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. habits \\ open .
« on: May 15, 2019, 02:52:34 PM »
tw. implied effects of depression, drug use

A thin blade slid across his skin with the greatest of precision. It was clear by his steady hand that he was born to be a surgeon, however this blade was very far from performing any procedures today. Lucerne stared into the mirror dully before he lowered his gaze into the sink in which he'd filled it with the salty saline of the ocean. Dipping the blade into the water allowed hair to float away from the metal before he returned the razor back to his face to continue shaving.

It was about time he made himself presentable once more. Despite still struggling to overcome his mental anguishes in life, he knew that he had to begin to look at least somewhat presentable at least for his own sanity, if not for others' sanity. After all, it was growing clearer by the day that the man did not look after himself like he used to. Stubble across the bottom half of his face and sunken eyes made it clear that exhaustion was close to enveloping him. Clothes unwashed for days - dress shirts had gone from pristine to Lucerne barely buttoning them all the way up from sheer tiredness. Blazers turned into silken night robes, and dress shoes slowly turned into bare feet.

He stopped leaning on the sink for a moment to raise his other hand to his lips, taking a puff of a cigarette. He often kept his vices hidden from sight, a habit that only an addict would be guilty of, but the pinpoint pupils and burn marks on his fingertips could not be kept a secret from the public eye. Staring into the mirror glumly, Lucerne was still for one moment before slowly exhaling smoke, clouding his reflection. And then, resting his one hand on the sink once more, cigarette lodged between his fingers, he got to work once more to remove the last of the stubble.

As he finished his work, he lazily dumped both blade and cigarette into the full sink before turning and striding out. With one quick ruffle of his hair, he buttoned up his dress shirt and left his room looking like a new man. Almost. He was out of it, in quite an induced daze as he walked through the Badlands' territory, before freezing. Eyes squinted as he peered down at a flower bed, hesitating for a moment before slinking over, leaning down and then plucking a flower from its stem. He straightened up again, breathing in its faint floral scent before frowning. Oh, was he nonsensical sometimes.

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⫸ wilhelm lucerne nouvel // no known nicknames
⫸ goes by his middle name, lucerne
⫸ male // he/him
⫸ thirty three // ages real time // born fourteenth february
⫸ medic for the badlands // formerly a loner
⫸ joined BL - twenty first february

faceclaim - benedict cumberbatch
voice claim - benedict cumberbatch
⫸ speaks with a received pronunciation british accent
⫸ 6'2ft // tall and lithe // very little muscle mass
⫸ cold, china blue eyes and disheveled, dark brunet hair
⫸ physical health - 100%
    — current injuries: none as of now
⫸ mental health - 70%
    — has been showing signs of major depressive disorder

⫸ enigmatic and difficult to understand
⫸ astute and intellectual // generally very logical in his way of thinking
⫸ self-absorbed and overly prideful // massive god complex
⫸ lack of empathy and often insincere // evident sociopathic tendencies
⫸ assertive, blunt and arrogant // strong, unwavering opinions
⫸ analytical and perceptive // often good at figuring things out at breakneck speed
⫸ overly motivated and stubborn // it's often his way or the highway
⫸ chronic boredom, often acts out childishly based on this
⫸ fastidious and a known perfectionist
⫸ unpredictable and notably unhinged // makes it difficult to get on with him
⫸ a total narcissist in many ways
⫸ aloof and incredibly socially awkward // very antisocial in general
⫸ a complete drama queen // incredibly theatrical and melodramatic
⫸ breathes sarcasm // snide and often witty with his quips
⫸ silently a very sensitive and introverted soul // worries about what others think
⫸ self-conscious towards how people react towards him // this makes him withdrawn

⫸ wilhelm nouvel x annette nouvel // one older brother [deceased]
⫸ aromantic asexual // not interested in any romance
⫸ has taken a liking towards addy douglas
    — sees him as his person
    — doesn't view their relationship as romantic
    — loyalty lies with him entirely

storage // plot
⫸ physically: medium // mentally: hard
⫸ owns a pistol but finds the idea of injuring somebody very difficult
⫸ dislikes getting into physical fights as he's not very good at fighting
⫸ would much rather die than kill somebody else
⫸ will be acting out of character as he is still grieving over the loss of his brother
TW. he is an active drug addict // cocaine, heroin and opioids such as morphine
    — some interactions with him may be whilst he is under the influence of said drugs


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Re: . habits \\ open .
« Reply #1 on: May 17, 2019, 03:17:45 PM »

addy had been around lucerne for years. literal years. the first time he’d met him, he’d been relatively put-together. if he’d ever been relatively normal in his life, then addy must’ve never got to witness it, because mentally he’d already been off his rocker-- but at least physically, he looked like a man who acted like he had it together. he dressed a hell of a lot better than addy, which wasn’t saying much but.. it was at least something.

over the years, though, both appearance-wise and mentally, lucerne seemed to take a slow decline. it had happened so slowly that the redhead almost hadn’t even noticed it. he thought through all these years that addy himself had been losing pieces of himself, falling apart at the seams - and he’d been so focused on himself, that he hadn’t even noticed the person he’d been with all the years, loved all these years, was now a completely different man. a shell of who he used to be when even addy had first met him. the worst part of it all was that he felt like he could’ve done something to help lucerne through the steady decline. instead, everything he did only made it worse, didn’t it?

if anything, add felt like he’d made the man hit rock bottom. after that night… his hand hovered briefly over the spot on his abdomen, gently tracing over his shirt where the scar would be. he’d always given lucerne so much shit about having that one moral, that one little promise to himself-- never take a life. and addy had taken that moral from him. guilt so constantly ate at him ever since that moment, and for many reasons. but the whole point of it was that he’d taken away the moral, and with that, it seemed like lucerne had completely let himself go--

that was what he’d figured until he turned his head and saw lucerne, actually looking presentable. addy had been sitting on the grass, watching the ocean, contemplating a whole bunch of shit (he had a lot on his mind, lately, always had a lot on his mind)-- though seeing the man smelling a flower like a fucking princess was definitely enough to derail him from his thoughts. standing up and strolling over, he crossed his arms over his chest as he walked closer.  “look at you.” looking a lot more presentable. looking great, honestly (all things considered). he paused for a moment, glancing at the flower in his hand before questioning, “what, never smelled a flower before?” there was slight amusement in his eyes as he glanced over at the man. and something seemed off, but he didn’t question it. he never questioned it.

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Re: . habits \\ open .
« Reply #2 on: Today at 10:50:43 PM »
"speech" 'thought' text

tws thoughts of violence, blood, murder, mentions of alcohol, religion, injury, broken bones, blood

Michael had been out for a stroll, well, a limp. His leg was still sore from the shot he'd suffered a month prior, though it was doing much better now. The dark haired man frowned slightly as he neared the scene in front of him. Milky with a flower and Red poking fun at him, not that Mike minded, hell he poked fun at the both of them... did it a lot.

He let his hands slide into his pockets tilting his head to the side slightly as he stopped a few feet from the two, observing them in silence for a full minute before he spoke. "Heya Milkman, stopping to smell the roses?" He inquired affably. He held no animosity towards either, he honestly hadn't formed much of an opinion on either of them, though that would most likely change in the future.

He offered a tight smile to Addy, "Heya Red, how's it going?" Was he trying to incite a negative reaction from Addy? Perhaps, after all, he had to have his fun in some way, and he was trying very hard not to let his temper control him, instead controlling it.
Michael Ford is a 45 year old, man, he's stubbornly loyal to whatever cause he chooses, protective of his family and friends, he's a grunt in the Badlands. Michael has issues controlling his anger in most situations. He is a difficult opponent and well trained, feel free to power play nonviolent interactions though.