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New site theme!!
« on: June 12, 2019, 04:41:06 PM »
Heyo potatoes!!

So—Bearbones has a new theme! It’s called “Mountain Fog,” and it has a blue-and-white aesthetic to it. Not only that, but I coded the header and colors for it, hehe ;^]

To get it, you go to profile > modify profile > look and layout > change theme > Mountain Fog. There’s a good chance you’ll need to reset your cache and cookies to see it; idk why but I have to with mine. (For some reason SMF likes to take anywhere from 2 hours to a whole week when updating new themes? Take that as a warning if you don’t see a picture of a bear for the header)

Next time I start working on a new theme (whenever that will be...idk), I’ll actually take the time to ask y’all what colors you wanna see in it. Mountain Fog was more of a test to see if I know what I’m doing when I code and, while it’s definitely a challenge since I’m more used to JCINK’s style of site codes, it’s still fun! I got a bit of SMF’s style down.

OH ONE LAST THING!! If you don’t wanna see the header in your customized profile (click on mine to see what I mean by customized profile), here’s the code to get rid of it:
Code: [Select]
.sitenamehehjh {
display: none;

.welcomeusernameheh {
display: none;

.headerimghehe {
display: none;

That’s all tho!! Thanks y’all for checking this out, and to anyone who may wanna use the theme <3