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if you love me for me [p]
« on: May 09, 2019, 10:29:31 AM »

grace elisabeth allsebrooke


Never did she imagine her life would go the way that it had, for Queen Grace had not started out as the strong, compassionate character that she used to rule her kingdom in the genuine interest of her people. She, like everyone, went through it all to get to that final point of bliss. Someday, Grace would pass peacefully, with a well-lived, incredible life under her belt. Amazing children, a loving husband. But, it did not start under halos of light.


The morning was rushed. A thick cover of dark clouds hung over the magnificent kingdom of Aligowen. Although grand as it may be, they were facing an immediate threat of invasion, and the likelihood of the Aligowen Keep being taken over increased as they days went by with no word from the Royal family on how they intended to take care of it, as well as the safety of their people.

This is where Lord Adam Allsebrooke came in. He was the Head Military Advisor of the King, and also served as his best friend. The men had four decades of working together to keep Aligowen safe and happy, and when Adam was presented with the biggest dilemma of his career, it only made their friendship stronger. The invaders have made the two men come together in ties of patriotism and love for their people. It was admirable.

Adam's daughter, Grace, did not deem herself fit for her father's career path. She took after her mother in terms of poise, of elegance, of- grace. This particular morning, she had been woken abruptly by her father. He pushed open the heavy oak door and huffed in the doorway.

"Grace, you need to wake up. Rodrick and Aaron are expecting us. Something has come up and I fear our situation has become more dire," he rumbled, moving over to throw a lit match into the grand fireplace at the opposite end of her bedroom.

Grace sat up, slightly disoriented. The royals had requested them? They were due at the palace later that day anyways, so what on earth could be so important that they had to call on them before dawn? So, she got up and washed herself, basking in the bare warmth of the fire. The winters were so nasty in Aligowen, and she knew the moment she stepped outside that she would be longing for her warm bed. Continuing with her routine, the young woman wrapped a robe around herself and sat in front of her vanity, beginning to comb out long locks of dark, ever-so-slightly waves. She had of course neglected to wash her hair this morning, as she counted on not dying of hypothermia this winter.

Grace dressed herself in a heavenly burgundy gown equipped with golden embroideries. She had let her dark waves down and adorned her head with a golden circlet that seemed to compliment her dark hair just right. Once dressed, she pulled a thick riding cloak around herself, fastening the clasp at the neck. Meeting her family in the grand foyer, her heart swelled, but then sank. Her brother stood alongside their father while their mother fretted over their cloaks. Upon seeing Grace enter the room, Lady Allsebrooke rushed over, cupping her daughter's face in her hands.

"Are you sure you're warm enough?" she breathed, pulling Grace's cloak tighter around her body. Grace nodded vigorously, to Victoria's satisfaction, and with a bit more fretting, the family was on their way to the palace. It wasn't far, but it wasn't the closest in proximity, either. One could easily catch a deadly winter ailment if not dressed properly for the ride there. Upon arrival, Grace was chilled to the bone. The nobles were quickly escorted inside, where they were greeted with long corridors lined with large torches. Providing light and warmth, Grace soaked it all in, slowly removing her heavy cloak.

Once in the throne room, Adam and Victoria Allsebrooke entered, arms linked. Behind them, their two children followed in order of seniority. The eldest, Peter, followed his father's footsteps, his shoes echoing the same pride and authority as his father's. Then Grace, whose heels clicked on the marble floors. She wasn't as dramatic as Peter, though. Lord and Lady Allsebrooke dipped into deep, respectful bows, and their children followed.

"My Lord, of course you know the children," he rumbled, releasing his wife so he could go look at the map that had been displayed. "I have received reports that an entire port city has been run down. No hostages, and no survivors," he sighed, stroking his beard thoughtfully. The situation was getting worse by the day.


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Re: if you love me for me [p]
« Reply #1 on: May 09, 2019, 11:06:27 AM »
((I will say I can make good paragraphs but I'm not sure if I can do as much as you :'D))

Aaron and his parents had already been waiting palace for the rest of the royals to appear. So far their morning has been hectic as anyone else's; running around grabbing papers and getting dressed, heading out to the palace. In all honesty their morning was a mess and it wasn't fun to deal with it. This meeting was called suddenly and there was word that a part of the kingdom had been attacked. Waking up early isn't the ideal way to start the day for Aaron, he still felt a bit sleepy after having to get up and to have been ready quickly. To be honest, the young prince wasn't fully focused on what the superiors had to say while they were waiting for the others. Due to how early it was and also slight boredom. Most of the conversation between the king and his father about the financial burden this would cause the kingdom. Of course he would be talking about finance, he was the treasurer to the king after all. Once Aaron heard the light footsteps of others coming he brought his attention to the noise. Thank god someone else is here. He muttered lightly under his breath so no one else would hear. When he saw that the others were Grace and her family, he gave her a slight smile. At least his friend was there, and maybe they'll catch up on things that have been happening. Aaron's mother, Elaine, tried to get her son to keep his attention to the conversations that went on. she knew he would need to pay attention because as the prince he would have to know everything that is important to a kingdom. Aaron would return his attention back to the conversation to do whatever to make his mother happy.
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