fine." That was her name, right? Mary had never actually seen the other child before, but Sheogorath had, on occasion, mentioned her, so she was quite aware of who Catalyst's kid was.

"How are you?" Mary questioned, just to be friendly, she supposed. She didn't want to get on the leader's bad side, lest they brand and demote her, too. And with a child to care for, she couldn't risk that kind of harm. That was when Joshua turned away from the slides and the swings, and his amber eyes lit up upon catching sight of Catalyst and Mo. The young boy sprinted closer to the pair, as well as Mary, but as he drew closer, his expression shifted from bright and cheery to cautiously curious. This was the first time Mary had ever seen Joshua react to another child, so she was curious as to how he'd take it all in.

"Baby?" Joshua seemed to question, as if to confirm exactly what Mo was. He seemed to realize that she wasn't as old as he was. She wasn't walking like he could. Joshua's two hands flapped lightly and repeatably against his sides (which had always been odd to Mary, because Sheogorath did the same thing, yet Joshua had been doing it long before even meeting his father) before his gaze turned to Mary. The boy stared directly at her nose. He never made eye contact. For what reason, Mary did not know, but that was okay. Maybe he'd grow into it. Looking at the nose was better than not looking at her face at all, like he used to do, so Joshua was certainly capable of improvement.

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