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NEON MOON / introduction
« on: May 01, 2019, 09:02:24 AM »
It's the middle of the night. The moon and stars were hidden by black clouds and no shine of light could be seen. Carol stumbled upon Springfield's land, heavily limping on one leg. One hand was placed on a orange tabby cat's head, her fingers gently stroking the fur atop his head. Moving her hand from Goose's head, a playful smile made it's way onto her lips. She placed the orange feline on the ground and sat down.

Her hand ran over her wounded leg, until she felt the handle of a small knife. "Damn." Carol grit her teeth, grasped the knife and pulled it out quickly. The blonde sighed and lied down, Goose doing the same but at her side.
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Re: NEON MOON / introduction
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if fletcher saw him there, she'd probably call him a dumbass. on his meal-break between patients, instead of sitting tight in his office, or the cafeteria, even, for whatever reason, anton had gotten an inkling to go for a midnight walk. something about the heavy silence in the night made his head and his heart feel a little lighter, away from the building where too many didn't leave, and away from the fiance he didn't want to face more than he had to. what a wonderful, shitty thing his life had become; a product of his own making.

lips pressed firmly together, hands stuffed in the pockets of his slacks, it wasn't the sight of the woman that caught his eye, but her feline companion. three of his own at home, anton and cats were like mothers to babies; even when they weren't his own, he was drawn to them. he wasn't blind, and he wasn't oblivious, and he did, in fact, see the woman. the cat caught his eye, and the woman was the reason for his approach.

❝m'am?❞ he called out hesitantly, suddenly feeling bare and exposed without a guard or any form of protection, but his eyes found the wound on her. he was a surgeon, and if there was one thing that drew him in quicker than a cat, it was an injury. immediately, he was quickening his approach, hands held up in a sort of plea of innocence. ❝m'am, that leg of yours, can i take a look at it?❞ and, realizing he wasn't wearing anything identifying of his profession: ❝i'm a doctor, and the leader of the group's territory you're in right now.❞
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