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all good things come to an end || open
« on: May 04, 2019, 11:22:55 PM »
"speech" 'thought' text ||Hover for TWs

[ please wait for finny to post with creed my friends. ]

Michael had been thinking about this for a while now. He had been a fuckup for most of his life, and while he regretted everything, he knew he couldn't change the past. The dark haired man looked from the small box in his hand to the door of Creed's place. He wasn't sure about this, but he knew that he had to tell her the whole story some time.

The man pursed his lips and took a few deep breaths. "Creed?" His voice was hesitant as he knocked on the door. "You home? I... I need to talk to you." The soldier's voice was quiet, not characteristic of him at all. But this was Creed he was talking about, he had... a lot to think about when in the same space as her.

He had many regrets, but most of all were the regrets of not being there for Creed.
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