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[ i know you so well × joining ]
« on: May 15, 2019, 03:09:20 PM »
// Hi guys! This post is pretty sloppy because the first ones always are for me haha. I'm so excited to be here!

When Kolya opened his eyes, he was immediately greeted with a sharp headache and a spinning world. He groaned as he struggled to sit himself up off the cold ground, his bones protested with their own aching pain and nearly forced him to collapse again.

Those goddamn bastards.

He'd known since the moment he awoke what had happened. He'd been jumped by a few stragglers from his old gang. Leaving peacefully was never an option, and he should've known that. Now all his valuable shit was gone. Feeling pathetic, Kolya rolled onto his hands and knees, crawling over to his torn duffel bag so he could sort through what was missing. When his hand grasped a yellow paperback book, he relaxed greatly. He could've gotten by without most of the things he'd carried, but this was special. It was his English textbook. His only current source to learning the language. He was so close. Kolya set the book inside and began putting back the other remaining items. The only other things they had spared were his clothes. His knives were gone, as was most of his watch collection. He only had one now.

The frozen air made the fresh wounds on his face sting. They'd intended to leave him here to freeze to death. Thank God he was able to stir awake.

Without a mirror, there was no way to check the state of his injuries. He'd attempted to use the zipper of one of his jackets, but his image looked so distorted in the cheap metal that it was impossible to tell. However, given what he could feel, they didn't seem too extreme. A black eye and a nasty bruise on his cheek. The one who'd punched him must've been wearing a ring as well, because he could see smudges of blood when he wiped his face. The sting caused him to pull back.

It wasn't great, but it wasnt anywhere near awful either. Kolya used his bandana to gather a bit of snow for a DIY ice pack. The cold made his jaw ache at first, but it slowly began to numb the pain. He was going to be okay.

With his stuff packed back up again, he took a moment to collect himself before standing. It was a far more difficult task than it seemed, given the fact that he felt like he was in the middle of a merry go round. Kolya grunted with the effort, but managed to slip his duffle bag over his shoulder as he began his journey. There was no particular destination in his mind, but he knew that he had to get out of the cold as quickly as possible.

》》timeskip lolol《《

He'd been walking for what seemed like forever, but in reality had only been less than an hour. The cold had begun to make his entire body ache, and his legs felt as if they weighed 100lbs each. Koyla had emptied out his ice pack awhile ago, given that he was now essentially trapped in one.

His lips had already began to turn blue, and the realization that he didn't have much time left had been creeping up on him more and more. There was no way he'd last a night out here.

Just as he began to lose hope, the slight outline of a lodge caught his eye. It was distant, but almost certainly there. Although a small part of him believed it had to of been some kind of desperate hallucination or mirage, he trudged forward with a newfound confidence.

As he got closer and closer, he began to slow his pace. It was definitely a lodge like he'd suspected, but what if there were hostiles residing there? He had no weapons and not an ounce of strength to fight them off or run away. Not to mention he'd have nowhere else to turn to. As the building got closer and closer, he thought he saw a figure move in the light of the now setting sun. Kolya stopped dead in his tracks. Adrenaline made his heart begin to pound.

"Uhm er, I- Hello?"

His brain hurt too much to form a proper sentence, nevermind in such a complex language. There was no confidence in his tone like usual, only desperation. And he hated it.
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Re: [ i know you so well × joining ]
« Reply #1 on: May 15, 2019, 05:08:07 PM »
brendan i. collins
tag: n/a. words: 414.
the lodge isn’t as friendly as it used to be, however calling it hostile nowadays is a bit of a stretch. Sure, maybe Hayley can be a bit psycho sometimes, but in all honesty she’s probably just trying to defend the lodge; a crap ton has happened to it recently, so it makes sense as to why. Plus, there are kiddos and babies here, having them live in a world where it can easily become "kill or be killed" isn’t exactly ideal. So...yeah, the lodge is protective at times. Especially after the most recent raid—Brendan would be surprised if there aren’t any new rules coming up soon. Needless to say, a lot of people got hurt during the event, Brendan included.

Even though he’s fourteen, he’s pretty darn keen on saying that he’s a fighter. Maybe not as good as he could be, but still pretty skilled all the same. Considering the fact that he isn’t dead after that mess of a raid, it’s easy to assume that yeah, he can handle himself just fine, even if there’s a bunch of fricken bruises scattered around his face. The fact that he’s alive, though, is enough to boost his ego; the fact that he’s obviously injured is enough to lower it down. A lot. He fricken despises being the weak kid, the one who can’t defend himself. It makes his stomach twist and turn at just how awfully small he seems at times, how he just can’t get through a single fight without getting fricken pummeled. Yeah, he’s only ever fought adults, but it’s just...ugh.

at least the kids are safe, his mind tells him and, even though there’s a chance they’re traumatized, he can finally relax his shoulders at that thought—yeah.

Of course, after that battle, it’s safe to say that the lodge isn’t exactly so fond of random strangers just...waltzing around their territory like they own the place. Well, maybe only Brendan so far, but he’s convinced that someone else has to be uncomfortable with it, too. It’s only natural. So, upon seeing the random person he doesn’t know wandering towards the lodge, Brendan moves in his direction, steps brisk and curt as he stuffs his staff under his armpit. It goes without saying that the kid looks messed up with his bruises and broken lips and nose, but the scowl on his features doesn’t help, either.

"who are you?" he growls, attempting to sound as authoritative as a fourteen-year-old boy can muster.
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Re: [ i know you so well × joining ]
« Reply #2 on: May 16, 2019, 08:17:24 PM »
//so short n rushed i'm sorry aughh

Kolya watched in anticipation as the silhouette of the mysterious person become more and more detailed. The one who approached him was quite young, but it wasn't that shocking. Where he'd been, it wasn't unusual to see young children taking on heavy roles. In these times, everyone had to apply themselves.

Who are you?

The stern question settled into his brain, and he silently considered it. Even though he was on the verge of hypothermia, a small part of his mind still wanted to play on the defensive. It took a lot to swallow down the urge to give up a fake identity. Instead, the man sighed harshly with effort as he flashed his palms up, signaling he wasn't carrying anything as an immediate threat.

"Nikolai Pavlovsky. Kolya, if you well." His voice was shaking from the cold and the pain, but he sputtered them out as best as he could. He let his answer hang there for a moment, before he quickly predicted what the next question might've been. "I'm no harm. I was robbed and beaten. They left me here. I just need someplace to stay for awhile." Kolya knew his words were muddled by his accent, but it was as clear as he could make it at the time.

"They took nearly everything. You can check my bag, if you don't believe me. Please, I've been out here a long time."

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Re: [ i know you so well × joining ]
« Reply #3 on: May 17, 2019, 05:36:29 PM »

it wasn’t the best time to come looking to join flintlock. that much felt obvious amongst the group, without ever really speaking it out loud. there was no doubt that after the shootout, after all the violence, gore, and death, there would be a lot of caution when handling newcomers to the territory. it seemed like brendan was definitely showing the truth in that statement.

at least, that was what it seemed like as he sat on the steps of the lodge, watching as brendan stalked over towards the man who was stepping closer to the lodge. i mean, he was on edge, too, but he wouldn’t have had the guts to just walk up to the guy. guess brendan had more courage than he ever would. like that even needed to be voiced.

standing up, he waited for a moment before he began to walk closer towards the duo, enough to listen to the man speak. nikolai pavlovsky.. kolya… all his words covered in a thick accent. as much as he wanted to be cautious - in a way, he still was, just not overly so - he cleared his throat before quietly speaking, ”i’m harrison. we- have a medic, and they can help you if you want.” a glance at the man’s shaking frame before adding, “and some warm clothes if you need them."


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Re: [ i know you so well × joining ]
« Reply #4 on: May 17, 2019, 10:46:33 PM »
maybe, just maybe, hayley was on the alert. but in her defense, she had a right to be. men had marched up her goddamn mountain, shot at her people, and endangered her children. maybe she wasn't sleeping a whole lot, maybe she was pacing all night, maybe she couldn't rest until she knew every last one of those fuckers was six feet in the ground. but, generally speaking, if you hadn't been one of the people on her shit list, you were fine. life was swell and dandy and i could continue to be as such until someone fucked something up, and then you ought to run and hide under the farest rock you could find.

she was visibly tired as she approached, but surprisingly alert at the same time. she wasn't sleeping much, but she got enough rest to be on her game, no more, no less. shotgun slung over her shoulder, coat hanging over her frame, unzipped and revealing her expectant abdomen beneath the shirt. she looked further along than she actually was, considering the amount of children crammed in there, but she was doing fine. when they were born, that would be a shit show; she was enjoying the relative peace she had for now.

she caught the man's appeal, features calm, reserved as she stopped beside the men, looking kolya over, judging him with a critical eye, trying to decide how much of a threat he was. not much, she decided in the end, so she nodded instead. ❝all we ask is you do your fair share.❞ she agreed, nodding slowly before stepping forward, offering the man her hand to shake. ❝hayley, i'm in charge around here. you know how to fight, kolya?❞ she inquired, a brow arching, wanting to figure out early on how useful he'd be in the coming weeks, with the apparent shit show their lives had become.
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Re: [ i know you so well × joining ]
« Reply #5 on: May 20, 2019, 12:43:18 AM »
"speech" 'thought' text
tw mentions of alcohol, death, and violence

Miles had not been here for the majority of the conversation, in fact he only arrived for Hayley's last words, which were asking the man if he could fight, from her words he gathered that the man's name was Kolya, though that was about it, and so, he remained silent, Cassie sitting calmly beside him observing the situation with an objective eye, if a puppy could be objective.

The man remained silent, his arms folded across his chest, not for intimidation purposes, but because he was actually relatively cold, and didn't want to admit it. It wasn't that he wasn't keen on showing his emotions it was that he didn't want to admit that there was a possibility he was becoming sick. And so, he ignored the obvious signs, and instead, plugged on in life, who needed health?

Miles wasn't that stupid, but he also knew that a lot of shit had to be done, and if he was holed up in his room with Mickey, as enjoyable as that sounded, that shit wouldn't happen... maybe he'd ask Mickey for a remedy for a cold... or a way to prevent it, but he didn't want to bring his... well, whatever label he and Mickey were. They weren't dating, but they were more than friends, at least Miles thought they were. Honestly it was a tricky situation between the two.
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Re: [ i know you so well × joining ]
« Reply #6 on: May 20, 2019, 08:36:12 PM »
tw. injuries

Edmund had been inside once he heard an unfamiliar voice call. Usually, he would've been quick to find his way out of the Lodge's doors, rifle in hand, to make sure that the Lodge would be safe from any intruder. He'd made the mistake once of not being prepared to fight when the recent shooting had broken out, and he wasn't willing to ever make the same mistake again. But, for now, he was in the process of recovering, not only from his long trip with Michael, but also from the fact he'd been beaten bloody and blue.

He had insisted he was all right - he preferred to conceal the pain, conceal the hurt and the stress of being in agony. After all, to him it signaled weakness, something which his pride would never allow him to present to anybody. But, several people here knew him well enough; they knew when he grit his teeth it was because otherwise he'd be gasping in pain. Slow hobbles instead of his confident saunter told people that he needed some rest time. And, not to get started on his broken nose - luckily it was only swollen and not entirely out of place.

He'd been sitting in the living room, baby Charlotte asleep peacefully on his chest as he too rested his eyes shut. After all, everything hurt a lot less when he was asleep. However, before his mind could slip away into his slumber, eyes fluttered open at the very sound of a stranger. Ed's heart leaped in his throat for a moment; had the Bonifacios returned? Eddie wasn't in the right condition to fight back, so he seriously hoped that it wasn't them. But, growing silent, he listened. Others had begun to approach, only leaving a curious Edmund to stand up, grunting gently at the pain that coursed through his body, before wandering over to the front door. He clicked the door open and peeked his head out to silently watch over, a sleeping baby hidden out of sight from the way he stood, face stoic whilst he listened in.

Spoiler: tags :: updated 05/10 • show
⋟ edmund theodore stirling-moray // ed, eddie, moray
⋟ goes by the name edmund moray
⋟ male // he/him
⋟ twenty three // ages real time // born seventh august
⋟ member of flintlock lodge // formerly a traveler with his family
⋟ product of an organized crime family, his father the mafia godfather
⋟ joined FL two years ago

faceclaim - finn cole
voice claim - finn cole (tw in video. blood & violence)
⋟ 5'9ft // stocky, well-built frame
⋟ muted blue eyes and dirty blonde hair
⋟ physical health - 100% // current injuries: none
⋟ mental health - 100% // N/A

⋟ quiet in nature but confident in himself
⋟ completely fearless, almost foolishly so
⋟ insensitive and callous // cares for very few
⋟ very calm and calculative // always planning in his head
⋟ disciplined and practices good self-control
⋟ very flirtatious and persuasive // overly lustful
⋟ aloof and untrustworthy // jealous and deceitful
⋟ tactful and knows how to get what he wants
⋟ can be very nasty when he wants to be
⋟ but can also be very protective and faithful too
⋟ has a strong set of morals // has the quality of honor

⋟ alfred stirling x leonora moray // both deceased
⋟ three older brothers // alfonso, dominik & franklin
⋟ the fifth stirling-moray brother, thomas, died years ago
⋟ two younger half-siblings // henry & ida
⋟ bisexual but he stays silent about homosexual activity
⋟ crushing on blake // is considering proposing
⋟ father of thomas moray and charlotte moray
⋟ owns a dog, angus

storage // plot
⋟ physically: very hard // mentally: hard
⋟ father taught him how to kill at a young age
⋟ insensitive towards injuring or killing others // will do so without hesitation
⋟ very abrupt with newcomers but also willing to help them
⋟ often found guarding the lodge with a rifle

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Re: [ i know you so well × joining ]
« Reply #7 on: May 20, 2019, 10:29:15 PM »
Kolya tensed up visibly when he saw the three others approaching, though relaxed when Harrison spoke. These guys didn't seem too bad.

"Thank you. I'll be okay, just need to rest for a bit."

Stubbornness and a slight sense of shame made him refuse the medic request at first, though it was clear he may need to take the offer up soon. His brain ached, but he forced a confirming smile. At the very least he needed a long nap.

The girl brought with her a sense of authority, so it wasn't a surprise when she introduced herself as the leader. Kolya shook her hand firmly and nodded along to her words. He hadn't really considered staying here long term, but the more he tossed the idea around the more it made sense. Where the hell else would he go? It sure as hell beat staying out in the open alone.

You know how to fight, Kolya?

Her question made him chuckle a bit, even though the irony of it was at his expense. As beat to hell as he seemed, he was definitely a decent fighter. Four armed men against one unarmed one taken by surprise wasn't fair by any means. At least he defended himself enough to make it out alive.

"I would say so, yes. Though it may not seem that way now."

Kolya's words were bitter. His pride was damaged, and it was going to take awhile to rebuild.

It was at this time the overall tension in the air became noticeable. Maybe he'd just been unknowingly ignoring it, but finally the heaviness of it kicked in. Something must've happened. It would be foolish to call it out though. He supposed he'd find out soon enough anyways.

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Re: [ i know you so well × joining ]
« Reply #8 on: May 21, 2019, 02:06:29 PM »
his hand met hers, her own gripping firmly as she shook it, emotionless eyes meeting his. or, rather, not devoid of emotion; simply guarding it. everything about the woman was guarded, from her eyes and her features, to the way her hand automatically lingered near the shotgun. he shouldn't take it personally though, anyone who knew her understood she wasn't someone who trusted easily. she held her own half-brother at arms length, she locked every door she shut, she slept with a gun beneath her pillow. it'd kept her alive thus far; it'd kept them all alive.

❝good,❞ she mumbled in response to his words, head moving in a quick, easy nod, ❝why don't you come inside, get out of this cold.❞ she mumbled, nodding over her shoulder towards the lodge and releasing his hand, but not turning to go inside, not until he did. she'd stay behind him, wary after the recent attack, though she was mindful to keep as much off of her features, only tucking her hands inside of her pockets and glancing at edmund in the doorway.
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Re: [ i know you so well × joining ]
« Reply #9 on: May 21, 2019, 04:19:20 PM »

—watching the other man relax had made harrison’s own tense shoulders slowly relax. a smile. harrison slowly looked over the newcomer. what a terrible thing to happen. he didn’t look like he was in too good of shape-- and the poor guy looked exhausted… still, harrison was finding it hard to be completely at ease. after everything that had happened, he didn’t know how anyone else possibly could feel relaxed letting just anyone into the lodge.

still, hayley had always been the sensible one- and harrison wouldn’t even argue with her as she slowly but surely offering him a place to stay after a few questions. while the leader had stayed back, waiting for kolya to go through the lodge before following, the blonde slowly made his way to the door, holding it open for the newcomer. “how long have you been wandering around in this shape?” he asked softly- and, as much as he wanted to stay completely detached to this newcomer, he wanted to at least get to know the man before making a complete judgement on his character.