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claire loves u!

jude wasn't angry. she supposed she should be, but after spending so much time dwelling on the fact that she was, in fact, leaving home for her country's top finishing school, she could at least attempt to pick out the positives. one, she was leaving home. she didn't have to dodge her parents' inquiries of her despondent state or why they found a crumpled pack of cigarettes under her bed. the answer to the second question was always the same; it fell from her friend's pocket when she came to sleep over - and no, she did not smoke in her room. as to the first..she wasn't despondent, just..herself. angry. it was what one could consider a perpetual state for jude. even when she was relaxed, there was some degree of anger brewing inside her stomach. so now, when it was replaced with a still, eerie sense of calm, it was almost disconcerting. 

"be safe, dear," her mother wrapped her in an embrace and jude returned it without thinking. there were a lot of strange things happening today. "and come back healthy, okay?" she nodded and smiled (this one she had to force). she turned to her dad, bid him farewell in kind, then stepped in the car. she couldn't help but look back to see their figures grow smaller and smaller in the distance.


the driver tried to make small talk on the way there. "what's a beautiful young woman like you doing going to a finishing school?"

she didn't answer at first. they always asked such obvious questions. what was a beautiful young woman like her doing not going to a finishing school? still, she decided to play it coy. "well, i wouldn't know." at this time, she would take out a pack from her coat pocket and proceed to light a cigarette. it usually shut them up, and it worked this time around, too.

jude let her mind wander to the school and her roommate. she had no idea who they were, whether they were a boy or a girl, tall or short, a morning or night person, whether they actually wanted to be there or not.. she hadn't a clue about any of those things. she initially told herself she could care less, but now she realized how important it was for them to get along.

jude glanced in the rearview mirror and realized her mascara was running. she bit her lip and grasped the seat a little bit tighter. 


the driver helped her with her things, avoiding eye contact the entire time. her mouth twitched a little at that. "goodbye!" she waved. "safe travels!"

the driver raised his hand but did not spare her another glance.

jude turned, her gaze immediately slanting upwards. old main was tall, and the whole place was...bustling. everyone seemed preoccupied, either with talking to a friend, filling out paperwork, or starting towards their dorms. she dug around in her other coat pocket for her room assignment.

room 231, rose hall.

she saw a sign pointing to just that and began to walk over. there was something shaking her. not anger, not tranquility..apprehension? her brows furrowed. nervous, and her? no. she shook her head. get it together. get it together.   

this is what she kept repeating to herself as she practically climbed up the stairs to her room. the elevator was out of order, which wouldn't usually be a bother if it weren't for her two cumbersome cases. someone on the way asked if she needed help, but she told them she would manage.

she stopped in front of the door, suddenly anxious. did her breath still smell like cigarettes? no, it shouldn't. she hardly took a puff. it was only for the driver. was her shirt ironed? yes, her mother had it done last night and this morning. it was fine. everything was fine. she knocked twice, then turned the knob and pushed the door open. her roommate was already there.

"oh, hello."
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