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 i wanna wake up in slowtown \\ open, raid 
« on: July 05, 2019, 08:03:49 AM »
cw for blood, murder, explosives, and death.

she did her best to hide the tremble of her fingers.

she, along with the rest of the flintlockers showing up to attack, were lying low, staying quiet. hunched over in the shadows, tucked behind the treeline, the silence was absolutely mandatory. even a whisper too loud could fuck it up, could get them all killed. she was somewhere near the front, kneeling behind a tree, wary eyes peering over the side as she watched the half dozen npcs she'd sent into the camp slip in like the shadows, right beneath the guards noses. they were doing arguably the most dangerous part of it all, planting the explosives. though she'd given them a crash course on what to do, and what not to do, it was too easy to fuck up. it would be too easy to accidentally tug on a wire, to hit the button too soon, and all of a sudden you're a casualty right along with them.

but within a minute, just as quickly as they'd gone in, they were hurrying out, no longer trying to be covert. just as soon as they'd made it far enough, the entire camp was set alight with fire, a loud bang ricocheting throughout the mountain.

and then hayley was on her feet, heart pounding, racing towards the scene. it was a silent battle cry, and sure enough people started up behind her, most a hell of a lot faster and less pregnant than herself. the tents were ablaze, people along with them, and though her stomach twisted and she felt the urge to vomit, she was lifting her shotgun quickly, aiming it at the first person she saw who wasn't a flintlocker. though her hands shook, she stilled them just enough to pull the trigger, watching the body of the man, half awake and in his pajamas, fall limply to the ground.

[ the raid! it's against npc's, and flintlock turns out successful in it, so go wild! they planted six high quality explosives throughout the camp initially, which took out most of the people present and the camp itself is on fire, and they're supposed to be going through and killing any of those who survived the initial blast. they attacked at night, so save for the guards, most people should be asleep. ]
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Re:  i wanna wake up in slowtown \\ open, raid 
« Reply #1 on: July 05, 2019, 11:03:02 PM »
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[tw: murder, death] 

She wouldn't deny that the explosion caused her to jump, even though she knew it would be happening. It took her a moment, just watching as people ran out before coming to as she saw those around her start heading down. Fuck, alright let's do this. She followed the others down, stopping once she reached Hayley. Though she wouldn't stay by her friend for long, she lingered long enough to make sure nobody tried targeting her leader.

She'd eventually depart, going further into the rubble from the explosion. She took cover behind a still decent place for cover, hiding behind it and peaking out, gun aimed, waiting for a clear shot. Soon enough it came, a woman came by, seeming distressed and half awake. Bang. A clean shot to the head caused the woman to fall to the ground. Blake stood to move, knowing not to stay in one spot in such a situation before seeing someone approach the body.

There was no hesitation and soon that body would fall onto the other. She let out breath she didn't realize she was holding and set out to find a new hiding spot. Shooting any non-Flintlocker she stumbled across as she tried to find such a spot.

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Re:  i wanna wake up in slowtown \\ open, raid 
« Reply #2 on: July 07, 2019, 10:01:06 AM »
      ❝ You got enough ammo? ❞

The hushed whisper came from Dominik, dressed in dark attire, sniper rifle in his grasp as he knelt on high ground. He was accompanied by Edmund who, with stern features, surveyed the area from above. They were lucky that the Bonifacios had chosen a place with a clifftop to observe their camp from. Their original purpose for said clifftop was for a perfect place from patrols to guard the camp from above but, with two simple stealth kills, the two brothers were in a perfect position to attack. Talk about the Bonifacios plan backfiring on them. Edmund peered over towards his older brother, the youngest brother laying on his belly, rifle set up and ready to fire, before giving him a simple nod of the head.

The other two brothers, on the other hand, were settled among the treeline with the rest of the Lodgers, their own rifles held close to their body whilst they waited for the signal to start running. Frank peered over towards Blake and then flitted his gaze towards Hayley. For a man who was seemingly so impassive, he knew that Eddie cared about the woman a lot - Franklin knew this from the mere fact that Ed insisted Frank kept an eye out for the two women. Not that they needed it - they were tough and could handle themselves - but just in case either of them were in trouble. His future sister-in-law and a heavily pregnant leader, Frank could see why Eddie felt so strongly about his request.

Alfie, on the other hand, was purely set on the thrill of the ambush. Eager eyes glistened as he stared over, awaiting the inevitable explosion. Then, he could tear through the campsite before the Bonifacios could even wake from their disorientation. He knitted his brows together, chewing on his lip. It was only a matter of time before -

( BOOM. )

Edmund watched through his scope at the sight of Lodgers racing out from the woods and into the campsite, the growing fire illuminating his targets' faces. The two brothers began to fire their rifles from afar, bringing down several bodies in their effort. A part of Eddie was glad that he could finally showcase his expertise in long range shooting. In fact, it was what he was best at. Alfie and Frank, down below, dropped behind cover, firing whenever they had a clean shot. At this rate, the Bonifacios were to be 'extinct' in a matter of minutes.

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Re:  i wanna wake up in slowtown \\ open, raid 
« Reply #3 on: July 08, 2019, 02:13:25 AM »
TW: gore, murder

Damien had progressively gotten quieter as the raid had gotten closer and closer to the camp. Damien's father had enforced silence before a hunt - encouraged silence after it as well. You never quite knew what would happen, what opportunities would come to face someone who kept their mouth shut. This was all just a giant hunt after all - Damien had been doing this for years. He knew where to step, where to place his boots to prevent excessive sound. If he closed his eyes, he could imagine himself in the woods at home, where he'd kill a deer and come back home for something warm.

Pulling his handgun from his waistband, Damien absently checked the safety, checked the magazine. Eight bullets, and then the spare 'zine, and the knife in his boot. Well-stocked, and who knew what he'd pick up in the camp? Surely, they were gonna take anything not exploded.. or covered in what'd once been people.

As he pulled earbuds from his pocket, he saw the Lodgers running back. Great, perfect timing for Damien. Sure, the soulful, light-hearted ballads of ABBA wouldn't do much for the sound, but at least it was distracting.

You can dance, you can jive...


Damien quickly cut off from the pack of Lodgers, edging around the campsite to look for the tents with the least amount of damage. Here was the thing about hunting, was you had to cover every side. The places with less Lodgers meant more time to escape, and Damien wasn't having that today. Like a dark-clad specter, Damien gently opened the flap to the first tent, making out shapes of slow-moving, rustling bodies.

Having the time of your life...

Bang. Bang. Bang.

Walking out of the tent, Damien looked around for other Lodgers he could help. Raise hell, right?

/ so uhhh I actually oneshotted this because... my post got a little way too long. oneshot link is here : )

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Re:  i wanna wake up in slowtown \\ open, raid 
« Reply #4 on: July 08, 2019, 09:36:32 AM »

— mickey had debated whether or not to come to the raid. however, it didn’t take much deliberation to decide that he should be there-- but he had the reasoning that he should be there as part-time medic, part-time fighter. he’d be sure to try and fire a few shots when needed, but his priority would definitely be helping the injured when he needed it, and npc on standby to cover for him when he needed it. the moment everyone started racing towards the scene, he was one of the last to head towards the carnage, gun in hand and a bag of medical supplies on his back.
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