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« on: July 13, 2019, 06:53:03 AM »
      ❝ All right - meeting. ❞ Greenie announced as he paced around the warehouse.  ❝ Firstly, I'd like to welcome Peggy, Sam and Oliver to Northstar District. They came from an... unsettling situation, so please keep a look out for any suspicious newcomers that may be looking for them. Northstar is supposed to act as a safe haven for people, so lets ensure that. ❞ He nodded his head, searching the group before leaning down and picking Midas up. Keeping the chihuahua beneath his arm, Green then continued.

❝ We're making great progress with the boat repair. I think that in a couple weeks it may actually be fit to sail! I hope you guys are ready for this new venture. I'm thinking fishing and diving for valuables - maybe there are pearls down there, you never know - or maybe we may find another island... The possibilities out there are endless. ❞ He cracked the smallest of smiles, stood in contemplation as he wondered.

❝ Next, I'd like a few volunteers to tag along with me to visit Flintlock Lodge. Tensions appear to run high between the two groups and I'd like us to go and dispel it. We don't need to make any more enemies so I intend for us to hopefully negotiate a new treaty between Northstar and Flintlock. Who would like to volunteer? ❞

He cleared his throat whilst he awaited any response before continuing, ❝ All right... Good. And finally, I'd like for people to do some chores around here, so I'll be meeting up later today just outside the market with a list of chores for people to do. I am proud of everyone; we are really getting our shit together. And with that, meeting's dismissed. ❞

Spoiler: tags :: updated 5/11 • show
✫ vernon jeremiah green // only known as green or greenie
✫ hasn't told people that his name is vernon
✫ male // he/him
✫ twenty four // ages real time // born twenty first april
✫ leader of northstar district
✫ stepped up as leader - twentieth april 2039

faceclaim - taron egerton
voice claim - taron egerton
✫ family originally comes from llanfairpwllgwyngyll in wales
✫ has a mixed british accent with a welsh and american twang
✫ 5'10ft // lean yet well-built from working out
✫ soft blue eyes and dirty blonde hair // has a mohawk
✫ physical health - 100%
    — current injuries: none as of now
✫ mental health - 100%
    — he's got no ailments at the moment

✫ fundamentally he has a good heart // humble
✫ very assertive // does what he can to benefit northstar
✫ has a good set of morals // cares for people unconditionally
✫ very relaxed and composed with self-assurance and confidence
✫ incredibly complacent and laid back unless he's fighting for his cause
✫ massive daredevil // is very into extreme sports
✫ fearless, stupidly so // doesn't mind risking his own life
✫ generally easy to get on with, it's difficult to dislike him
✫ doesn't think into the future // only thinks about the present
✫ dependable and very loyal to his friends

✫ david green x cassandra griffiths // both are deceased
✫ only child // his biological father died before he was born
✫ green was orphaned when he was nine
✫ fostered by caroline and steve miles
✫ both his foster parents died when green was eleven
✫ best friends with chip
✫ his chihuahua, midas, is like a child to him
✫ heterosexual heteroromantic // has never been in a relationship before
✫ crushing on fallon

storage // plot
✫ physically: hard // mentally: medium
✫ his weapon of choice is a spiked nail bat, yet he only has it for defense
✫ very diplomatic and much prefers mediation rather than fighting
✫ dislikes confrontation yet will fight if need be // prefers close-ranged attacks
✫ foster parents taught him self-defense
✫ living on the streets turned him into a good fighter // knows how to fire a gun

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« Reply #1 on: July 13, 2019, 10:41:47 PM »

— a meeting was announced, and jazz found himself sliding over to his usual spot to listen in on everything. the only thing to make him uneasy was talk of the newcomers coming from a rather unsettling situation needing people to keep a lookout for suspicious passerby. that was followed by greenie picking up midas so - maybe he shouldn’t be worried if the all-mighty and powerful chihuahua looked rather calm.
“i can go,” he offered, raising a hand so greenie could pick him out from the group. he didn’t really know how great he’d be with negotiation, but maybe now as the time he started really being a help around northstar. less menial things and more- he didn’t know. actually helpful things?
… that and he really wanted to see his friends at flintlock again.
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