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//yeah there is an ic point of all this a few paragraphs down, but I also wanted to do a lil check in for how they're doing before Shit Goes Down

Waking up was a slow process for a number of reasons. There was the fact that they never seemed to get enough sleep these days, and combining tiredness with laziness didn't make for a great recipe for getting up. Then add Gav, invariably touching them somehow, spooning them or full-on sleeping on top of them, at the very least touching them with an arm or a leg. If they disturbed him getting up, he'd try to get them to stay. Sometimes they listened, just for a few minutes, but today was not one of those days.

Cat dragged themself up and out of bed after giving Gav a quick good morning kiss, then they headed to the bathroom to shave, do their hair, and so on. By the time they got back to the bedroom, Gavril was still in bed, still stubbornly refusing to get up. They rolled their eyes and started getting dressed, then they had to track down the jacket they'd worn the previous day so they could get their black and white bandanna and the brass knuckles.

By then Mo was starting to wake up, and Gav finally got up to take care of her while Cat went downstairs to get breakfast for them all. One quick meal later, they were kissing him good bye (with Mo tugging at the bandanna on their arm until they pressed a kiss to the top of her head too). After that Cat was out, making a quick stop by the casino and making a quick round of the territory before getting to what they were really concerned about: the roofs.

Cat had been up on them many times before, so they knew at least a good portion of the ways up onto them. So they headed up, wandering around, trying to figure out if they should make all of the roofs hostile to anyone that would be on them, just some of them, or make sure that there were Badlanders stationed on them so that they could make use of their territory. It was annoying, how every advantage of theirs could apparently be co-opted by the enemy.

They paused, rubbing their face with their hands. They had a million and one fucking things to worry about, dozens of questions to answer all at once, and they had no good answers. They sighed, then kept moving, going to inspect the distance between this one and the next. What, five feet? Too far to safely jump, but get a board or something up here and it'd be easy to cross. Any difficulties they'd put on one building to restrict access wouldn't mean shit if you could just get up on another.

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GENERAL   welcome to the end of eras, ice has melted back to life
⇥ Given name is Scott Mathew Darrow ⇥ Goes only by Catalyst or Cat
⇥ Assigned male at birth ⇥ Agender ⇥ They/Them pronouns only
Twenty-one ⇥ Born 11/27/17 ⇥ Sagittarius ⇥ Real time aging
Boss (leader) of the Badlands ⇥ Ex prisoner of the Badlands
⇥ Ex cultist (Mourningstar) ⇥ Ex member of the Young Rogues

RECENT EVENTS   done my time and served my sentence
⇥ 04/20/39 ⇥ Released Northstar from Badlands occupation
⇥ 04/16/39 ⇥ Was saved by Sheogorath
⇥ 04/15/39 ⇥ Took the Badlands brand

APPEARANCE   dress me up and watch me die
⇥ Catalyst is 6'2" tall; they possess a lean and muscular body, one that has a variety of old scars adorning it. One of the easiest to notice is one that stretches down their right cheek. While not a scar, one very notable marking on their chest is the "BL" brand. They have two piercings, one in their tongue and the other in the cartilage of their left ear. They typically dress in dark colors (favoring jackets with some sort of writing on the back), and their hair is black. They're not all dark, however, as they have pale blue eyes that peer out from beneath medium-sized eyebrows.

PERSONALITY   if it feels good, tastes good, it must be mine
⇥ Catalyst is ambitious, with the cunning and ruthlessness to reach their goals by any means necessary. They can be brutal when they feel it is needed, however when it's not they won't bother. They tend to be rather aloof and apathetic to most things and people, with some very rare exceptions. Provided those around them don't cross a few specific lines, they're content to leave them be, though they've been known to take an interest in some people, which seldom has a positive end for whoever their interest is in. They can be manipulative, and will often encourage people to make bad decisions. Those that stick by them will be rewarded, but those that do not will be cast out, as they've been outcast for their entire life and have learned to appreciate loyalty wherever they can find it. Even during the most stressful of situations, they usually keep a firm grip on their temper and keep their calm, though when they do snap and lose their temper, it is uncontrollable. They're remarkably observant, often able to deign much from subtle clues in what people say, how they say it and how they act.

RELATIONS   dynasty decapitated, you just might see a ghost tonight
⇥ Molly Darrow x Austin Darrow ⇥ No siblings
⇥ Adopted parent of Molly Valentina Darrow-Lupei (Mo)
Pansexual/Panromantic ⇥ Very much taken ⇥ One Crush
⇥ Not looking but it happened ⇥ Rarely forms romantic attachment
⇥ Holds most people at arms length and doesn't get close

INTERACTION   i'm taking back the c r o w n
Hard physicallyHard mentally ⇥ Doesn't let their guard down
⇥ Is most comfortable with close ranged-weapons ⇥ Dislikes guns
Brass knuckles ⇥ A variety of knives ⇥ Carries a handgun
⇥ Will kill/capture/maim in certain circumstances
⇥ Will leave things be in others ⇥ Will start & finish fights
⇥ No kill/capture/maim without permission
⇥ Peaceful powerplay allowed but they may react negatively
⇥ Dislikes almost any sort of touch unless they initiate or agree to it
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