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claire loves u!

aubrey wasn't angry. she supposed she should be, but after spending so much time dwelling on the fact that she was, in fact, leaving home for her country's top finishing school, she could at least attempt to pick out the positives.

first of all, she was leaving home, which took care of all sorts of issues. she didn't have to dodge her parents' questions about her despondent state, for one, or make an excuse as to why they found a crumpled pack of cigarettes under her bed. the answer to the latter was usually the same; it fell from her friend's pocket when she came to sleep over..and no, she did not smoke in her room. as to the first, she wasn't despondent, just herself. angry. perpetually so. even when she was relaxed, there was some degree of anger brewing inside aubrey's stomach.

so now, when it was replaced with a still, eerie sense of calm, it was almost disconcerting. 

"be safe, dear," her mother wrapped her in an embrace and she returned it without thinking. there were a lot of strange things happening today. "and come back healthy, okay?" she nodded and smiled (this one she had to force). she turned to her dad, bid him farewell in kind, then stepped into the car. she couldn't help but look back to see their figures grow smaller and smaller in the distance.

the driver tried to make small talk on the way there. "what's a beautiful young woman like you doing going to a finishing school?"

she didn't answer at first. they always asked such obvious questions. what was a beautiful young woman like her doing not going to a finishing school? still, she decided to play it coy. "well, i wouldn't know." at this time, she would take out a pack from her coat pocket and proceed to light a cigarette. it usually shut them up, and it worked this time around, too.

aubrey let her mind wander to the school and her roommate. she had no idea who they were. she hadn't the slightest clue whether they were a boy or a girl, tall or short, a morning or night person, or if they actually wanted to be there or not. she initially felt she could care less, but was beginning to realize how important it was for them to get along.

aubrey glanced in the rearview mirror and noticed her mascara was running. she bit her lip and held on to the seat a little bit tighter. 

the driver helped her with her things, pointedly avoiding eye contact. her mouth twitched a little. "goodbye!" she waved. "safe travels!"

the driver raised his hand but did not spare her another glance.

aubrey turned around, her gaze slanting upward. old main was tall, and the whole place was...bustling. she dug around in her other coat pocket for her room assignment.

room 231, rose hall.

she saw a sign pointing to just that and began to walk over. there was something shaking her; not anger, not tranquility..apprehension? her brows furrowed. no.

the elevator was out of order, which wouldn't usually be a bother if it weren't for her two cumbersome cases. someone on the way offered to help, but she assured them she would manage.

she stopped in front of the door, her chest heaving. did her breath still smell like cigarettes? no, it shouldn't. she hardly took a puff. was her shirt ironed? yes, her mother had it done last night and this morning. everything was fine. she knocked twice, then turned the knob and pushed the door open. her roommate was already there.

"oh, hello."
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eliza st gelais
you're amazing!
u rock !
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1953, as it happened, was the most mundane year Eliza could remember living through. besides the inugruation of President Eisenhower as well as the release of walt disney's newest animated feature "peter pan", nothing of particular interest to her had happened, even the war bored her.

Eliza had sauntered through her senior year of high school with her favorite companions: premature alcoholism and a chronic case of boredom. Her private all-girls prep school was definitely not the place for parties, nor for her quick mind. Despite her mediocre work ethic, she outperformed every other girl in her class. Even the nearby boy's school hadn't provided her with a night off or a smart enough companion, and many of the boys had tried. Then it was time for the finishing school incarnate: college. Her father, in all his wisdom, had protested her going to any other school except for the all girl's college where Eliza's mother had attended (and in doing so met her father at the corresponding boys school). Eliza did not protest, it wasn't like she had a choice.

Her family's maid Marianne was tasked with helping Eliza move in, as her mother was taking the month at a spa retreat in Saratoga Springs and her father, of course, could not be bothered. Marianne, the closest thing Eliza had had to a present parent in her teenage years, as her father and mother drifted.

Marianne was always punctual, always, thus Eliza was almost completed moved into her room, number 224 of rose hall ahead of schedule. Marianne whipped a single tear away from her right eye as she gave the room a once over with her detail-oriented and well-trained grey eyes.

"Oh don't cry Marianne because then I will" Eliza chuckled, leaning her head on Marianne's shoulder, trying to lighten the mood.
"Ah but ma bichette I cannot help but miss you in the house already" Marianne replied with a smile, softly petting Eliza's hair.
"I promise to be home for thanksgiving. I would never miss your coq au vin." Eliza could smell the dish as she said it, a soft and distant nostalgia already making a small home in her chest.

She walked Marianne out of the rose hall, where the car was waiting. Eliza hugged the women and ducked back inside, already thinking of ways to kill the next few hours before orientation for students actually started and the rest of the residents of Rose Hall moved in.   

She returned to her room and looked out the window. She overlooked a half courtyard where at the present moment, a set up with some tents and orientation attendees was placed. She desperately wanted to smoke and knew the impression of a student leaning out their window with a cigarette wouldn't look the best. All of the other rooms on her floor were either open or being moved into so there was bound to be one that she could use.

She passed room after room until the open door of an empty room 231 caught her eye. The window on the far wall overlooked the side of the building and even further the woods. It was perfect. She pulled out her cigarette case and lit one, leaning out the open window. She heard the sound of more arrivals, the clicking of their heels on the floors as they brought in suitcases. Paying them no mind, Eliza turned out the window and exhaled. She turned back and there was girl standing the doorway who greeted her.

Eliza immediately started putting out her cigarette on the window sill, before flicking the extinguished butt out the window and standing.

"hi. apologizes for borrowing your room. mine overlooks the courtyard and i didn't want to be spied on while i smoked. i'm Eliza, i'm in room 224 down the hall."

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Re: (honey) — p
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claire loves u!

aubrey clamped her mouth shut when she realized it was hanging open. "..oh. that's, uh," she reached up to itch her ear, but used it as an excuse to tuck back her hair. "that's fine." she wasn't sure why she sounded so disappointed. maybe this meant she had a room all to herself this year.

if you don't have a roommate, arrange for one! you live alone all year, anyhow.

she resisted the urge to roll her eyes. what a bore. aubrey kicked in her case and watched it collide onto its side with a loud thud. she stared at it blankly during the prolonged silence that followed.

oh. "i'm aubrey," she smiled, her movements feeling a little less robotic than usual.  "guess we'll be seeing each other often." the smile was growing wider on its own, so she hid her face to prevent from looking too clownish.

why was she like this? the first person she met at this place was going to think she was some kind of psycho.

"do you-" aubrey couldn't help it. as soon as she saw eliza's face, she let out a cackle that was sure to alert everyone down the hall. she threw her hands over her mouth, shaking her head furiously. "i'm sorry, it's not y-" another fit of laughter. she turned back around and hugged her stomach until she could breathe again.

"i sorry." she began to peek behind her shoulder, but thought better of it. "it's just that, well," she cleared her throat and wiped the last traces of tears from her eyes. "i didn't really expect that." 

oh, her poor, poor mother. how she was certain she would be leaving her daughter in good hands.

aubrey bit her lip to suppress another grin. she pulled her hair into a ponytail, sauntered over to the mattress, and flopped down face first. she laid motionless for a while before maneuvering herself around and propping up her chin on her hands.

"so, eliza, what brings you to pretty little princess school?"
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