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basil-ace quinn dallon
no, i wasn't born without a heart
i wasn't always like this
i wasn't born with all these scars
and that's what made me like this
the office smelled like whiskey, old leather, cigarette smoke, and vanilla. there was a gentle clinking as the ice in the empty whiskey glasses melted and shifted around. the man standing by the window overlooked the city, hands rested behind his back as one hand held the opposite wrist to keep there in place. his fingers were covered in thick gold rings and jewels and scars. the cigar in his mouth had long since went out; and yet he did not make any moves to relight it. his suit was crisp -- tailored to perfection to suit his short, yet muscular frame. his skin was tan and dark, standing out against the white dress shirt that just barely peeked out underneath the black suit coat on his arms. a record player kept the room from being completely silent.

a flock of birds flew passed the giant penthouse windows he stood in front of. gentle oranges, reds, and yellows filtered in through the spotless windows, making the room seem ablaze. hazel eyes trailed along the city skyline, watching the flying people, flying animals, and airplanes. everyone in this city was special. gods, goddesses, demi-gods and demi-goddesses, mythical beings -- they all lived together here. safely. this city was truly a refuge. a refuge that he had underneath his fingertips. a city that he owned. his city. his people.

"isn't is beautiful? this city. this harmony. everything. and it's all mine. every last demi-god and fucking unicorn on these damn streets." the man's voice was gruff, old, and harsh. he seemed to be talking to no one in particular. "all of this... it'll be yours when i'm gone, my son." he turned his wrinkled and leathery face to the young man sitting in the chair on the opposite side of his desk. "isn't that amazing?"

the young man sitting in the chair was staring absently at the mahogany desk in front of him, his leg bouncing rapidly in annoyance and boredom. "not really." the young man's voice was harsh and gruff in its own way, and yet velvety and silky. this seemed to anger the older man as he scoffed and put his hands on his desk, bending down to get more eye level to the younger male.

"this is your life, basil-ace. you are my son. and when i'm gone, you will get my empire. that is what you were born to do! do you understand?"

pure golden eyes slid up calmly from the desk to the older man. standing up, the young male placed his own hands on the desk and bent down to face the other. "i hope you die soon so i can burn this place to the fucking ground."

the record scratched as it reached the end of the vinyl and the room was encompassed in silence.

"you will continue my legacy, whether you like it or not. you have no other abilities. you can't rule worlds or countries. you are not feared otherwise. you are nothing without me and this empire. you will never amount to anything. you will not burn anything down because you are nothing without this." the man's words dripped with venom and he bared his wolf-like teeth at the younger man. "you were an absolute mistake and should never have been born. the least you can fucking do to validate your existence is run my business when i'm gone."

there were a few more seconds of silence. the air was so poisonous with hatred that it was suffocating. finally, after what seemed like years of hostile quietness, the elder man stood straight up from his desk, turned back towards the window, and linked his fingers behind his back again.

"get out."


it had been a quiet night after the argument in the office. basil-ace was sitting on the sofa in his bedroom, staring blankly at the ceiling while the tv droned on in the background. something about a girl and a guy who fell in love and got married and the girl got in to an accident and lost all of her memories and had to fall back in love again... he wasn't sure. he obviously hadn't been paying attention. in fact, he had grown so tired of that particular movie playing, that he simply switched over to a music playlist.there. that was much better. he'd much rather listen to music than lovey-dovey romance shit.

standing up, the man stretched his arms above his head, glancing around his penthouse suite. sure, this place was cool and he had more access to drugs and money and women than he knew what to do with but... he didn't want to run this fucking place. that, and he was just... bored. all the time. yeah, endless drugs and women was cool and whatever but he wanted something. he wanted motorcycle rides and late night skinny dipping and fast food binges at four in the morning. this would be doable with the women who constantly wanted him but... they constantly wanted him. they all knew who he was. he wanted to hang around someone who didn't really know him. they could know his name, sure, but... he wanted to hang out with someone who knew nothing else about him.

as he wandered over to his kitchen, ace rubbed his eyes and scratched his abdomen. his fingers grabbed the handle of the fridge and yanked it open, grabbing whatever alcohol he had in there and carting it back to the couch. he didn't get the chance to sit down, however, because there was a voice on the intercom in his room.

"basil-ace, you're needed in the lobby, please."

rolling his honey colored eyes, ace looked at the alcohol on his couch, then at his own frame. the jeans he was wearing were slightly too big for him and, without his belt, they tilted to one side and hung low off his hips. he didn't really want to get all dressed up for what was probably another girl his dad wanted him to marry in to the empire. he was so tired of girls...

shrugging, ace threw on a plaid button up shirt -- though he didn't button it up because why would he? -- and his combat boots before he set off to the lobby that was sixty floors down. the entire penthouse was sixty-five floors and he just had to be stuck all the way at the fucking top.

the elevator dinged and basil-ace stared blankly at his reflection in the squeaky-clean metal doors as he waited.


the elevator door dinged open and the young man stepped outside, hurrying away from the young woman who had decided to ride with him. in the gigantic lobby, the man saw a small group of people, including his father, a few servants, and someone he'd never seen before. the man that he'd never seen before was... intimidating. terrifying. basil-ace could tell that everyone in this building was scared of this man. ace was sure he'd seen this man somewhere before. maybe in a newspaper? he looked like the kind of man that conquered galaxies and committed mass genocide for fun.

that's hot... ace bit his tongue to keep his thoughts from running wild as he approached the group. he loved danger. he loved dangerous people. he loved the thought of this strange man that looked like he could break him in half. please do... shifting his golden eyes away, basil-ace approached his father, his face emotionless and stoic.

"basil-ace! finally! this is (ur bbys name!) he will be your new bodyguard. we don't want another repeat of last year's incident, do we?" his father raised an eyebrow and ace touched the gigantic scar on his bare chest before shrugging.

"i dunno. the idea of death kinda turns me on~" he purred. the women in the vicinity seemed to melt and try to contain whatever noise they wanted to make at that comment. basil-ace finally looked up at this new bodyguard, eyes unabashedly trailing up and down the other man's figure. jesus... the thoughts were coming back, so ace shifted his gaze away again, back to his father.

"what, so he's like, my babysitter?"

"essentially. that, and he'll teach you about how to run a business so you can take over this place when i'm gone!"

basil-ace rolled his eyes. this shit again. never ends.

the intercom dinged and the same woman's voice from before came on. "boss, you're needed in your office for a conference call."

the boss looked at the bodyguard, giving him a rough, solid slap on the shoulder and a hopeful grin. "this'll be good. we'll discuss your living and pay later today at dinner. basil-ace, listen to him, would you?" the boss gave the young man a hateful glare and ace rolled his eyes.

after the drug lord had left, basil-ace grinned and looked back at this so-called bodyguard. "so... what? you teach me how to do inventory and protect me from some big, scary monsters?" the young man scoffed. "he's usually never that excited unless i'm on my fucking deathbed. why're you so special?" apart from... obvious reasons... "call me ace, by the way. none of that 'basil-ace' shit." i mean honestly you can call me whatever the hell you want. ace shifted his gaze away once more and smirked slightly. well, if nothing else, this guy seemed like he'd be good fun.

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azriel k. ◇ "kaos"
the screen was bleary fuzz, illuminating the dimly lit room. it was some old classic film, with washed out dancing pictures over over dramatic actors. the volume was set to zero, so the context of it all was lost, however, it didn't really matter much to azriel. despite fluttering lashes and the exhaustion urging him to rest, his mind was in turmoil. he knew it was around dusk, soft golden light peeked its rays from behind the curtains and the thought of it made his head pound. a perk of being a god was being able to drink more, however the other half of it was the fact that he couldn't pinpoint how much more he was actually able to handle. one minute he was fine, knocking down shot after shot, and the next he was at home with a shitty hangover and some trash show playing on the tv.

he took a moment before finally leaning over and grabbing his phone from the counter, quickly checking the time. he'd effectively spent the entirety of his day lazing around in his dark home without a wink of rest from the night before. he'd gotten back at around four in the morning, slept for around an hour, and woke up at five or so. from there, he couldn't sleep through the pounding headache he had. besides, the blonde had to be out in another two hours or so, which meant he had to get ready. even the god of chaos had to have the decency to not be completely shit-faced in some cordial meeting.

azriel took another moment, heaving out a tired sigh before dragging himself out of bed. his room was fairly clean, a couple of stray shirts and jeans littered the floor but other than that, the general appearance was decent. pristine white walls, white sheets, everything was, well, white. his wardrobe, on the other hand, was comprised of blacks, greys, and various muted shades of dark colours. he didn't have many clothes, but it didn't exactly matter. all he really had the choice to wear for the night, and probably for the rest of the following nights, was a button-up, some kind of jacket, and a pair of slacks. loafers. bland, normal, business.

he wasn't exactly sure why he took the job, aside from the extra buck. he supposed it was boredom, a need to do something more. wreaking havoc wasn't exactly allowed ( he still did it on the occasion anyway. ), and going out and drinking every night was losing its appeal. and it was expensive. he blew through at least half of his pay on alcohol alone, and clubs were a completely different story. besides, it was time that azriel found a more stable income, anyway.

& & &

he made a mistake. that was azriel's immediate first thought upon seeing the other step out of the elevator. disheveled, messy, careless. really, azriel didn't know what he was expecting from the son of the largest drug lord, but it was more than this. his comments were worse, and yet the blonde couldn't help but give the other a look over. a quick one, he didn't hook up with clientele. it wasn't his thing, mixing business and pleasure. that was a messy situation just waiting to happen and the god never wanted to deal with that. he's done a lot of crazy stuff, sure, but fucking on the job wasn't one of them.

so he was the glorified babysitter for the future proprietor of a major drug corporation. that said, the future proprietor was a playboy brat who had no understanding of his role or desire for his role. right, so in other words, azriel made a big, big mistake. though as the elder left, he knew he couldn't exactly back out of this anymore. he dug his own grave, he was going to have to get comfortable in it. he took a moment, waiting for the elevator to ding behind him before he relaxed, eyes returning to basil-ace.

he'd been a bodyguard for a while, done some other shady stuff before that, but he's never dealt with anyone like basil-ace before. mainly for the fact that he hated people like him. the wealthy with too much time and money on their hands, no care for others, no care for themselves. they just wasted space. azriel paused, jaw locked as the other spoke, playful jabs rolling off his tongue, useless questions and a desire that the blonde wasn't going to fulfill.

"we're not friends, basil-ace. familiarity isn't my strong suit," his words were clipped, matter-of-fact, "so unless it's mr. dallon, we'll stick with basil-ace. you can call me katsaros or kaos." kaos, chaos, the two were one in the same. the state of disorder and destruction, chaos could ruin everything. and that was what azriel was known for. the original, the beginning, the first state of the universe. and, if need be, he could destroy everything. ruin everything there is, and could ever be. morbid, and he would never do it, but the thoughts crossed his mind a couple times before.

"god of chaos, if that much wasn't obvious enough. don't know if that's special enough for you."
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basil-ace quinn dallon
no, i wasn't born without a heart
i wasn't always like this
i wasn't born with all these scars
and that's what made me like this
oh god no. this guy was as bad as everyone else.

listening to the other man speak, ace's shoulders slumped and he couldn't help the frown that sunk onto his lips. great. another "pleasantries before everything" type of guy. that was all this was. basil-ace was not being treated like a person; he was being treated like an object. he wasn't an individual with thoughts and feelings -- he was an heir to a legacy he didn't care about. he didn't want to run a company, let alone an empire. he didn't want to be bathed in gold and dried off with hundred dollar bills. he wanted to experience pain and hardship the way most people do. he just wanted a normal life. he didn't want to live in a giant penthouse on the sixtieth floor; he wanted to couch surf and have fun. go to dive bars and experience life for what it was. no point in going out to drink when you can drink in your room for free, though, right?

the other ignored his request to just be called ace and the younger man groaned internally. right. this guy was just some dude his dad hired to protect him from the hundreds of thousands of people that wanted him dead. the other drug lords hated basil-ace and his father, which made ace grumpy. he never did shit, so why did they have to target him, too? if they wanted this stupid company, then they could have it for all he cared. but that wasn't enough, was it? they wanted basil-ace dead, his father dead, everyone in the company dead, and the entire thing burned to the ground. that was what they wanted -- so it made sense to hire a god to protect it.

they had a few gods and goddesses in the empire. the receptionist was a goddess, but fuck if ace could remember which one. goddess of bookkeeping maybe? who knows. it made sense to hire the god of chaos to be the protector of it. well, the more ace thought about it, the less sense it actually made to hire the god of fucking chaos to protect something. wasn't he supposed to, you know, destroy everything? that explains why basil-ace had seen him before; he was in the lessons in school. azriel katsaros was the god of chaos. one of the originals -- he's probably been alive since before the earth was habitable.

he wasn't sure, though, because he never paid attention in school.

crossing his arms low over his stomach, basil-ace scoffed. "how about i call you cunt," he hissed under his breath, eyes trailing to the floor. he shouldn't be picking fights. especially not with kaos. still, he couldn't help it. all his life he's been treated like an object. he hated it. he wanted to be free of this fucking place. go somewhere else and do something else -- anything else.

but he couldn't.

basil-ace was not special. he wasn't a god, or a demi-god or any kind of mythical being. in a world full of special powers and abilities, ace was just... there. he wasn't sure how many normal humans were in the city, but he guessed probably under fifty, and that was a generous number. humans weren't the dominant species anymore. there were still humans on earth, sure, but in this city? fuck no. he was one of the few. he didn't have special powers, special features, nothing. he was just... normal. and in a city full of the abnormal, being normal was the worst fucking thing.

sure, he could sweet talk and flirt his way into, out of, and away with anything he wanted, but there was only so much energy for that. still, it was fun sometimes.

still, the idea of getting the god of chaos as a personal bodyguard was... exciting, and ace couldn't help but grin to himself as he looked at the floor. motioning for the other to follow, the young man put a pep in his step and a swing in his hips as he sauntered to the elevator. all contempt seemed to have melted away as he waited for the other to board the elevator before selecting the floor. "god of chaos~ that is pretty special. but why'd you wanna work here of all places? did mr. dallon offer a pretty high pay?" basil-ace refused to call his father by name. the man bit on his tongue as the elevator dinged open again.

stepping outside, the brunette slid the door to his penthouse open, allowing the other to go first. he didn't have to go on any deals or anything for another few hours. that was plenty of time. shutting the door behind them and leaning against it, ace eyed the other male like an animal stalking its prey.

"what's it like? being a god. there must have been a time where you were worshipped and offered sacrifices, right?" again, basil-ace never listened in school. though, the sick part of his mind said that he wouldn't mind being offered as a sacrifice right now.

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