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//since I Suck and can't keep him active, ik I'm not gonna be able to hit all those joining threads so here's this

Alexander had been tucked away from most of Northstar recently, spending most of his time either in his shop (where most of his interactions had been for the past month) or in his apartment with his family. Considering the direction his relationship with Eleanor had taken, it was probably no surprise that he was making more of an effort to be around her, even if they still hadn't told their daughter that they had rekindled their relationship. She didn't need the heartbreak of finding out her parents were trying again, only for them to run into the same compatibility problems that had split them up the first time.

So far their relationship had lasted longer than their first attempt, even if just by a little more than a week. He was going to take that as a good sign. It was honestly kind of amazing that Grace hadn't called them out yet; she was a smart kid, he couldn't imagine she hadn't figured it out. Maybe she was waiting for them to tell her when they were ready. For the time being, there was a very pleasant status quo that he wasn't in a hurry to change. Well, perhaps a little, he would like to get back into the broader life of Northstar again.

But first thing's first; it was June, and his hair had been purple for quite some time. It was time for a change... a multicolor change. Pink, blue, yellow... Yeah, he was a walking pan pride flag now, but no one that knew Alexander would be surprised. Few people, if any, would remember that when he joined a number of months ago, his hair was rainbow, but he'd been changing it up periodically since then.

With his hair dyed, Alexander had gone around, letting people know that he'd be hosting a meet and greet in his shop, then he headed back. There wasn't much prep that needed doing, but he did move the post card racks from the middle of the room off to the sides, so that there'd be plenty of room for people to gather and hang out. He left the door open, and now all that was left to do was wait for people to arrive.

General — biograhpy
▪ Alexander Färber | Alex only to those closest to him
▪ Biologically male | Identifies as male | He/Him
▪ Thirty-two years old | Aries
▪ Member of Northstar District | Sometimes can be seen in other places

Physical — reference
♦ HUMAN | Health: 100%
— Alexander is 6" even, with a toned and well muscled body. He has somewhat fair skin, but as he often spends a great deal of time in the sun, he usually has a nice tan. He treated much of his body as a canvas, and thus has several tattoos all over his arms, torso, and even one on his calf. He has big, brown eyes that can shift color depending on the lighting. That's everything that's relatively consistent; however when it comes to clothes, piercing and hair color, it is constantly changing. Currently his hair is in an undercut and dyed pink, yellow and blue, though his somewhat sparse facial hair remains dark. He has a number of piercings in both ear, two in his left brow and one in his nose. As far as clothes, he has a white tank, a faded gray t-shirt and brown leather jacket that are relatively new (to him), and a pair of gray jeans that he's had for pretty much all of his adult life, ones that have numerous rips and tears and paint stains on them. Likewise, his shoes also are covered in colorful splatters. He wears a leather cord necklace and a smaller chain necklace with a star, and has a couple different rings on his fingers.
— minor injuries: n/a
— major injuries: n/a

Important Info — roleplayer
▪ Makes calendars and post cards and sells them.
▪ Speaks a few different languages fluently, but as they're subject to change I won't list them right now.
▪ Loves body modifications, will do tattoos and piercings for people that are interested. Also a great person to go to for hair and make up.
▪ Can regularly be heard belting out random songs, and when not singing, he purposefully gets songs stuck in his head and listens to them there, as he has no current way of listening to music.
▪ Opinions, motivations and thoughts are always 100% in character and do not reflect the roleplayer's opinions

Personality — gryffindor
— On the surface, his more positive traits are the ones that become evident first. His energy, his creativity, his magnetic aura, all things that anyone can tell just when they meet him. He's difficult to annoy unless you hit the right nerves and has the patience of a saint, he's brave and a little bit reckless, he's out there living his best life and he wants everyone else to be able to do the same. People that get to know him will see that he's competitive and eccentric and stubborn, and given enough time they'll see his lesser traits. His indulgent frivolity, his possessiveness, his vanity, and more still. He's far from perfect, but he is authentic and ever-evolving.
— Adaptable, adventurous, authentic, brave, charismatic, confident, creative, energetic, free-thinking, friendly, humorous, individualistic, observant, passionate, patient
— Competitive, determined, eccentric, proud, stubborn
— Airy, erratic, extravagant, fanciful, fickle, flamboyant, frivolous, inconsistent, loquacious, messy, over-imaginative, possessive, reckless, self-indulgent, vain

Relationships — heartchart
▪ NPC x NPC | Two NPC siblings
▪ Pansexual | Panromantic
▪ "Secretly" dating Eleanor Bay
▪ Co-parenting Grace Bay with Eleanor Bay
▪ ½ Heathens | ½ Alexnor
▪ Alexander gets on quite well with most people; he's fairly easy to like and it's fairly difficult to get on his bad side. He treats everyone with respect and dignity and only really starts getting pissed off when the same is not shown to him. He lets people in without too much trouble if they seem like good people, however true closeness is slow to come.

Interaction — plotting thread
— Physically medium | Mentally medium
— Knows basic self defense but little more than that
— Is well acquainted with a wide range of weapons, is only armed with a handgun
— No kill/capture/maim without permission
— To attack, @Alexander & attack in bold #F6E384
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Re: ALL I EVER WANTED WAS SOMEONE TO LOVE ME [open, meet and greet]
« Reply #1 on: June 19, 2019, 09:15:23 AM »
— This group was family to Green. As their leader, he was obliged to know the names and faces of the people, but for some people that was as far as his knowledge went with them. And so, when Alexander suggested a meet & greet in his shop one day, Green was more than happy to join in and take part. He stepped into the shop, noticing that several people had begun to gather in the time it took for Green to arrive. He cracked a smile and began to make his way towards A, "Thank you for doing this - I think it is a fantastic idea." He complimented, cracking a smile towards the man.

Spoiler: tags :: updated 5/11 • show
✫ vernon jeremiah green // only known as green or greenie
✫ hasn't told people that his name is vernon
✫ male // he/him
✫ twenty four // ages real time // born twenty first april
✫ leader of northstar district
✫ stepped up as leader - twentieth april 2039

faceclaim - taron egerton
voice claim - taron egerton
✫ family originally comes from llanfairpwllgwyngyll in wales
✫ has a mixed british accent with a welsh and american twang
✫ 5'10ft // lean yet well-built from working out
✫ soft blue eyes and dirty blonde hair // has a mohawk
✫ physical health - 100%
    — current injuries: none as of now
✫ mental health - 100%
    — he's got no ailments at the moment

✫ fundamentally he has a good heart // humble
✫ very assertive // does what he can to benefit northstar
✫ has a good set of morals // cares for people unconditionally
✫ very relaxed and composed with self-assurance and confidence
✫ incredibly complacent and laid back unless he's fighting for his cause
✫ massive daredevil // is very into extreme sports
✫ fearless, stupidly so // doesn't mind risking his own life
✫ generally easy to get on with, it's difficult to dislike him
✫ doesn't think into the future // only thinks about the present
✫ dependable and very loyal to his friends

✫ david green x cassandra griffiths // both are deceased
✫ only child // his biological father died before he was born
✫ green was orphaned when he was nine
✫ fostered by caroline and steve miles
✫ both his foster parents died when green was eleven
✫ best friends with chip
✫ his chihuahua, midas, is like a child to him
✫ heterosexual heteroromantic // has never been in a relationship before
✫ crushing on fallon

storage // plot
✫ physically: hard // mentally: medium
✫ his weapon of choice is a spiked nail bat, yet he only has it for defense
✫ very diplomatic and much prefers mediation rather than fighting
✫ dislikes confrontation yet will fight if need be // prefers close-ranged attacks
✫ foster parents taught him self-defense
✫ living on the streets turned him into a good fighter // knows how to fire a gun

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Re: ALL I EVER WANTED WAS SOMEONE TO LOVE ME [open, meet and greet]
« Reply #2 on: June 19, 2019, 11:15:20 PM »

— jazz really tried his best to get to know most of the people in northstar. still, he had to admit that he hadn’t exactly been the best at keeping up with this plan of his. there were some people that he knew quite well, and some that he felt he got along really well with. however, there were also a couple that he felt he knew next to nothing about. so, needless to say, the idea of a meet and greet had definitely gotten his interest.

a part of him, the socially awkward part, knew he hated to be one of the first to be at social events. just the idea of only one other person being there, having to think about something he could say -- yeah, it wasn’t something he was made to be. so showing up a little fashionably late, people already filing into the shop, had been a perfect time for him.

the only thing he could really think to say, as he walked by the person who had put on the event, was a simple. “i like the hair, man.” which was the most awkward thing to say really, but paired with a warm smile, it didn’t feel like the worst compliment to hand out.

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Re: ALL I EVER WANTED WAS SOMEONE TO LOVE ME [open, meet and greet]
« Reply #3 on: June 22, 2019, 12:00:49 PM »
—-  & brin didn't go anywhere without aria, so he never did have his own friends. any friend of his was immediately aria's and vice versa. maybe that wasn't so healthy, because they needed to have something more exotic in their lives that wouldn't be shared between them. he knew they needed to manage to make their own lives - ones that didn't revolve around one another always being the photo. but that idea absolutely terrified the boy. he was being childish, sure, like a child who was clingy with their mother, but he couldn't help what he felt. his emotions were much more powerful than he could ever be. fear was the one thing he felt most, besides maybe loneliness.

to fix this constant loneliness, he thought he could possibly try this meet and greet... make some more friends or something. he bit his lower lip as he walked inside. almost immediately he was trying to stick to the walls. his icy blues darted around the shop, first seeing the familiar faces of jazz and green and a small nervous smile came onto his face. then his attention fell on the brightly colored hair of alexander and his eyebrows raised slightly in surprise. ❝ i l-like your h-hair." ❞ he compliments, but his voice was probably too hushed to catch it.
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Re: ALL I EVER WANTED WAS SOMEONE TO LOVE ME [open, meet and greet]
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ezra really could have been anywhere else doing anything else, and yet there he was, sashaying into the shop. looking bored, as though he wanted to be anyone else, it sort of looked like someone had forced the brunette to show up, though he was there of his own wishes. hands stuffed in his pockets, half scowling and half in a perpetual eye roll, he entered and immediately moved to a wall to lean against it, removing his sunglasses from his pocket and placing them on his face to quickly establish his place as better than everyone else.

❝'aight, what now?❞ he demanded, brows raising as he glanced around the room, hoping someone would get this crap over with.