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 fearless child, golden boy \\ open, joiners 
« on: July 14, 2019, 01:52:47 AM »
tw for mentions of blood

he'd looked better.

anton carmichael usually minded his appearance, to some degree. he'd keep his shirts clean and his hair combed and everything about his appearance was just about always orderly. he did his best to look put together, look clean cut; a side effect of a childhood in hand-me-down's and clothes from goodwill, as an adult with the freedom to chose his own clothing, he preferred to look... well, nice.

but as he stood there that afternoon, anton looked worse for wear. dark circles beneath his eyes, hair a bit disheveled, there was smoke stains on his shirt and dust covering his slacks. a small gash resided along his hairline, the blood dried and flaking, and he looked like he'd been through hell.

the truth was, he had.

beside the massive man stood a woman, a foot or so shorter, looking arguably as crappy. what had once been a rather nice grey pantsuit was covered in white dust and blood stains, auburn hair pulled into a sloppy bun atop her head, face just as tired and drained as her fiance beside her. hanna had never made a big deal about her appearance, perhaps because she'd been born into money with nothing to prove, but it was obvious that she, too, was uncomfortable, though her unease was more so with being soaked in the dried blood of strangers than an obsessive need for neatness.

the two surgeons stood side by side at flintlocks border, wordless and solemn. though she wore an engagement ring on her left hand, they didn't touch or hold one another in this painful time. instead, they kept careful distance between themselves, isolated in their own personal bubbles. beside each of them were a few black duffel bags, as dirty as they were but clearly packed to the brim, giving away nothing about why the duo looked so... ruined.

they stood there, around where the border anton knew belonged, quiet and tired, defeat written across their faces.
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Re:  fearless child, golden boy \\ open, joiners 
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i don't need your advice.
i don't need your advice.
brendan is kinda a bit of a puzzle when it comes to identifying...any part of his appearance. While for the most part he’s decently put together considering his home and daily "chores" (if one could call those that), he, too, is a bit disheveled himself. Definitely not to the extent of Anton and Hanna, but enough to be like "wow, this kid has been through some stuff." Messy hair that isn’t always combed through (but combed enough to the point where the knots are out, at least), shirt poking out from underneath hoodie, and usually baggy eyelids and a scowl laced on his features. Basically—not friendly. Not one bit. He enjoys that though, quite a bit one might notice, but that should be saved for later, maybe. Long story short, he feels comfortable being intimidating because that means less people will want to mess with him; it’s the perfect strategy.

Does Brendan care about his appearance? Ehhhh, it depends. For the most part, not really, especially considering that he isn’t out to attract anyone or anything. Plus, he’d much rather take care of chickens at the crack of dawn instead of later; the idea of delaying their breakfast because he needs to double check that he’s wearing a matching combination of shirt and pants is beyond stupid and ridiculous to him. Honestly, he doesn’t even care if his clothes match or not. As long as they fit, they're good—if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. A strange motto that he tends to...well, not follow that well, but he guesses it applies to his fashion sense?

...jeez louise, what does this have to do with anything?

Stalking up to the two newcomers at the border, Brendan tightens his frown, eyebrows furrowing as he glares at the man. Has...has he seen him before? Eyes popping up and down, Brendan blinks, a bit of confusion dawning on his face. The dude looks familiar, but—whatever. Grabbing hold of his walkie-talkie, Brendan presses a button into it, not even daring to rip his glower away from the strangers for even once second.

"strangers at the border," he nonchalantly mumbles into it, sounding just about done with life. Once he puts the item away, he brandishes his staff, pointing it at the two of them. "who are you?"

He doesn’t say it out loud, however he certainly has noticed just how...uhm...messed up the duo looks. Have they just walked away from a fricken bombing or something? Yikes, that’s gotta be painful if so.


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Re:  fearless child, golden boy \\ open, joiners 
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      Ellie never expected to ever see Anton in such a state.

Sure, disregarding the chaos that'd been his office when she visited him several months ago, she would strike him as being immaculate in his appearance. After all, he was a doctor - they always seemed so organised and well put together. If they were ever the contrary, then something horrible must've gone wrong. And, Ellie couldn't imagine Anton would appear so disheartened. The look in his eyes alone looked like a world of war and heartbreak. His body posture that'd once been so self-assured and powerful appeared trounced with defeat.

And so, when the walkie talkie beside her chimed Brendan's voice announcing that people were at the border, something willed Ellie to investigate. Less than a month away from her due date, the very last thing she wanted to do was to wonder up and down the mountain all day, leaving her to wallow around indoors instead. But, with little to do inside, it wouldn't hurt to accompany Brendan to see if he needed any help.

Hand rested on her belly comfortably as she trudged down towards the border, only hesitating with a frown when she realized that these weren't no strangers. Nope - it was Anton and his fiance. At first, the tiniest of smiles flickered across her features. But then, she noticed the soot, dust and blood. Her smile fell, then she gawked, picking up speed as she neared Brendan. ❝ It's all right, Brendan. They're from Springfield. ❞ She quickly assured before stepping closer towards the couple, lips parted and eyes wide in disbelief. ❝ Oh my God; what happened? ❞

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Re:  fearless child, golden boy \\ open, joiners 
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— it felt like the new world was only getting worse. more violence was erupting from almost every group nowadays, it seemed. he’d heard badlands had been at war, flintlock had been at war, and more and more violent groups were popping up to try and take over. and it kind of… scared harrison. he had thought he’d left all of the violence behind him with the gangs, but now it was only coming full-force at all of them and he didn’t know how to even feel about it.
wandering down towards the building group, he glanced at the injuries, the blood- and he knew it wasn’t good. ellie said they were from springfield, a place he’d only heard about. a place that didn’t seem deserving of packing up black duffel bags and being forced to come over here. looked like nobody could ever get too comfortable in one place.
he was going to ask what had happened, but it looked like ellie had already beaten him to the punch. what had happened to make these two look so- ruined? god, did he even want to know?