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◜ . black flies || writing . ◞
« on: June 18, 2019, 05:11:07 PM »
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Re: ◜ . black flies || writing . ◞
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tw. gun violence, death, crime

"I am tired of the constant dissent; long tired of it, my friend!"

His words were venomous as his deep voice growled, resembling the low rumble of thunder before a storm. Brock was exasperated, but he always knew how to keep his composure in times as perilous as this. Dark eyes studied the older man stood in front of him who was frowning back towards the silver-tongued devil, nostrils flaring before finally his shoulders slumped in defeat. "I guess you right then." Leon uttered, his scratchy voice hesitant and suspicious as he searched Brock's gruff features.

Things hadn't always been so difficult. They once got along. In fact, they were once the greatest of friends. But, ever since that fateful day, relations between one another had shifted for the very worst.

"So, are you with me, Mister McKay?" Brock insisted, tipping his head to the side expectantly. Leon sighed, tipping his head upwards to stare at the ceiling in thought. "You are a man of your word - as am I - we get this goddamn money and then we are out of here! Wherever you want, we will go. Whatever you want, we will procure. I will keep you and your family safe, I always do and that is a promise!" Brock insisted, eyes intense as he watched Leon shift carefully. The older man inhaled shakily, held his breath for several seconds, and then exhaled. His blue eyes finally met Brock's. "God damn... All right then."

Things did not go according to plan. It all began with a robbery that went all wrong.

"Ladies and gentleman, this is a robbery. Nobody try and play hero and perhaps none of you will have to die!" Brock's voice barked gruffly, dark red bandanna veiled across his features. Another three men joined behind him - Leon, Matteo and Dale - pistols in their clasp, aiming towards the partying socialites who all began cowering and wailing. Panic ensued, only for everyone to drop to the ground in horror as Brock raised his revolver into the air and fired twice. Hysteria was shushed into silence, Brock's shoes clicking ominously on the deck as his thick brows knitted together. "Now that you are all quiet, we will stand resolute and insist you give us everything of value! Jewelry, money, weapons! Lets go!"

The other three masked men began waltzing around, collecting everything that they could swiftly gather before any authorities could be alerted. Jewelry clinked as they were dropped into a bag, Brock chuckling gently to himself as he watched the valuables adding up with glistening eyes. "This is- is pointless, you know." A scared voice piped up, Brock stilling before twisting his head to glare at whoever spoke those words. One of the wealthy party guests, cowering on his knees, yet so daring as he stared up at Brock. "Money is useless nowa- nowadays. We are in the New World - it's pointless. P-Please!" Brock said nothing as he sternly searched the man's gaze. And then, he snarled, "So you won't miss it when it's gone."


A bullet suddenly was sent through the innocent man's face, body instantly crumbling to the floor. "Dammit Brock!" Matteo hissed, eyes widening as he watched Brock lower his pistol. "Who else wants to tell me that this endeavor is pointless?!" Brock's voice crackled as he barked, looking among the crowd, a woman shrieking as she held onto her dead husband. He'd lost control again.


"We need to go, Brock!" Leon plead, beginning to take steps backwards. Brock sneered, frozen on his spot as he watched each and every petrified face in the crowd. This was what power felt like. Sweet, lethal power. But, Brock was an ambitious man - he could never be satisfied. He always wanted more. "Police!" Unfamiliar voices began to shout, striking Brock out of his power-hungry trance, whipping his head to look towards his three other comrades. And then, gunfire began to rattle through the sky, and the four men were on the run.

"Follow me, and we will all escape safely!" Brock insisted, darting away with the other three men close behind. Once they found themselves at the border of a forest, he demanded, "Matteo, Dale - you go one way. Leon, you're with me. Do not let them follow you back!" And, with that, the men made their separate ways. Men on the run. Men who had succeeded.

Leon gasped for breath as he slowed to a stop, the pair of them pulling their bandannas down around their necks. They'd reached a dead end, the only way to escape was by scaling a wall. "Help me up, Leon! I'll pull you up after!" Brock insisted, voice panicked as the two of them got into position for Leon to push Brock up. "What you did back there... You killed an innocent man!" Leon laced his fingers together, leaning down to hoist Brock up and onto the wall. "I had done what was necessary under the circumstances that had manifested!" Brock snapped, voice breaking as he placed his foot in Leon's hands, being propelled upwards. Brock scrambled on top of the wall, turning to look down at his best friend.

"You killed an innocent man, Brock! What we're doing here is wrong!" Brock's nostrils flared, gaze intense as he glared down at his friend before holding his hand out for the bag of valuables. Leon handed it over, and Brock dropped it on the other side of the wall. "You keep jumping from one side of the fence to the other, you may just get transfixed by it, my friend! Are you with me or are you against me?!" Their hands finally clapped as they grasped onto each other, Brock beginning to drag him up, and then the sound the bullets were sent through the air. Leon had been hit multiple times, choking out as he lost his hold of Brock's hand, falling back to the ground. Two men ran around the corner, racing towards Leon and Brock and shouting for them to stop running.

In retaliation, Brock whipped his two revolvers out, instantly firing shots in their direction until both man fell, deceased. And then, he lowered his gaze to look at Leon on the ground, wheezing for his next breath. But, he was still alive. Brock stilled, returning his guns to their respective holsters, dark eyes fixed on his closest friend struggling for air. In a moments time, more men would be turning that corner, chasing them down. Brock had a choice to make. Leon looked up with pleading eyes, reaching up desperately for his friend to take his hand again, yet Brock did nothing but stare stoically before pushing off the wall, leaving Leon behind.

Running away. It was a powerful instinct. He had to leave his friend behind, as Leon would only slow him down. Brock wanted to live, even if it meant sacrificing those who were loyal to his cause. And so, he began to dash away with the bag, not once looking back, even when he heard his friend crying out.

The group reunited once more, Brock grimacing as he approached Matteo and Dale. "Where's Leon?" Dale questioned, Matteo's lips parting with confusion. "I am so sorry..." Brock spoke gruffly as he approached. He looked at the two men, saddened gaze in his eyes. "I did everything I could to save him. He didn't make it." "Shit." Matteo lowered his gaze, slowly shaking his head. Brock sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose before finally asking, "Where are the goods?" He then asked, frowning at the two men. They went to collect the valuables before dropping the bags by Brock's feet.

"Leon would not want us to grieve. We must get moving! They will be hot on our heels now, so we have little time to reflect on that failure at Gallodon Manor!" He frowned, stood in silence for a moment, and then he uttered, "Tell your families to pack up. We need to leave within the hour. Go!" With that, he turned and strode out to his bedroom, eyes settling on his beautiful wife who sat cooing over their infant son. He took a seat beside her, slowly nodding his head to himself, before turning to look at her. "We need to pack up and leave this instance. Gallodon didn't go according to plan."
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Re: ◜ . black flies || writing . ◞
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tw. violence, threats of being thrown off a building ig?

Shoes pounded against the asphalt with each hasty step, arms pumping back and forth and nostrils flaring as Greenie ran away. Once again, getting himself into serious trouble on the streets; being homeless definitely was not easy for those in the New World. After all, supplies were scarce and people wanted all that you had. Sure, Green couldn't say he had a lot but, with what he did have, he wasn't so willing to fight for it. He'd grown up with the instinct to run. Avoid conflict and tensions if he could - in fact, running away was what he did best.

They wanted all that he had, and Green didn't have all too much. Just some food, an empty bottle which had once been filled with water, a bottle of deodorant, a blanket to keep himself warm during the bitter hours of the night and a baseball cap which had once been his foster dad's. He'd lost most of what he owned from theft or muggings from not being fast enough - a cruel way of life out here on the streets. But, he'd learned from his past mistakes. Never slow down. Never stop running. His face shriveled up as he raced, rucksack bouncing on his back, etching into his aching shoulders.

Suddenly, he began approaching a wall with little sign of stopping. Zero hesitance crossed his features as he used his momentum to scale the wall, throwing himself over onto the other side of the wall before he darted away. Nobody could catch him nowadays. Notorious around the city as the one who could never be caught, Green learned with trial and error - many sprained ankles and broken fingers later - how to use the art of parkour to good use. He sprung through an open window into a living room, an old woman sound asleep in an armchair nearby. He paused just for a moment to blow out a candle which was teetering on the side of the coffee table before he climbed through another window where some scaffolding had been set up.

He began to scale the metal structure, breathing heavily through his nose and grimacing in pain as aching arms clung on. Eventually, he scrambled up onto the roof of the flats, peeking down to see two men following him up the scaffolding with uncertainty. Green clicked his tongue with disappointment. He hoped to have lost them back when he dived through the open window, but evidently not. He wasn't free yet. And so, springing back into life, he began to sprint along the roof before suddenly skidding to a stop once he reached the edge. Sucking in a deep breath, he stared down to see just how far he was to the ground.

If he fell, it'd likely be to his death. Raising his head slowly, he looked across at the next building along. That jump was just too far away. He swallowed hard. Finally, he turned to look over at the two men pulling themselves up onto the roof in exhaustion. Things were beginning to look grim for Greenie - if he surrendered now, these people were unlikely to be kind to him especially after what he did to them. In hindsight, maybe getting into a fight with them wasn't such a good idea, even if they began it. But, Green was an obnoxious smart ass who thought he always knew best. His confidence had lurched into arrogance, a big mistake to make for a kid who was alone on the streets. He sighed before turning to face the two men.

❝ Well, you fucked up big time, Kid. ❞ One snorted through his nostrils, though otherwise stopped to hunch forwards, hands on his knees as he tried to catch his breath. The other began to slowly saunter over, calling across the roof towards Green. ❝ Look at you, Green. Tryna be some big guy - you're a coward. And you've fucked up so badly. You don't even wanna know what we're gonna do to you. ❞ Green stared across towards the two men stoically, though his heart jumped into his throat at the very thought. Rucksack falling to hang on one shoulder, he peeked his head down to look down the side of the building. That was a far way to fall if they were to push him, and he already learned the hard way that he couldn't take the both of them on at the same time.

❝ I'm actually embarrassed for you right now, Mate. ❞ Chortling, the man shook his head slowly in thought, Green refusing to say a word as, with his hands shoved in his coat pockets, he slowly began to walk to face the two men who chased him like a fox would chase a rabbit. With little reason other than make sure the rabbit just stopped running. They were fixated by the idea of revenge, but Green knew that vengeance was nothing but a fool's game. Green squinted as he got close to the man mocking him, releasing a short huff of laughter himself before uttering, ❝ Ohh, fuck off. ❞ Without hesitation, Green then pulled the bottle of deodorant out of his coat pocket, spraying it in the man's face before dropping the bottle and turning to run when the guy stumbled back, clutching his face.

The other guy broke into a sprint after Green, but it was to no avail. Without hesitation, Green sprung off the edge of the building, heart leaping in his throat as he soared through the air. And then, he landed, barely making it onto the other building. He gasped, stumbling forwards as his heart raced uncontrollably. Finally, he turned around to look at where he'd just jumped from, beginning to grin a smug smile through gasping breaths at the sight of one man hunched over, clutching at his eyes and cursing, with the other man at the edge of the building shouting profanities at Green.

Green began to laugh. He'd managed to escape yet again. Just to prove his point, he raised fist, throwing up his middle finger at them as he smirked proudly before shrugging his rucksack up his shoulders and turning to jog away from the sound of two men wishing death upon a kid so defiant. But, Green would never change his ways. He was born as a rebel with a cause, and he fully intended to die the same way.
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Re: ◜ . black flies || writing . ◞
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tw. brief mention of childhood abuse, suicidal thoughts, death

A child who once lost everything had sat on the doorstep of a home that was no longer there. He was hunched over, crying, begging for this to be nothing more than some wicked nightmare. This house was no home but more a prison cell. Steel bars cold and merciless wouldn't let anybody through. Nobody in. Nobody out. He was afraid of what was inside, for it was the house which he grew up in, yet he felt afraid of change. What was this beautiful world around him? All he knew was the grim darkness and the pungent stench of sorrow.

Lucerne Nouvel had a loving mother, an indifferent brother and a father who could not control his anger. Growing up on the estate his parents were afforded with a large sum of inheritance money and a lineage of affluence, it should've been a life of splendor for Lucerne. And yet it was instead of a little boy, barely twelve years old, stamping on the metal grid which covered the top of a wishing well, hoping that perhaps if he stamped on it hard enough he could fall through and disappear. But, the cold steel frame was unforgiving; the dark pit at the bottom of the well would've certainly have killed him, the sweet escape from a life which scared him. But it remained unmoved, taunting him.

But, for the most part, the Nouvel family was an inconspicuous one. Father smoking a fat cigar, lounged back on his armchair in silence - contemplation - he left his two sons unsupervised as they played on a little row boat, bobbing along the estate's lake. ❝ Milton, stop shaking the boat! We're going to capsize! ❞ Lucerne screeched, on his knees as he pointed ahead of him confidently. A small terrier wobbled with uncertainty behind him, yet tail wagging with enthusiasm. Behind Milton sat a rather plump child, some years older than Lucerne, observing a homemade map on the estate's garden, messily scribbled in different colored pens.

❝ Turn to the east! There's a... A new undiscovered island! ❞ Cornelius urged as he used his pointer finger to trace along the map, brows furrowed with confusion. With a massive grunt, Lucerne began to row, albeit quite badly, following his older brother's orders to travel east of the lake. They were out on an adventure after all - Lucerne had always wanted to be something of an explorer. Like David Livingstone or Ibn Battuta. Lucerne would grow up as a big name in the world - Lucerne Nouvel, grand explorer of the world.

He always seemed to wish to be something. Someone. Little more than just the Ice Man. The human who was so inhuman. What a paradox - emotionally unavailable, apathetic and mean. How could a boy so eager to change the world morph into a addict who resented life?

The very change unfolded slowly. Almost unnoticeable until it was too late. But, Cornelius saw. He always saw things that many others would not perceive. The Nouvel brothers both shared aptitude for sheer intelligence and observational skills. A quality possessed from a father who too was born with such talent. But, oftentimes the fortune of wit and intelligence also shared qualities of torment and suffering. Sometimes ignorance was purely bliss and knowing too much could drive one insane.

Lucerne could not handle his thoughts. Normal human beings could handle themselves if they could speak about their worries and qualms - get it off their chest, as some would say - yet for somebody who was such a smart mouth, Lucerne was very much a thinker, not a talker. He was barely human; how could he follow the norms of mankind's ordinary brain if his was... superior, so to speak?

❝ So? ❞ Voice piped up calmly, and Lucerne whipped his head up to peer across the room at Cornelius. In his prime, aged twenty three, Cornelius was successful in his life so far. He'd always been the better brother of the two. More successful, more polite, a lot less messy and so much more analytical than even Lucerne. Funny that. For a man known to be so stone cold and even being compared to the likes of a robot, Cornelius would always comment that Lucerne had always been the emotional one. He wasn't wrong in saying so, however. Lucerne was the emotional type, especially compared to the heartless men that frequented the Nouvel lineage.

Lucerne had a big heart, but one he'd so readily repress. After all, just like Cornelius had once told him, ❝ Feel no emotion, feel no pain. ❞ After everything Lucerne was forced to endure throughout his childhood, perhaps he should have repressed all emotion when he'd otherwise feel pain. He'd been hurt one too many times to wish any more suffering upon himself and so, one day, he switched his heart off. Or, more so, he tried to do so, with the many chinks that were still in his armor.

❝ So, what? ❞ Lucerne returned, frowning across the room to see Cornelius watching over, raising his brows expectantly. Lucerne watched back, confused, before Cornelius finally sighed and sat back in his seat. ❝ You make it so easy to be the better brother. Smarter, more organized, remembers birthdays. ❞ ❝ I'm the smart one. ❞ Lucerne retorted, overlooking the point of Cornelius' words entirely. Cornelius blinked before groaning to himself and lowering his head to put it in his hands.

❝ Mother's birthday - do you like the idea I suggested? ❞ He repeated, Lucerne cocking his head to the side questionably before Cornelius lifted his head once more, leaning back into his seat. ❝ Oh, that's right. You were daydreaming again. ❞ ❝ I don't ❛ daydream ❜. ❞ He muttered bitterly in response, glaring over towards his older brother. ❝ You were always an imaginative kid. An abundance of play-pretend games and daydreams as you looked out of car windows. It was absolutely hateful. ❞ Cornelius added slyly with a sneering smile, a subtle ❛ I know you better than you know yourself. ❜

But, Cornelius always did understand his little brother, even more than Lucerne himself could ever comprehend. It was a tragic loss that one fateful winter. Thousands of people had died during that very season, but Cornelius had been the only one who'd mattered to Lucerne. After all, without his older brother, Lucerne felt that a huge piece of him left with Cornelius, too. After all, that man had been the only one who'd managed to dig into the parts of Lucerne's mind that even he himself could not understand. When Lucerne lost Cornelius, he also lost himself that day.

Lucerne stared over. Emotionless. Void of life. Eyes dull. Before- ❝ Right, uh- ❞ He crossed a leg over his knee, looking away quickly. ❝ Mother's birthday. What did you say again? Go back to the part where I stopped caring about your mindless ideas - which was right at the beginning, by the way. ❞
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Re: ◜ . black flies || writing . ◞
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tw. murder, death.

❝ And all I've done for want of wit
To memory now I can't recall
So fill to me the parting glass
Good night and joy be with you all ...❞

A voice of an angel sang quietly, with little thought, as the words echoed throughout the kitchen. Leonora, a graceful yet fierce woman stood at the kitchen counter, quietly chopping vegetables whilst she sang the traditional tune to herself. Anything to mask the silence which hung in the air. She glanced over her shoulder to see Tara sat by the island, peeling potatoes with a knife in silence, a soft smile sat on her lips.

❝ How many potatoes have you still got to peel? ❞

❝ Just this one. ❞ Tara replied, flitting her gaze up to her future mother-in-law before she returned to peeling, Leonora's lips curling upwards before she got back to work, continuing to sing to herself whilst Julia and Lydia returned to the kitchen, this time with the three young girls of the Stirling household.

❝ Now, girls, how about you help your aunt over there with dinner? There's a lot of mouths to feed tonight, so she needs all the help she can get. ❞ Julia lectured before Lucy, Harriet and Evelyn got to work swiftly. She squinted, peering across the group of Stirling woman before walking over and nudging Leonora away with her hip. ❝ I'll finish with this. You could make us all a cup of tea. ❞

❝ Is that your way of asking nicely? ❞ Leonora questioned with a cackle.

Julia quirked a single brow as she looked down at the chopping board, beginning to chop up a carrot. Baby, it's the nicest you're gonna get. ❞

Lydia began to smile gently, walking forwards to lean on the counter comfortably before asking, ❝ Would you like me to get you mugs, Nora? ❞

Grabbing the kettle, Leonora began filling it up with water before looking over towards Lydia and tipping her head towards the cupboard. ❝ They're over there, thanks. ❞ She turned to place the whistle kettle on the stove, grabbing a match to light it up.

Men burst through the door, Leonora almost dropping the match as she gasped, only to see it was her husband along with his brothers, sons and eldest nephew. ❝ Oh my god, you scared me. ❞ Leonora smiled hesitantly, though she received no kindness on the other end.

❝ You, you, you you you, and you; get out. ❞ Alfred growled, seeing red at his poked his finger in the direction of most women in the room, Leonora frowning before quickly lighting the stove and then blowing the match out. ❝ We need to have a family discussion with you. ❞ Alfred continued, eyes unable to break away from his wife.

❝ Oh, what's it now, Alfred? ❞ She sighed, the other woman slowly filtering out, Julia giving her brother a confused look as she passed, before the men all walked in. Around the counter stood all three brothers, Alfred, Richard and Kelby, stood together in unison as they watched across the room towards Leonora. Peter stood nearby his dad, arms folded across his chest as he too watched, and along with him stood Dominik and Alfonso, Frank opting to stay nearby the door whilst Edmund leaned against the door beside Thomas.

Alfred watched his wife shifting nervously, himself expressionless for a moment before he began to laugh a slow and monotonous chuckle. ❝ Oh... You make me sick. ❞ He uttered, straightening up and cricking his neck before pointing out curtly, ❝ When Joseph and Ian Doyle are found dead just before my plan was to be executed, I begin to question whether somebody has sabotaged my plan. ❞ He began, Leonora stoic as she swallowed hard, eyes watching her husband warily.

❝ It looks like there's an informant on my hands. First was the failed heist, and now my two main hitmen were killed with a message from the Brunton Boys written in their blood across the walls... Something begins to make me question who in this family is betraying me. ❞ Alfred stalked around the kitchen, all eyes on him as he traveled across the room like a bad omen. He stopped in front of Leonora.

❝ If you think you can fool me, then think again... I decided to have someone keep an eye on you for the past few days. Funny the way coincidences work; first you're seen on multiple occasions schmoozing with Jovan Brunton, and then my people were killed by his people, foiling my plan. ❞ Leonora sucked in a deep breath, barely able to blink as she stared into the fire in his eyes.

Alfred was silent for a moment, disappointment riddling his features, before suddenly he snapped. ❝ I had a plan! ❞ He screamed in her face, spit flying. Leonora flinched, squeezing her eyes shut. Edmund held his breath, frozen in the spot. The boss shook his head slowly before turning to look at his five sons. ❝ Dominik and Thomas, I want you to make sure the women are well away from the windows. Franklin, Edmund, ensure the cars are out of the courtyard. Alfonso, I want you to get me my special revolver from my office. ❞

❝ Alfred, don't... Please. ❞ And this was when Leonora began to plead for her life. She knew the seriousness of her fate otherwise. She was a traitor and no would get away from the Stirling family alive. No one.

❝ Peter, Kelby- ❞ Alfred ordered without another word, taking a step back so that the two men could swoop in and grab her by her upper arms.

❝ No, no, no - Alfred, no! Stop it! ❞ Leonora began wailing frantically, kicking out and trying to throw herself to the floor as the men dragged her out to the courtyard, throwing her onto her knees on the ground.

Alfred followed out behind the men, hands behind his back comfortably as he glowered at his wife, footsteps ominously tapping with each step as he circled around her until standing in front of her. ❝ You knew the rules... Rule one - do not speak about the family business. You made a fucking oath swearing you'd keep your damn lips shut. ❞

He spoke, shaking his head slowly as the Stirling-Moray brothers all made their way to the courtyard. Edmund swallowed hard, heart slamming against his chest as he stood and watched in horror. His mother on her knees, begging for his father to spare her her life. He said nothing, however - he knew that it would be inauspicious to put it lightly. And so he stood like a coward, a boy at the ripe age of sixteen watching his father slaughter his mother.

❝ Richard, Kelby, Peter - piss off. This is Stirling-Moray business now. ❞ Alfred ordered, using the back of his hand to gesture the three men away. Willingly, they obliged. Next, as commanding as always, Alfred pointed to a spot where the boys all had a perfect view of their mother's face. ❝ Boys, stand here. Today I will teach you a lesson about loyalty. ❞ Ed stepped into place, a perfect line of five brothers stood, eyes all watching their mother on the ground.

Boys... ❞ Leonora cried weakly, reaching out to them. But, none of them made a move. All but one was somewhat glad to see this happen. Dominik and Alfonso had the strongest of opinions. The moment they learned of their mother's betrayal, they wanted nothing more than to be the ones to send a bullet in her head, let alone stand and watch her execution. Frank, although he wanted to bury her, he didn't wish to watch this with his own eyes. It was the way of a Stirling, however. He had to be stoic and strong-willed. Thomas didn't hate his mother, not as much as the other three brothers did, yet he knew his mother had hurt the family badly this time. It was selfish, and the consequences had to be harsh. Edmund was the only one who possessed a heart, it seemed.

They were nothing more than kids who were thrust into a cutthroat war as soldiers. Nothing was made to last forever, so when this all would finally come to an end, what would they become? What even was the point of this family at all?

❝ Loyalty is an interesting concept. Most people are loyal, not to you but to the need of you. As soon as that need goes, then so does the loyalty. But, do you know where that gets you? ❞ Alfred searched the eyes of his boys, all watching over stoically. Like statues of warriors. Alfred slowly shook his head before pointing to Leonora. ❝ That's where it gets you... Alfie, pass me the gun. ❞ He held his hand out to take the revolver before loading the gun casually, ignoring Leonora's helpless cries.

❝ A lesson to learn from this is that people aren't to be trusted. Family, however... family is different. We are all of same blood. I am a part of all of you, and you are all a part of me... But - don't you forget this - family is more determined by behavior than by blood. Stay loyal, stay with me, and you won't end up as a pile of flesh on the ground.  ❞

The saddest part about betrayal was that it never came from an enemy, but from someone Ed thought he could trust.

Alfred shifted in his spot before walking to stand to the side of Leonora. ❝ You failed me. ❞ He uttered, Ed's eyes glazing over as it shifted from his mother to his father.

Leonora, with her shoulders slumping, shriveled her nose up before spitting at Alfred's shoes. ❝ You're going to hell! ❞ She snarled, tears streaming down her face. She was always a fighter, even right until the very end. Alfred's lips curled from each end to form a smile, slowly raising the gun to aim for her temple.

❝ Well then, ❞ He began, ❝ I'll be sure not to disappoint. ❞ He cocked the gun. Silence stilled the air. ❝ And, when I go to hell, I will find you down in the pits shoveling coal, and I will even let you blacken my palm with the soot when we shake hands once again. ❞ He slowly exhaled, Leonora gasping for breaths out of terror.

Then he pulled the trigger.

Her body was thrown to the side, blood spilling across light grey stone, and still the boys stood unmoving.

Frank's breath drew heavy, deeply breathing in and out as his eyes stared down at his mother's face, her eyes still open and unblinking. Alfonso, on the other hand, released a slow sigh, rubbing the side of his face. Dominik curled a lip ever-so-slightly, eyes searching his mother's body, taking in the sight in front of him, whilst Thomas' eyes looked dark as he followed his father's movements.

Ed couldn't look at his mother, nor could he look at his father. Instead, he stared straight ahead out into the estate's perfectly manicured garden, a sickening feeling swirling in his stomach. In that very moment, he felt like a part of him had also died. He'd never feel complete again.

Still in complete shock, Ed remained still even after Alfred began to talk to them about how he would deal with the body. Eddie's father's voice seemed to drown out inside his mind, the only thing that Ed could focus on being the frantic whistling of the kettle from inside the house.

It sounded like it was screaming.
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Re: ◜ . black flies || writing . ◞
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tw. gore, murder, death, kidnapping.

PART 1 / 3

In some other life, we are standing together, hand in hand, and we are laughing at some ridiculous joke you'd made about your dark past. You were always beautiful in that way; you were so soft, yet hard as nails. You strutted about as an oxymoron, proud of the very title with your delicately curled mousy hair and wispy blouses, yet a tongue so sharp and biting. Morbid. Playful. You spoke to me like the life you lead was all but a game, and I loved games. And so, my dear, I chose to consider myself as player two-

But, in this life, we are apart. There was only so much I could do to keep you safe, Hayden, but the tragic thing about games was that one of us had to lose.

It did not have to be this way, but I'm sorry.

One day, he'd be a better man.

Lips were curled into a goofy smile, eyes glistening with joy as he gazed across at his wife-to-be. Hayden Clark - his surname with her name just sounded so much more pleasing to the ear. It would roll off the tip of his tongue with a practiced ease, those many times he would just repeat the name over, and over, and over again. It was a beautiful name. She could be family. All he needed to do was to get her to talk to him so that he could finally introduce himself.

And now, months later, here they stood, head over heels in love. What did Don say? He knew the moment he'd meet his soulmate and, surely enough, the second his eyes set sights of Hayden stood there looking so pretty as she spat blood at a woman she was having a brawl with, he knew it was love. She didn't need a knight in shining armor to come swooping in to save her because she was not helpless. She was tough and stubborn, never one to turn down a fight when her morals lead her that way. But, as Don stepped in the middle as a mediator, when their eyes met he knew that she was the one. It was like fate led them to that very moment.

❝ You look beautiful. ❞ Don mumbled softly, staring at Hayden as she grinned back towards him. The officiant's voice was droned out by the sound of his heart slamming against his chest. Was this what love felt like? Wanting to puke, smile and cry all at once? He was overwhelmed, but overwhelmed with love, Hayden, and so that was a good thing, he believed. He recited his vows, slowly sliding his hands into Hayden's own as he spoke before the officiant began to smile from ear to ear. ❝ Having pledged your love and promise to one another today, I now pronounce you husband and wife. ❞

A small crowd of guests began clapping as Don and Hayden leaned into one another, exchanging a long, gentle kiss.

But, it wasn't long before the reality of the situation struck Don once more.

❝ Oh, my baby- ❞ Merely minutes after the wedding reception began, his mother approached, adorned in a dark navy dress, hair tucked back behind her ears. Her hands were raised, stopping in front of him before palms pressed softly against each side of his face. ❝ I wish that I could congratulate you, but you will have to give me some... time, to process all of this. ❞ Don's lips curled downwards ever-so-slightly, his own hands slowly raising to rest on top of her own.

❝ I did what felt right, Mommy. She's the one. The love of my life. My soulmate. Nothing has ever felt so right in my l- ❞

❝ You're eighteen years old, Donovan. You are still far too young to know what love even means! ❞

Donovan sighed. And then, a sad smile found its way to his lips as he stepped closer and held her in his arms. ❝ Of course I do, Mommy. How I feel for you - that's love. How I feel for Alicia and Rose - Love. And Hayden? I know... love. I know love. ❞ He pressed his lips against his mother's forehead in a gentle kiss before taking a step back. ❝ Besides... You're always my favorite, Mommy. ❞

His mother slowly tipped her head to the side, glazed over eyes watching her son slipping through her fingers, before she smiled weakly.

❝ What do you mean? ❞

Hayden began to laugh hysterically. ❝ What do you think I mean?! I pissed on a stick and it came back positive! ❞

Donovan's lips parted as he watched from across the room, tears falling down Hayden's cheeks as she held a hand to her head, exhaling a deep breath. He was silenced for a moment, ❝ Um- ❞ He flitted his gaze around. Shit. ❝ This is great. ❞ This wasn't great.

Hayden stared over, jaw wobbling with uncertainty. They were too young to be having a baby together, right? Right? Even Hayden knew that! It was clear to see in the way she trembled. She was always so brave, yet it was her own secrets which shook her to the core. She was afraid of this just as much as Don was. But, Don was willing to do anything for love - this was just a detour!

He stepped over in silence, softly kissing her rosy lips as he gently rubbed his hand up and down her arm. ❝ We are going to be okay. Always. ❞ He gazed adoringly at her as she smiled back weakly. ❝ Yeah... Yeah, I hope so. ❞

Mommy was saddened by the news - Don could tell - yet she so valiantly cracked a pained smile for Hayden when she made the announcement. Thank you, Mommy. Don didn't exactly wish for this, either, but what could he do now? This wasn't the direction he wanted to go in his life - he hoped to only have children when he was older - and yet this was the path fate set for him. For them. Him and his little family. Maybe this was for the best, right?

It had to have been.

❝ Where is that motherfucker?! ❞ Don's heart leaped into his throat. He'd not heard that voice in years.

❝ Lucas, no! Leave him alone, he's just a boy! ❞

❝ He knocked a girl up! He's a married man! Don't you start telling me that he is just a boy when he is trying to fill the shoes of a man. ❞ Shoes stamped up the staircase and Don's eyes shifted over to Hayden from across their bedroom. They exchanged worried glances before Don stood up swiftly, making his way over to open the bedroom door.

That was when his father came flying into the room, grabbing a fistful of Don's shirt. He shoved Don through the room, knocking belongings off the chest of drawers along the way as glass and ceramics shattered. ❝ This is what I come home to? ❞ Don thought prison was home to Daddy. It's where he'd lived most of Donovan's life, after all. Nobody told Don that the Insurgents were going to release Lucas, else he probably would've gotten a six pack of beers ready for Daddy. Just how Dad liked it. Don raised his hands passively, trying to diffuse the situation innocently as always.

❝ Woah, woah, woah. Dadd-

❝ Cut the bullshit, kid. ❞ His father spat viciously, shaking his son roughly. ❝ What the fuck were you thinking? You're a fucking child, Donovan! You can't raise a fucking kid if your life depends on it! How are we supposed to look after it?! You think we can afford to have this kid around, let alone this bitch you chose to call your wife? You are sucking this family dry! ❞

❝ Look, we can't talk when you're all up in my face. How about we sit down in the living room, I can make you a drink and we c- ❞ He was cut off abruptly with a sharp blow to the jaw, falling to the ground as he heard Hayden gasp his name.

Next came a series of kicks and punches and maybe Donovan deserved this. Maybe this was karma coming and kicking his ass for ever causing Hayden such pain and despair. Like Daddy, they did not want this child either! But what were they to do now? Don grunted before crying out in pain as his father beat him. He deserved this. Oh, he deserved it.

❝ Lucas, stop! ❞ Mom... She cried out as she grabbed onto Lucas' arm to pull him back.

❝ Get out my way! ❞ He snarled, turning and grabbing onto her before he began to shove her away. Don's head bobbed, a dizzying sensation blurring his thoughts as he blinked around the room. Until eyes landed on his father slapping his mother. And then, he saw nothing but red. Blood red.

He hauled himself up to his feet from the bed of shattered glass he'd been laying on, one hand close to his side and the other resting over his abdomen as he hobbled over towards his father in agony. Mom was crying and now Alicia and Rose had rushed over, Alicia going to hold onto Hayden whilst Rose screamed for Dad to leave Mommy alone.

Don wheezed for breath, face twitching with an indescribable feeling of rage as he stumbled over, eyes dark and lethal. ❝ Daddy- ❞ He growled softly behind his father, Lucas swiveling around to lay a menacing hand on his son again before Don thrust his hand forwards into Lucas' stomach.

Time seemed to stand still in that moment, Dad freezing as he released a pained gasp, eyes wide as he stared at his killer. Don's face shriveled up, ripping the blade of shattered glass away before stabbing him again. Free hand clutching onto his father's shirt. Then, stabbing again. And again. Lucas fell backwards. Hysterical screams filled the room, but all Don could focus on was the sound of Daddy's labored breathing. The sound of death slowly slipping into the room as Don stabbed again, and again, and again. Hand slit with the glass, but his blood was not the only blood on his hands.

❝ Donnie, stop! ❞ Rose screamed in horror, his sister's voice breaking him out of very own twisted reverie. Snapping his eyes up, he stared up at his family, Mommy clutching Rose close to her as she sobbed uncontrollably. Don gasped for breaths, leaving the blade of glass lodged in Daddy's carcass as he slowly stumbled back up to his feet, lowering his gaze to look at his bleeding hand.

There was so much blood.

Then, he swiftly twisted his head to look over his shoulder to see Hayden with her hand clasped over her mouth and Alicia stood guarding Don's pregnant wife. Hayden- ❞ He released a soft breath, eyes worried.

❝ You need to leave. Now. ❞ Mommy? Don turned to look back at his mother as she spoke. ❝ What? ❞ ❝ Now! Get out of our house! Get out of our lives! Out! Now! ❞ ❝ Mommy, wait! ❞ Don's voice wobbled as he tried to step closer, bloodied hands outreached to embrace her.

❝ Stay away from me! ❞ Mom snapped, pointing an accusatory finger towards him as he halted in his tracks. She was really going to exile him? From their family home? But, he did this for her! All for love! He loved her, dammit! Tears sprung to Don's eyes as he gawked at his own mother petrified of his every move.

❝ Mama, don't do this... ❞ ❝ If you come back, I will shoot you! ❞ Don shook his head slowly, a tear slipping and trickling down his cheek as he stared between his mother and sister.

❝ Okay... Okay... Hayden, lets go. ❞ He turned to look towards his wife, but Hayden chose not to move from her seat, a teary-eyed Alicia glaring over at Don protectively. C'mon. ❞ ❝ She's staying here, Don. I don't trust you. ❞ Alicia muttered lowly, Hayden slowly shaking her head. As if she was pleading for Don to leave without causing a scene.

This was not the love story Don had anticipated. This was cruel! Murder, yet he was still alive! He released a shaky breath, head moving side to side before he leaned down and ripped the blade of glass from Dad, earning a shocked gasp from Mommy. Don pointed the glass at Alicia, face shriveling up through red, tear-stained eyes as he stepped over slowly. Alicia squeaked quietly as her jaw trembled, holding her hands up and taking a small step away from Hayden.

❝ Hayden, my dear. Lets go. ❞ Don mumbled sweetly as he stared down at his wife, Hayden grimacing before reluctantly standing up and carefully leaving the room, followed closely by Don who dropped the bloodied piece of glass on the porch as a parting gift.

The things I would do for love. The things I would do for you, Hayden.
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tw. mention of attempted murder, threats of harm, violence.

❝ Was wondering when I’d next see you. ❞ His voice was bare and restrained, proclaiming little exhilaration in his words as he shifted his weight from one side to the other. It was a face riddled with guilt, whilst veiled with that plain stoicism he was so notorious for. It only made Frank despise him even more, and yet his lips bared the closest semblance of a smile that he could muster. The corner of his lip twitched in greeting as pale hues peered up towards Edmund, where the younger brother stood at the front door of the lodge.

Originally, it’d been Franklin’s plan to visit his good friend, Harrison, down in the quaint village of Flintlock to invite him and his family to his wedding. With whatever disorganized assemblage of a wedding he and Roman had put together for themselves in a week’s time, Frank knew that he ought to invite the people who meant something to him. He couldn’t say that he had many genuine friends at all - he only really had a small handful - but the few that he would invite would make his unpretentious day of unity even more special.

He would not invite his family. Not after what they did to him.

Frank would have been lying if he said that he didn’t plan to stop by the lodge in order to give his brother a few choice words following the attack that’d been furtively planned behind Frank’s back. He wanted it to be seen as an impromptu trip, but he couldn’t deny the way his skin burned with blood boiling. He wanted his revenge served cold, his own deliberate and strategic thinking dictating his next moves. Frank wanted Edmund to die, but he was here to deliver a fate worse than death.

❝ Effort goes both ways, you know? ❞ Frank uttered dispassionately, wandering closer towards his brother as he began to remove his beanie. Lips curled downwards in thought, Eddie tipping his head in agreement before taking a step back to allow Frank inside.

❝ I’m not sure under the current circumstances that would be a good idea. ❞ Frank wanted to scoff. Yeah, that was quite the understatement. Whilst he knew for sure that Eddie was referencing current political turmoil between Flintlock Lodge and Bluestem Prairie, to him it felt more like a guilty conscience making a confession. Edmund was a coward. An absolute coward.

❝ Yeah. You must be right. ❞ Frank replied curtly, removing his rucksack and dropping it by the door before removing his coat and placing it on top.
❝ You’re welcome to stay the night. ❞ Pointed out Ed.

Frank shrugged, ❝ Gotta get home. Got two dogs to look after. ❞ No mention of Roman Darrow from neither Frank nor Eddie. He watched his younger brother's face twitch for a split second before Eddie nodded his head down the hallway.

❝ At least stay for a drink or two. ❞

A drink did indeed turn into two, Eddie updating Frank on personal matters such as the birth of Frank’s two new nephews, and Frank telling Eddie what he tended to get up to down in the prairie. After a long conversation between two brothers, Eddie led Frank to his office where he proceeded to show him photographs that he had taken of the two newborns when they were first born.

He always had an ulterior motive.

Returning the photographs back into the drawer, Eddie walked back around to stand nearby his brother again, sitting right on the edge of his desk. ❝ I’m glad you came to see me, by the way. I have a couple of updates regarding the family business. ❞

❝ Oh really? ❞ Frank truly did his utmost to sound mildly surprised, and yet his voice lacked any incredulity that Eddie likely hoped for. Of course there had to have been updates on the family business, one being that Eddie had ordered somebody in this family to try and murder Frank’s own fiance due to some false belief that Roman’s death would unravel the wicked works of Bluestem’s frequent takeovers.

Edmund wasted a bullet on an innocent man.

❝ I’m sure you saw the village has been renovated, yes? ❞ Eddie’s voice quietened, as if he tried to prevent the world outside of the confinements of this office from hearing what he would admit next. Those devious ulterior motives. ❝ Flintlock is getting a lot of resources coming in from it, which is excellent. The Algarottis, the De La Moreaus, the Stiners - we’re back in business with them again. Resources from them - anything that we want - and in return they’re allowed to come and go from the village to strike up their own deals. ❞

❝ Like drugs? And weapons? ❞ Frank quirked a brow. His brother was unbelievable.

Eddie took a sip of his drink, ❝ Sure. I’m providing for my group in the best way I can- ❞

❝ The only way you know. ❞ Frank corrected.

Eddie’s eyes were stern as they stared across at Frank, silent in the tension for a moment. He finally spoke, ❝ Sure. It doesn’t diminish the legitimacy of what I’m doing here, though. ❞

Was his brother deluded? Frank huffed a short breath of bemused laughter. Eddie was certainly deluded. ❝ You’re allowing criminals to waltz through your territory. Total free reign over it. ❞

❝ It’s not like it hasn’t been that way since Alfred brought us here. Before you begin with that judgemental look on your face, you better remember what we are, ‘ey? Criminals - you and me, both. ❞ Pointer finger wagging at Frank, Frank felt an overwhelming desire to snap it in two. Instead, he stared at his brother silently before finishing his drink off and placing the glass on the desk.

❝ Anyway, speaking of family business- ❞ Eddie continued, clearing his throat before he announced, ❝ The family here have made a unanimous decision to drop ❛ Moray ❜ from our family name. We cannot digress from tradition for any longer, so… What I’m saying is that I’d like for you to do the same, if you would? ❞ Eddie watched over expectantly, brows bunching together ever-so-slightly as Frank stared back with slightly parted lips.

Ed shook his head slowly, as if it would rattle up more words for him to spew. ❝ There’s still a place for you in the family, Frank. You know that. ❞ As if the timing couldn’t be more right, in Eddie’s mind. After killing Frank’s fiance, Eddie could so easily lure Frank back into the family business to resume as normal. This man was sick - worse than their father, in Frank’s mind. Alfred would not have been so traitorous as to kill his in-laws.

Lips finally twitched into a smile of disbelief, Frank shifting his weight before he stated plainly, ❝ No. ❞ Eddie’s eyes darted across Frank’s face in silence, Frank slowly narrowing his eyes. ❝ I won’t just drop ❛ Moray ❜ from my family name. I’m no longer going to be a Stirling-Moray or a Stirling or any fucking bullshit derivative of this dysfunctional family anymore. ❞

This felt good. It felt so good to see Ed’s face twitch with a look so foreign to him; offense. Slowly, Frank nodded his head, tongue gliding across his top row of teeth in thought before he revealed, ❝ I’m getting married next week... Yeah - married. ❞ With the surprise riddled across Eddie’s features, Frank took the time to sift around in the pocket of his jeans, then revealing a used bullet before calmly lowering it down on the desk beside his brother.

The bullet which nearly killed Roman.

❝ Thought you probably wanted this back…? ❞ Bitter and vituperative, his snide words were like bullet wounds to Edmund’s soul. Good. He deserved it. ❝ I would've told you sooner that Roman had proposed, but then you were so hellbent on killing him that I thought against it. You failed, by the way. He’s alive. He’s doing better than ever, and he’s making me a Darrow. So, you can take that whole ❛ Stirling-Moray ❜ shit and shove it. ❞

Eddie worked his jaw, that innate reaction to stress so visible to the man who grew up alongside him for over two decades. He wouldn’t speak, though. Frank knew that he was too much of a prideful bastard to ever fess up to his own failures. To ever accept that what he did hadn’t turned out successful. Frank began to hum a breath of laughter briefly, a fire ignited in his eyes, until suddenly he grabbed a fistful of Ed’s shirt, shoving him harshly against the wall. And, with a sleight of hand, he removed Eddie’s own hunting knife from its sheath, the tip of the blade pressed against the taut skin of his throat.

❝ Look at me. ❞ He growled in a low utterance, Eddie’s eyes shifting around before Frank pressed the blade more firmly against his throat. ❝ I said look at me. ❞ Words were like warning signs, red and flashing. Dangerous. Without anymore resistance, Ed’s gaze slowly slid back to look his older brother in the eyes, Frank’s face inscrutable. ❝ You do as little as mention a Darrow again, I will find you and I will make you wish you were dead. And if I can’t do that for any reason - say you get a man less cowardly than yourself to lay a hand on Roman or me - there’s a whole swarm of us out there looking for any reason to burn this place down to the ground. You are outnumbered, Eddie. ❞

Nostrils flared as he breathed his warning quietly, watching the way Eddie’s breath picked up in pace, the way unreadable features were deceived by a glimmer of fear in his eyes. ❝ You and I, we’re no different. I may be the nice one, but we were both raised the same. We don’t rest ‘til the job’s done. And if that means I’ve got to skin you right from the bone? I wouldn’t hesitate. ❞ Then, without delay, he sent the knife back before lodging it sharply into the wall, a hair’s breadth away from Edmund’s eye.

Frank took a small step back, observing the way Eddie froze in fear, before he wordlessly turned and left the room, satisfied with his successful job. He strode down the hall and passed the lounge, nonreactive to the sound of William’s listless greeting, ❝ Oh, my favorite cousin- ❞ Eyes fixated on the front door ahead, Frank did nothing more than lift his fist to show William his middle finger as he returned to his belongings. He tugged his coat back on, pulled his beanie messily over his head, lugged his rucksack back up over his shoulder, and then he left the lodge for what would hopefully be the very last time.