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no where to run from the fire she breathes >> open
« on: May 10, 2019, 04:09:09 PM »
"speech" 'thought' text

tws thoughts of violence, blood, murder, mentions of alcohol, religion, injury, broken bones, blood

The sound of the shots still rang in his ears as he ran towards the section of taller buildings. The shooter couldn't be that far away, not from the trajectory of the shots, combined with the timing of the sound and when the bullet hit its victim. He'd discarded his riffle at the scene of the shooting in order to run faster, and while his leg was sore from where the bullet had pierced it three weeks prior, any pain that he had was gone as he ran.

Adrenaline coursed though his veins, blood pumped in his ears, the sound of everything muted. Reaching the building he didn't hesitate, taking out his gun, he burst through the door, taking the steps two at a time and confronting a figure dressed all in black on the landing of the second floor. He had half expected it to be Brian, no, he had wanted it to be Brain, but that slippery son of a bitch wasn't that stupid.

Before he could say a word, he felt the gun fly from his hand and a swift kick push him back against the wall, and window. Catching himself before he could hit the window, he returned the kick swiftly, knocking his opponent to the ground, though he as up two seconds later. Mike's knives sprung to his hands, and his opponent also had knives in his hands, after all, this had to be a fair fight, right?

The two circled each other on the landing, though there was not much room, when Mike was facing the window, he lunged, his opponent jumped away, the blade barely missing his stomach, but the jump set him off balance, and he landed less than a foot from the window. With yell, (Mike wasn't sure why he yelled) he tackled the man into the window, both of them crashing through, falling, landing on the roof of an old and rusted car, denting the roof.

Mike had his knife to the man's throat now, and grunting in pain he pushed himself up, pulling his captive with him, and sliding off the roof, shit that had hurt. But the car had broken his fall, and so had parts of his opponent, "Alright Robin Hood, let's get going." He pushed the man forward, pulling his second gun from his ankle holster and holding it close to the man's back.

"I thought that was you Mike! How's the wife? Kids?" Mike swallowed back the emotions coming to him. Outside of Will, Martin Kelly had been the closest thing to a friend that Mike had in his unit. He'd even spent holidays with Kelly's family, Kelly had introduced him to Jenny... whatever his former friend was doing with Brian couldn't be good. "Martin, umm, why the hell are you with Brian? You know he cares about nobody but himself."

Mike decided to skip answering the question asked, he really didn't want to deal with that. "Brian's a dick, I grant you that, but he's not all bad. He saved my mom's life, and I owe 'im, he cashed in the favor today, said he needed a sniper to take somebody out." Mike felt his head spinning, so he'd just tackled his old friend out a window for nothing? "Well, you're gonna have to come with me anyways, my boss is going to want to talk to you... at length... about Brian."

Mike did not envy Kelly, he knew that he could let the man go, pretend he'd never got him, but that wasn't his style, if Kelly was really innocent, didn't work with the Insurrection, then he had nothing to fear from an interrogation, though Cat might mess him up a bit. Kelly shrugged, "You do what you gotta do, right?" Mike's face twisted slightly but he nodded and grabbed his former friend's hands zip tying them together.

Mike then pushed Kelly forward not roughly, enough to get the man moving. "Let's get going." He muttered and they trudged towards the casino, Mike sore from the fall and his bullet wound, and Kelly sore from being tackled out a window and basically landed on by Mike. They both probably had broken bones, twisted ribs, fractures, bruises everywhere, but Mike wasn't going to complain about a little break here or there.

As they reached the casino, his eyebrows raised, the damage done by the teens wasn't that bad, but it wasn't good either, the explosives had probably detonated at the wrong time, or perhaps they had used flawed explosives, either way, he was beginning to think that Brian had not planned on that blowing up, it would explain taking out the teens who had lacked discipline and fallen into enemy hands.

It would also explain why Kelly had been asked to preform a hit, probably on Cat, maybe on him, or even on Creed... god, his life was a clusterfuck. It seemed that he could not get away from his old life, it always seemed to find him.
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Re: no where to run from the fire she breathes >> open
« Reply #1 on: May 11, 2019, 11:10:08 AM »

everything seemed to die down for a couple moments. there had been no all-clear given, but he supposed the sound of an eerie silence beat the sound of gunshots. he’d stayed at the casino, and honestly he couldn’t regret his decision. there would’ve been no point in going out there; it would’ve been almost suicidal for him to rush out there, especially after hearing the sniper up on the roof. still, as the sound of gunshots was replaced with quiet, he couldn’t regret pushing the door open again and risk taking a couple of steps out.

looked like all of the teens that had blown up the casino were dead. shit. addy had been in gangs, long enough to know that the sniper on that building had done that for a reason, probably. it’d be best to kill those kids than to let them possibly snitch on the insurrection, right? it was logical, and if addy had been in the sniper’s situation, he would’ve done the same thing. fucking sucked for the badland’s, he supposed, since that left them out of anyone to question, themselves.

that was what he had thought, at least, until mike came into view, another man trudging along with him. ah, the sniper hadn’t gotten away. the idiot probably should’ve turned the gun on himself, if he really wanted to keep all the information secret, he decided. this was definitely on the plus side for the badlands, so he wasn’t going to question a damn thing about the guy’s motives.

instead, he simply glanced at the two, nodded in acknowledgement towards mike, before heading back into the casino to watch whatever would unfold from this. maybe if he acted nicely, he’d get to land a punch on the fuckin’ asshole.

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Re: no where to run from the fire she breathes >> open
« Reply #2 on: May 13, 2019, 11:50:21 PM »
There was silence, at least they were pretty sure there was silence. They could still hear the blood roaring in their ears, and the sound was downright deafening. It was bad enough that some teenagers had tried to blow up their fucking casino. It was bad enough that they had been sniped before they could get any information, but you know what? They could live with that, because none of their people had gotten hurt. And then one of them had. Creed, taking a bullet that was meant for them.

They couldn't really process all of the implications of that right now, all they could do was drag her into cover and scream for someone to come help her. Then they were off, running after Mike and whoever he was chasing. Their brain wasn't entirely rational right now, but with how many people had been shot in front of them, how could they be sure that the red in their vision was just a trick.

At last they caught up, Mike walking towards them with a knife to an unknown man's throat. "Is this the bastard that shot Creed?" They asked, raising a hand and pointing at him. Their fingers were already in their brass knuckles, and they'd switched the gun for a knife.

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Re: no where to run from the fire she breathes >> open
« Reply #3 on: Today at 10:45:14 PM »
"speech" 'thought' text

tws thoughts of violence, blood, murder, mentions of alcohol, religion, injury, broken bones, blood

Michael could have let Kelly go, could have said he hadn't been able to catch the man, but, he was not a liar, and Kelly had to account for what he had done that day. To his knowledge no one else had been hurt but the Insurrection teenagers, but actions had consequences.

His eyes flickered towards the figure of Addy who had watched them approach before heading into the casino. The dark haired man placed a hand on Kelly's arm, indicating for him to stop a few steps from Cat who looked... furious. And the reason why was stated seconds later. Mike felt his fingers tighten around Kelly's arm squeezing the man's appendage harder than was necessary.

His stomach twisted and he looked back and forth as if expecting, or hoping that Creed would limp over. "Shot-" He took a deep breath before continuing, "Is she alright?" He couldn't live with himself if Creed had died or been previously injured. True, they had not been on speaking terms in a while, but he still did not want harm to come to her.

He had promised her father, swore that Creed would be safe... Jon would be safe... he'd already failed, he couldn't fail again. He would rather die than let anything happen to his goddaughter. He shook his head to clear the thousand thoughts running through it. "Yes boss, he's the guy." He decided not to burden Cat with the possibly true information that Kelly had given him about Brian contracting him for the hit... he'd tell Cat in private, later.
Michael Ford is a 45 year old, man, he's stubbornly loyal to whatever cause he chooses, protective of his family and friends, he's a grunt in the Badlands. Michael has issues controlling his anger in most situations. He is a difficult opponent and well trained, feel free to power play nonviolent interactions though.