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[ nothing else matters ┊ 'treasure hunt' , open. ]
« on: May 15, 2019, 05:44:37 PM »
— "All right, demon kids, gather up." Silas' voice was loud yet seemingly disinterested as he called everyone over. He concentrated on a small scrap of paper in his hands, eyes low as he scanned the page. After all, this was a matter of utmost importance. If nobody could figure this one out, then Silas was utterly doomed. If curiosity killed the cat, then many felines would've spent their nine lives for Silas' puzzlement towards the tiny scrap of paper that'd been given to him on his birthday. Coordinates. Fuckin' hell - Silas could barely follow a map let alone coordinates. He was totally stumped, yet a part of him was desperate to figure out what the hell this would lead him to.

As a small crowd gathered, Silas squinted his eyes as his dark gaze wandered across the group, and then he held up the piece of paper as if it were holy. "We are close... So fuckin' damn close to this lil fucker." He pointed out, shaking the paper in the air before pushing it into somebody's hands for them to pass around the group. "Now read it carefully, friends. Daddy needs whatever is hidden here. Whoever finds it wins a big juicy surprise so don't let me down. I want to see you all search in small groups,  keep your weapons on you at all times in case of an ambush, and let me know if you find anything of use to us." Words were as conceited as usual, but what were people expecting from Silas? 

"Nice. So, whenever you peoples are ready, lets find this fuckin' thing."

[ last month at silas' birthday party, he was given coordinates to one of his gifts. in a box hides a pearl-handled revolver with twenty bullets, all engraved with silas' name on. feel free for your characters to pair up in search for it and potentially even be the one to find the damn thing teehee ]

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