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here's where i'm putting miscellaneous character stuff (old forms, character gifs, etc.)
don't post please :-)
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ALPHONSE PHILIPPE SALOMON — and when the seasons change / will you stand by me / cause i'm a young man built to fall

— people who don't know him enough he has call him alphonse, but people he's close to can call him al.
— currently 31; his age can range from 30 to 40.
— al identifies as a cisgender male, and uses he/him pronouns.
— he was born in paris, france, to christophe and madeleine salomon.
— born november 18th, making him a scorpio.
— al is gay and identifies as such.

— trigger warning: he has clinically diagnosed severe depression. he began to show symptoms after the death of his husband, aaron. he tried to take his life once almost a month after the incident, and he blames himself for his husband's demise. he takes medication for it, but he forgets to very often.
— he smokes cigarettes often, and goes through a pack every week.
— al's diet is basically cigarettes, muffins, black coffee, wine, ramen, and apples. he's probably going to end up dying earlier than he's supposed to.
— al is allergic to bees, and is in fact terrified of them.
— alphonse is very near sighted, and he must wear glasses to combat that. though, he often loses or breaks them somehow. he refuses to wear contacts.
— he was diagnosed with insomnia when he was 20. he doesn't mind having insomnia, in all actuality. he too has pills for that, but he forgets to take them.
— since alphonse was given his husband's organs when he died, he must take medication so that his body doesn't reject the organs.

— his eyes are either blue, green or grey depending on the external light surrounding him.
— al's hair is a very messy dark brown curly mop that sits on his head. he gets it trimmed sometimes, but he doesn't really long for it to be short. once, he had it short, and he hated it. he makes sure his beard is a bit trimmed though.
— he wears a lot of flannels and dark grey or bluegrey t-shirts. he wears this one pair of doc marten boots that he's kept for about 2 years, and they're still sturdy. he also wears jeans regularly, and when he's home he's usually either in some grey sweatpants or just his underwear.
— al stands at six feet one inch; 6'1.
— he has some scars on his left side and abdomen from surgeries and the car crash that killed his husband aaron.
— al is of french descent.

— lonely, sad, depressed, irritable, bitter, angry, careless, stubborn, occasionally asocial, introverted, arrogant
— kind, caring, loyal, protective, dad-like, mature, quiet, knowledgable, smart, independent, gentle, admirable
— alphonse can sometimes come off as aloof and mean. mainly just because of how shy he can be sometimes, along with how he acts. this can be seen by some people as extremely negative. this also leads people to think that he's full of himself.
— when it comes to things such as writing, english, and literature, al is very smart and knowledgeable in both categories. since all that he does is read and write and drink coffee, his brain is wired to remember and catch the smallest detail with reading.
— he can be very protective sometimes, almost to the point of possessiveness. but it isn't a bad type of possessive, it's more of a "i'm worried about you and it worries me that you're doing this thing" type of stuff.
— the reason he acts that way is because he blames himself for his husband aaron's death. he's worried that if he's not protective of his significant other or someone close to him, something bad could happen.
— trigger warning: alphonse is actually scared of a lot of things, almost irrationally. he's scared of open water, snakes, spiders, centipedes, ghosts, fireworks, loud noises, and drowning.

— alphonse was born in paris, france.
— when he was 20, he moved to the united states by himself and lived in michigan.
— at the age of 21, he began his journalism career. through that, he met his future husband, aaron, and began dating him.
— as a gifted writer, he began doing articles on controversial and secretive areas of the world.
— at 26, when he was about to expose a sex trafficking ring, he and his husband aaron got into a car accident that was orchestrated by the headmasters of the trafficking ring. this caused aaron's death and al to get his organs via transplant.
— trigger warning: he tried to kill himself a month after the car accident out of guilt, but luckily his co-editor found him and got him to the hospital.
— alphonse tossed in his journalism towel after that, and moved to oregon and has lived there since then. he tossed away all his previous relationships and friendships, and has started a 'new life' there. he writes obituaries for the local newspaper and writes his own poetry and short novellas.

— al is an amateur writer/poet. he keeps many notebooks and journals, and writes very very much.
— al is rather poor. his apartment is pretty big, but not huge. unfortunately, it's very messy, being filled with books and journals. sometimes, he will sleep on the couch because he was working late. that, or his bed is filled with books and he doesn't want to move them.
— al's sleeping schedule is not good at all. he has slept in until 6pm some days and then slept from 8am until 4pm the next day.
— sometimes al just has poor social skills and is mean. he can't help it sometimes he's just an asshole.
— he loves rain a lot because it calms him. he likes to sit near the windows of his apartment and write.
— he's rather stressed pretty often for no particular reason.
— sorta bitter about everything but it's kind of that old man bitterness.
— his hair is always messy.
— fall is his favorite season. he sort of has a thing for cool rainy days and leaves falling off trees. plus, he loves all the brown colors of fall.
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- diego luna
- david giuntoli
- christian slater
- heath ledger
- emily browning
- milla jovovich
- kiera knightley
- steven strait
- aidan turner
- daniel craig
- robert sean leonard
- ezra miller
- oscar issacs
- kristen stewart
- kyle chandler
- antony starr
- audrey hepburn
- crywolf
- g-eazy
- dj cotrona
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Re:  & , how brittle the bones — character dump .
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MICHAEL LEVITTgreat bird of prey

— michael levitt, often known as mr. levitt.
— cisgender male, he/him pronouns
— november 3rd, making him a scorpio.
— he is fourty three years old; 43.
— born and raised in echo point, oregon.
— he is heterosexual heteroromantic.
— six feet tall; 6'0
— wears funky bright primary colored socks
— rather curious and nice
— oddly has a sense of things happening out of his sight, like eyes in the back of his head
— narcoleptic
— stays too late grading papers
— struggling in his teaching classes at college
— fantastic secret keeper
— "the cool teacher"
— sometimes late for class
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Spoiler: joel gifs (10) • show

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Re:  & , how brittle the bones — character dump .
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a shitty bio for joel i should redo sometime...


JOEL HARTWOODwhat caused the wound / how large the teeth / i saw new eyes / were watching me

— his name is joel. he is also known as the first alpha, or the progenitor wolf.
— joel is a cisgender male and uses he/him pronouns.
— his birthday is november 17th, making him a scorpio.
— physically joel is about 40 but really, he is about 365 years old.
— he was born in salem, massachusetts.
— joel is demisexual demiromantic and identifies as such.

— joel is the very first werewolf to ever be had. a witch cursed him when he was 40 years old during the salem witch trials when he fell in love with a witch but then became her plaything. ever since then, he's been on the run from hunters.
— he has chronic depression from all the years of not only living in solitude, but because of all the people that he's killed.
— as he is the first werewolf to ever be had, joel has the ability to turn into a werewolf whenever he wants, as well as when he is extremely angry.

— joel has dark brown eyes as a human, and bright orange eyes as a wolf.
— through all the years, joel has trimmed his hair himself and has never let it get longer than about his shoulders. it's shaggy and disheveled hair, but sometimes cuts it so that it can be short.
— he has dark brown hair.
— joel is built like a tank as a human from years of conditioning and weightlifting. he has very broad shoulders, thick biceps, a bulging chest, and powerful legs.
— his wolf form is a massive black wolf. it weighs in at almost a thousand pounds and has glowing orange eyes.
— he is six feet four inches tall; 6'4.
— the great wolf possesses a variety of scars all over his body from being hunter. he even has one across his throat where a powerful witch tried to slit his throat to use his blood in a ritual.
— sometimes, when joel is angry or getting irritated, if you look close enough you can see that he grows fangs and claws.
— joel is of english descent.

— honorable, kind, loyal, quiet, peaceful, patient, gentle, witty
— violent, angry, uncontrollable, fleeting, snappy, cranky, mean
— joel is very good at not getting attached to people. he can be there one day and be gone the next.
— he's very wolfish. this is characterized by the way he moves, talks, thinks, and even has sex. he can be very brutal and animalistic, and sometimes he even makes wolf noises when he has sex.
— joel growls. a lot.
— he is a firm top.

— history

— any other headcanons
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Re:  & , how brittle the bones — character dump .
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a bio for simon to reference

TRISTIAN SIMON GRAHAMcause i'm on fire / like a thousand suns / i couldn't put it out / even if i wanted to

— his first name is tristian, but he hates being called tristian. he goes by simon, introduces himself as simon, and corrects people to simon.
— simon is a cisgender male and uses he/him pronouns.
— he is a hellhound.
— born march 31st, making him an aries.
— canonically he is 26, but his age can range from 24 to 28.
— simon was born in los angeles to marcus and julia graham.
— he is gay and identifies as such. however, it's hard for him to get attracted to people enough, so he classifies as demisexual.

— simon has some serious anger problems. it's mainly because he is a hellhound, but he is constantly irritated, annoyed, angry, or uneasy for some reason.
— he is deathly allergic to holy water. it will burn his skin like acid. it will also cause the hellhound part of him to surface. if he ingests large doses of it he will die.
— simon is a nyctophiliac. he enjoys night time very much.
— he must eat human hearts consistently so that he can live or else his body will dessicate. so in a way, simon could be starved into a point of desiccation but then be revived by giving him a heart to eat.
— his abilities are useless when he gets wet or when he's outside when it rains. if he gets wet, he can't use his fire powers, nor turn into a hellhound.

— simon has black eyes. however, he can turn his eyes orange or they will turn orange against his will when he's angry enough.
— he shaves the sides of his hair and lets the top grow. then he styles it however he wants.
— when one looks at simon shirtless, they would think that he's some emaciated skeleton of a human. he's grossly thin at times. yet, he doesn't really care how his body looks.
— simon stands at five feet, ten inches; 5'10.
— he has many scars on his abdomen and near his heart; he was stabbed to death when he was 23.
— simon is of egyptian descent.

— loyal to those he likes, strong, powerful, intelligent, determined, protective,
— hot headed, impatient, angry, mean, blunt, devious, hateful, murderous, irritable, lonely
— simon is not a good guy by any means. simon is the type of person where he will 10/10 backstab you if he doesn't like you. he is also a demon, so he has no remorse in killing anyone.
— inside, simon thinks that he's an apex predator. this means that he thinks everyone else who is not a hellhound like him, or even some that are, are not as powerful as him.

— simon was born in los angeles to marcus and julia graham. he was raised as a poor boy, not having much money or income from both of them.
— after simon was born, marcus, his father, left them. his mentally unstable mother had to raise simon.
— though he grew up and was aware of things to be careful with around her like loud noises and hanging out with people that she didn't know, so he was relatively reserved and quiet as a kid.
— he was a straight a student in high school and was on the honor roll. he battled things such as depression and anxiety without medication, and graduated basically on his own while taking care of his mom. he was his own person.
— when he started attending college, he was walking home from the library one night after he'd gotten his mom's medication for her depression when he was mugged. the person tried to take his pills but he didn't allow it, and he was stabbed 9 times and left to die in an alleyway.
— after he died, he woke up in hell, and was turned into a hellhound. his body was horribly burned to complete his transformation. 12 hours later, he broke out of his grave and clawed his way out of the dirt, hungry and feral. he needed to eat a heart.
— arriving home, he'd found that his mother had just committed suicide. unable to hold his hunger back, simon ate her heart, making hers his first, and certainly not his last.
— now, he wanders the streets. hunting. feeding.

— simon is a hellhound. in turn, his powers that come with being a hellhound include pyrokinesis, enhanced speed and strength, enhanced senses, enhanced healing, growth of fangs and claws, and pain-taking. in all cases when simon is healing someone or himself, dark smoke curls off the skin where the wound is, as heat is generated. to others, a hot feeling floods the area being healed. as he has hellfire inside him, he can close his own wounds by simply burning the skin back together. his pain taking abilities are alike of someone in teen wolf, though when he takes someone's pain his veins turn a bright orange color instead of black, like in this picture. he is limited to how much pain he can take from someone before he starts seriously hurting himself.
— he can transform into a full hellhound, only when he is very angry or about to die. it looks like this.
— simon smells like ashes.
— when he's angry enough, he can grow fangs and claws.
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Re:  & , how brittle the bones — character dump .
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to be fixed: reworked into atticus' universe as an antagonist

HENRY JONATHAN BROOKSand i've had too many nightmares / to get lost in my dreams anymore

— his name is henry, and you can call him henry.
— henry is a cisgender male and uses he/him pronouns.
— was born april 18th; making him an aries.
— he's 37 years old, but can vary from 30 to 40 depending on the thread.
— was born in santiago, kansas.
— henry is gay and identifies as such.

— henry suffers from mild alcoholism. this is due to the fact that he uses it as a means of coping with troubles in his life. he unfortunately has nights or times where he slips completely under and drinks all of his pain and sadness away and then feels awful about it in the morning. though, this doesn't happen often. inside, he knows that he should go to an aa meeting or something or see some sort of counselor for this problem, but he's too lazy to and can't afford it.
— started showing symptoms of insomnia around the age of 18. since then, he's had to take sleeping pills so that he can sleep properly. there have been times where he's run out of them and his sleep schedule has been all out of whack and he ends up cranky, but he often manages to refill his medication before something like this happens. though, sometimes he uses that opportunity of staying up late so that he can watch the sunrise.
— at the rate that henry works, he's going to have arthritis later in his life. all the strenuous work on his body and bones is going to wear him out.
— henry is allergic to peanuts. he will go into anaphylactic shock if he ingests any peanut/peanut product.
— in his past, he had to be on antidepressants because he would just suddenly have episodes of extreme depression. sometimes as an adult they spike up again, mainly due to his drinking. he doesn't let anyone know about that time in his life unless they're very close to him.

— his eyes are a soft hazel, but they can either look blue or green sometimes if the lighting is just right.
— luscious long brown hair that he slicks back. after a shower his hair is quite messed up and he has to put a lot of stuff in it so it'll stay back and not a mess.
— pretty muscular; henry goes to the gym almost daily and works out just so he can feel healthy and fit. his body type would be described as mesomorphic and bulky.
— stands at a tall 6'2, though often slouches and in a relaxed state so he may not actually seem that tall.
— henry is of southern descent.
— his wardrobe choice would be described as rather simple and comfy. he doesn't really wear anything super fancy (mainly because he can't afford it) or flashy. he can normally be seen around in an old grey champion sweatshirt (it's really old someone please tell him to throw it away) and some jeans and boots. when he's around the house, he's normally barefoot with pajama pants and a t-shirt on.

— loyal, kind, caring, sweet, charming, protective, open minded, compassionate, gentle, soft
— slight alcoholic, reserved, quiet, insecure, irrational at times, angry, lonely
— if henry isn't the biggest sweetheart you've ever seen. this man is kind and charming to nearly every person he encounters, and since his smile is adorable, that adds to it. henry has a sort of southern charm that he constantly emulates to those around him, which almost seems like constant flirting.
— henry though is quite insecure and reserved at times. there are times when henry's alone that when things get quiet, he starts to get uncomfortable. silence isn't exactly one of henry's favorite things, and he tries to fill it with music or some sort of noise. he's pretty quiet when meeting new people, but he tries to be kind and open and honest with people.
— he doesn't feel very good about himself and doesn't have much self confidence, at least much that can be seen as out of the ordinary. he has a little bit of a problem with the size of his nose, but its nothing out of the ordinary to be ashamed of.
— when henry is drunk, he is quite easy to either anger or make incredibly sad. his libido often soars through the roof as well and he gets very needy and touchy feely.
— henry cries when he's angry. it's like a hot, bubbling anger whenever he's angry and the tears just come with it. he hates getting angry because generally it means that he's going to end up looking and feeling like shit.
— when henry falls in love with someone, it's unconditional and it's written all over his face. he showers the person he loves with affection, both physically and verbally. he's one to kiss all over someone's body and whisper in their ear that he thinks they're beautiful. he's very touchy feely and likes physical touch, especially cuddling and hugging.

— born and raised on a farm in santiago, kansas.
— took care of the farm animals and did a lot of the work that his father did when he was growing up. he didn't very much like going to school, but he went anyway just because he knew he'd end up stupid if he didn't go.
— he had a huge party when he graduated from high school, and quite a few of his friends came. he was sort of the popular without being popular type of guy in high school.
— from then on henry didn't go to college. he stayed at his family's farm and worked, sometimes keeping day jobs working at the local mechanic's shop.
— when he was about 30, he moved away from home. his father and mother had passed, and he'd sold the farm to a family from minnesota longing for an escape from the city. he keeps in contact with them to this day.
— now, henry lives in wyoming, keeping a job as a logger/contractor. he lives in a rather small house on his own.

— he used to have his hair quite short and his beard trimmed, but he's found that no beard and short hair don't really work for his facial structure so he's let both grow out.
— when henry is drunk, he is quite easy to either anger or make incredibly sad. his libido often soars through the roof as well and he gets very needy and touchy feely.
— when henry is hungover, he is very quiet and very sad. everything hurts and he doesn't want to talk to anyone around him. he just wants to take pain medication and sleep off all the uncomfortableness from the previous night's endeavors.
— henry has a southern accent.
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Re:  & , how brittle the bones — character dump .
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to be fixed: reworked and updated to current universe

ATTICUS DONOVAN LILLENGARDyou cut it away and you filled me up with hate / into the silence you sent me / into the fire consumed

— you can call him atticus or atti. sometimes, if he puts up with it and you're in a relationship with him, you can call him puppy. he likes being called puppy by his s/o.
— atticus is a cisgender male, and uses he/him pronouns.
— born june 17th; making him a gemini.
— he's 24 in his canon verse, but his age varies from 22 to 26.
— he was born in belmont, new mexico.
— he was born to james and elizabeth lillengard, both pureblood werewolves.
— atticus is a pureblood werewolf.
— atticus is gay. he's never liked girls.

— atticus suffers greatly from complex post traumatic stress disorder. he acquired it as a result of his father abusing him repeatedly by raking his claws down atticus' bare back and chest until he would almost pass out from blood loss. this all happened when atticus was still human, so he had no means of supernatural healing. atticus occasionally has episodes where he will suddenly flashback to when his father would do these awful things to him, as well as persistent timespans of deep depression and feelings of hopelessness and uselessness.
— when atticus transforms into a werewolf and subsequently back again, it takes a heavy toll on his psyche. before the full moons, he will be incredibly anxious and quiet. after the full moon, atticus goes through a period of muteness where he does not talk.
— he suffers from nightmare disorder as a result of his c-ptsd. these nightmares to atticus are frequently about his father and the abuse that he endured throughout his teen years in addition to torment from the wolf side of him.
— as per usual with any werewolf, atticus is deathly allergic to high doses of silver, and wolfsbane burns his skin like acid.

— atticus has deep brown eyes. however, on the day of the full moon, his eyes will glow a dull golden. his wolf eyes are golden as well. also, whenever atticus gets angry or upset, his eyes will turn gold.
— atticus doesn't really take care of his hair or any body/facial hair in any way, because once a month it grows to be incredibly long and he has to cut it then. he lets his body hair grow, and he only trims his beard and hair on his head.
— his true hair color is dirty blonde, however he dyes it brown.
— he is relatively thin and lean. though, he likes to keep his body toned and fit. since atticus is generally on the run from werewolf hunters, it isn't hard for him to keep his body that way.
— atticus stands at a relatively average height of five feet ten; 5'10.
— he has many scars all around his body, especially on his chest and back. this is from all the abuse he suffered from his father when he was a human and in his teen years. he has a scar near his right eye because when his father came after him once and caught his eye. he also has a huge bite mark shoulder on his left shoulder from where his father mangled his shoulder when he turned him.
— atticus is of norwegian and swedish descent.

—  cold, a bit intimidating, lonely, apathetic at times, fleeting, treacherous, sneaky, blunt, callous
— kind, alert, realistic, loyal, mature, merciful, nice
— very good at reading people
— has a very bad habit of talking to himself inside his own head, often leading to him being quiet.
— very untrusting of other people.
— atticus keeps people at an arm's distance because he thinks that he's protecting them from himself and all the death that has followed people that have gotten close to him.
— has started to pick up drinking.

— born and raised in the outskirts of belmont, new mexico.
trigger warning: when he was 14, his father began abusing him whenever he disobeyed by clawing his back and chest, places where he couldn't show people.
— when he was 17, he met a werewolf boy named michael that he quickly grew close to. this was when atticus realized he was gay. then, he watched michael turn into a werewolf after he was bitten by his father, and atticus watched helplessly and became traumatized and terrified of werewolves.
— on his 18th birthday, his father dragged him to the family cellar and transformed into a werewolf before biting him, turning him into a werewolf and activating his werewolf genes.
— atticus then ran away from his family and michael, whom he'd been seeing in secret. he didn't tell michael.
— for the next 6 years, atticus ran from not only werewolf hunters, but from his father who was hunting him as well.
— now, at the age of 24, he killed his father when he finally caught up to him. since then, he's become a closed off, hollow, angry, and cold werewolf.

this is what atticus looks like as a werewolf.
— if he gets worked up enough, atticus can half shift. this is what it looks like when he does. when he half shifts his strength is dramatically increased as well as his speed.
— he likes to relax at coffee shops as it reminds him of his youth.
— he wanted to be a writer when he grew up.
— he keeps a million journals.
— inside, atticus would love to have a son. but then again, he doubts himself as he doesn't think that he can take care of himself, let alone a child.
— atticus' wolf form is fueled by his needs as a human. for example, it will seek out and kill someone he hates.
— hates huge cities. usually settles in small towns.
— sometimes hunts criminals and kills and eats them. he thinks that he's at least doing some good.
— atticus has given into his wolf's urges and impulses as a human, and it has had some bloody and horrible consequences.
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Re:  & , how brittle the bones — character dump .
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Re:  & , how brittle the bones — character dump .
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— full name + name origin and meaning
— nicknames
— gender
— birthday / zodiac
— birthplace
— sexuality

— habits
— quirks
— disorders
— allergies

— eyes
— hair color / style
— skin color
— build
— height
— scars
— heritage

— personality traits
— moral alignment
— personality headcanons

— history [+ trigger warnings]

— headcanons
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