Author Topic: he's mine, that boy is mine // WEDDING RECEPTION, OPEN  (Read 49 times)

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he's mine, that boy is mine // WEDDING RECEPTION, OPEN
« on: July 13, 2019, 01:54:42 PM »
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  The reception was mostly outside, though it was also inside should people prefer to be there. It was warm enough that people may want a jacket of some sort, but it was definitely warmer than it usually was in Flintlock. There was booze, one of the brothers was grilling, and the bride had an hour and a half of which she could drink.

Blake held Charlotte with one arm who was wearing the dress Hope wore to Hayley's wedding, an offering Hayley made. Lottie was cooing and gurgling, talking to her mommy before getting distracted by putting her fist in her mouth. Blake was sitting down, her drink on the table out of the baby's reach. She kissed the top of Lottie's head and watched her just be...her.

Today was supposed to be about her, but that was had to do when the twins were cute. They could smile and make little noises, plus Blake was definitely a worrysome mom. She'd rather have one of the twins with her whenever she could. Even if the twins were with the brothers she worried. So maybe she wasn't going to enjoy the reception like she should as the bride, not until the twins were maybe put down for a nap or something. But everyone else was having a good time it seemed. Between drinks, food, and dancing it at least seemed like it.

Happy moments like this seemed so surreal. Everyone getting together and enjoying an event like this, getting along and just enjoying life. It was something she had admired about Hayley's wedding and all the events the groups had. She was thrilled her wedding would be such an event.

//shit this is bad okay. So there's music, booze, food. It's outside so people would probably want some sort of light jacket? Feel free to have your characters talk to Blake or just have people meet from different groups whatever.
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Re: he's mine, that boy is mine // WEDDING RECEPTION, OPEN
« Reply #1 on: Yesterday at 01:41:55 AM »
i don't need your advice.
i don't need your advice.
weddings aren’t Brendan’s forte. While he’s been in a few by now (and by few he means two, now three), and therefore he knows the drill, perfectly understands the correct way to avoid the heck out of people, sometimes things refuse to go accordingly to plan. Honestly, for a bit Brendan didn’t even consider attending the wedding; he knew Blake decently enough, watched over her kids during the raid. Edmund, though...yikes. But somehow, in some way, Brendan managed to be one of the ushers for the wedding, ordering people to ditch weapons and, if they didn’t, well...he had every right to literally kick them out, right? He hopes so, because there’s a decent chance he might’ve done that to one person. Just one, though—he usually isn’t that violent, and people usually aren’t that stupid.

Well...he feels that everyone is pretty stupid, but that’s a different story that should be saved for a different day.

Fixing the cuffs of his tux, Brendan sighs, leaning against a tree with crossed arms as the festivities drag on. Jeez, feels just like Hayley’s wedding. And the summer barbecue. Ugh. Exhaling sharply once more, he tilts his head to the side, eyeing the snack table before turning his head to face the opposite direction, towards the lodge. Are his chickens okay? Dear god, they better be; as much as he wants to ditch this dumb party and go...kick a bag or something, he doesn’t know, he very well understands that he isn’t going to waste effort. it took way too long for him to find this stupid navy blue tux and, as a result, it took way too long for him to put it on. Similarly to Hayley’s wedding, he opted not to bother with a tie, and just slapped a bow tie on his chest and called it a day.

Call it boring, but he doesn’t give a crap. Honestly, this whole wedding is more boring than watching a chicken sleep, to put it gently. (not...not like that Brendan would want to do that, anyways.)

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Re: he's mine, that boy is mine // WEDDING RECEPTION, OPEN
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      The shrill of off-key singing came from Alfonoso, the tall and burly man swinging his shoulders mindlessly along to the music as he flipped meat over on the grill. Edmund had been peering over, a small huff of amusement passing through his nostrils before he stood up, took a swig of his whiskey, and then headed closer back to the party. This'd been exactly how he envisaged the reception - loud, hustling and bustling and absolutely amazing to witness. He'd always been one for big parties, funnily enough. Despite his general quietness, he by no means was shy to the idea of getting drunk and having fun. In fact, it'd been his entire life as a bachelor. But now, he had other priorities in his life a lot more important to him than alcohol and spending his nights with strangers.

Wandering over towards his wife, a crooked smile slowly found itself wandering across his lips as he tipped his head towards her. ❝ Give Lottie to Nik; I'd like to ask you to dance with me. ❞ He raised a brow before holding his hand out for her to take.

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Re: he's mine, that boy is mine // WEDDING RECEPTION, OPEN
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jazz didn’t really know how to party. parties hadn’t been too frequent where he had come from, and usually he was just happy to get to blow out a couple of candles on a cake -- but this was way better. there had been the fireworks display at northstar, and that had been about it when it came to parties. but he did know how to have a good time.
he loved the stirling-morays, so of course he’d have to show up for this big occasion. by the looks of it, he definitely was one of the many invited… but he still felt so damn glad to be there, anyway. currently he was working his way through the crowds of people on the dance floor, trying to say hello to some good friends or trying to make some new ones as well.
dancing across the floor, drink in hand, he flashed a couple of smiles whenever he locked eyes with someone, and tried to make out some familiar faces.
//yikes @ this post
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Re: he's mine, that boy is mine // WEDDING RECEPTION, OPEN
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C  A  T  A  L  Y  S  T
This was what, their second wedding? Third counting the one that they'd attended when they were a baby. To be honest, they were enjoying this one quite a bit more than Hayley's (not to cause offense to the widow), largely due to the weather being far more pleasant and not having to do anything other than keep their boyfriend and baby happy. Neither was all that hard, a kiss for Gav and a booped nose for Mo.

Now they were lounging in the Lodge, bouncing Mo on their knee and waiting for Gavril to get back with drinks, a dull look on their face.

//this is so bad but I'm so tired

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Re: he's mine, that boy is mine // WEDDING RECEPTION, OPEN
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      Ah, weddings. Brock hadn't witnessed love so innocent and naive like this one in years. It was more often the case where people wreaked havoc to the world around him - Brock was no exception. He was so comfortable with violence, bloodshed and misery that the faintest glimpse into a world of hopefulness, adoration and life almost sickened him. He was by no means a bitter man who wished for destruction in his path, he just wasn't... used to love anymore. Especially not after his beautiful Alexandra died.

Love for him held an entirely different meaning. Love for his son - that kid was fucking amazing - and love for the people he'd brought under his wing with the intention to protect them. He had become a father to those who'd never been anybody's son or daughter in years, and Brock chose to adore them as if they were his own offspring. After all, with love grew respect, and respect meant that those who'd live for him would also die for him. Brock enjoyed the feeling of security, even though perhaps it was cruel to lead people on in this way. Love for him was a lie; it was all a lie, darling.

With lips pursed together, curious eyes glimmered with mischief as he watched the party-goers enjoy their evening. He, dressed cleanly in a black three piece suit, waistcoat blood red with golden embroidery. Rings stacked across his fingers - of course all stolen from past endeavors - and finishing off his look with a dark gambler hat. He was a man so violently garish in his choice of clothing, yet it was always so apparent that he was proud to be this way. After all, despite the perhaps distasteful choice of attire, it gave him the appearance of authority, a look which he so gladly would clasp onto. Somebody had to look the part in Bluestem, after all.

Speaking of which, his brow cocked at the sight of the leader, Silas, waltzing through the party. It wasn't difficult to spot to (probably to Silas' delight) with the hot pink silken dress shirt that he sported and the brown and cream patterned suit pants which looked like they belonged on a mannequin in a Gucci store. ❝ Are you tryna upstage the groom? ❞ Brock asked, a cheeky smirk riddling his features as Silas scrunched his face up before cocking a hip out. ❝ I'm not trying to; I have upstaged him, and don't I look fuckin' fantastic? ❞ Silas returned confidently, words slurring from the alcohol he'd been drinking. ❝ It's an acquired taste, that's for sure ❞ Chuckled Brock, tipping his chin towards Silas as the leader snorted under his breath before wandering off. Idiot.
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