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—-  & leaves crunched beneath her feet as she walked up to the canoes that could help her float across to the island holding the bundle of cabins. a wave of different feelings crashed over her making her stomach do acrobatics; excitement, joy, anxiety. she almost even felt regret and wanted to turn around, but it was too late she was already on her way there. there was no turning back now and she knew it.

dylan knew - or rather hoped - that they’d be happy to see her, and vice versa. she missed them, but she didn’t think she could stick around permanently like before. she had already established herself back at bluestem prairie and didn’t have any plans on leaving. she could at least promise to visit every so often when she could. by now jordan must have had the baby and she couldn’t not meet them at least once, so that was one reason she had decided to make her visit to her old home.

soon the girl had arrived on shore and tugged the canoe up onto the earth. she couldn’t hold it in anymore, the excitement took over her and she ran into the heart of the camp with a big smile on her face.  ❝ jordan! evan! hey, look, it’s me! ❞ she called out hopping up and down in her spot and flailing her arms up in the air.  ❝ did you miss me? did you miss me?
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