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C  A  T  A  L  Y  S  T
//tw for death, violence, torture, gore, explosions, etc in this thread

This couldn't come soon enough, in Cat's book. The guilt was eating them alive, how this had waited so long and Creed was just left to rot in the Insurrection. Maybe they had already killed her. No, they couldn't think like that. They had to believe that she was still alive, and that they weren't too late. And if she was dead... well, it's not like they were doing this alone or hadn't brought a goddamn army. If Creed was dead, they'd blow the Insurrection to hell and call it a day.

Maybe they'd do that anyway, actually. It was pretty tempting.

They'd worked out the final details with Addy and Mike, then it was time to implement it. They'd rounded up a group of Badlanders, collected the bodies of the teen bombers from earlier in the month, the prisoner that had shot them, and then set out. A group of worms were bringing the bodies a ways behind the group (they'd lugged Derick's body more than enough to never want to smell another corpse again, let alone several that were that far along in decomposition). The worms were doing this both out of promise of promotion to Grunt as well as threats of harm.

Fortunately the trip to the outskirts of the Insurrection didn't take too long, but they couldn't just plow right on in. There was recon first, planting of the bombs that would hopefully be good enough insurance to keep them alive. Then the extraction team had to get into position while Cat, Michael, the worms got ready to reveal themselves.

Then it was go time. The worms went forward with the rotten, partially mutilated bodies first, followed by Cat with Kelly in front of them, a knife to his throat. "Before anyone so stupid they barely count as sentient gets any ideas, you might wanna hear my little warning." They should probably be more afraid, but they weren't. Failure wasn't an option, and why should they fear success?

Meanwhile, the extraction team was sneaking in a different way, being as stealthy on the approach as possible so as not to risk anything happening to Creed if the alarm was raised.

//ok so this is really bad but if anyone wants to get involved but doesn't know how, just pop into the Badlands or Insurrection discord!

Spoiler: IF YOU DONT KNOW NOW YOU KNOW && INFO && 05/31/19 • show
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RECENT EVENTS   done my time and served my sentence
⇥ 05/31/39 ⇥ Went on a mission to rescue Creed from the Insurrection
⇥ 05/26/39 ⇥ Reunited with their father
⇥ 05/26/39 ⇥ Cat returned to the Badlands
⇥ 05/17/39 ⇥ Left to bring Derick's body home
⇥ 05/17/39 ⇥ Had a bit of an identity crisis start
⇥ 05/17/39 ⇥ Made up with Molly, had a heart to heart with Gavril
⇥ 05/17/39 ⇥ Had a confrontation with Derick and killed him

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⇥ Dislikes almost any sort of touch unless they initiate or agree to it

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