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knocking at your door | visitor, o.
« on: May 02, 2019, 01:02:20 AM »
he doesn't really think it through.

all he knows is he's packing his bag for enough clothing to hold him over for about three days , and he's off towards the badlands. he doesn't even know where it is. he'd have to get those directions from his 'friend', the man with the cat named Big D. just keep going , he'd said. you'd make it there , but when would you know? sometimes he doesn't even realize when a border ended and where it began causing him to fear that if he'd accidentally stumbled onto it , he'd be killed on sight . . . maybe that wasn't too bad, now that he thought of it.

he sweats under the beanie and the long sleeve , but he supposed that's what happened when one decided to wear a black long sleeve under a beating sun. it could have been an hour that passed , but it felt like five when he finally approached the border. he's lucky to have recognized it unlike he had northstar , however they responded exactly how he expected to: like he was a lost child who needed a new orphanage to settle. that essentially was what he had been, now that he thinks about it.

"anyone . . . around there?" he'd ask. he wouldn't ask for creed , not yet. it was too soon , wasn't it? she hadn't even seemed impressed with him, hadn't let him escort her to the border, not as if that mattered because it'd seem as she was rather escorting him. but he waits patiently, scuffing the sand with his dirty worn converses.
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