Author Topic: pls help me pick groups for my 2 characters  (Read 448 times)

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pls help me pick groups for my 2 characters
« on: July 23, 2019, 04:14:00 PM »
hey ty for clicking !! i'm basically vvv indecisive and want help picking groups for my characters. ik bb is slow so i dont expect super duper active places, but i'd love places with a nice community of ppl who'd be willing to plot and also places that'd compliment these guys' personalities

— face claim: ermal meta
somewhere in his late 30s (35-38), but with an undecided birthday. a quietly talented diplomat, linguist and musician (plays several instruments, most notably the piano and guitar).
a coin with two very distinct sides: one is wise, quiet and soft, a gentle, open soul with an infinite pool of love and understanding. introspective and guarded, he can sometimes seem reserved in unfamiliar situations with peers, preferring to survey people and opportunities before diving into them. he’s a diehard pacifist with an interest in harmony and unity, hating conflict with a burning passion. despite this, he can be surprisingly stubborn, though with an unshakeable weak spot for children of any sort. when necessary, he’s warm and bright, making people feel at home in the blink of an eye. tactile and non-judgemental.
on the other side of this coin is a single-minded workaholic who speaks to the crowds. a scholar, an entertainer and a hurricane in one, he can come across as some sort of a chaotic force of nature. with an unstoppable drive to both achieve and enjoy life, arbën has a childlike glee about him when he’s in an especially good mood, the sort that can only ever be balanced out by an almost terrifying laser focus whenever he has a project to dedicate himself to.
• other personality traits — cheeky (teases loved ones), witty (clever, quick tongued), self-confident (performance-wise), loving (nonjudgmental)

— face claim: alexander rybak
possibly early-mid 20s? 24-27, most likely, though with an undecided birthday. plays the violin, if only because of the sheer amount of content of his face claim with a violin available.
kind of has the personality of, like, a golden retriever puppy, but one of the ones in that weird teenage, awkward, gangly stage? he has a weird, boyish charm about him that’s equal parts charisma and ineptness, but that nevertheless isn’t irritating or off-putting. not exactly the best at thinking on his feet in conversation if the topic becomes uncomfortable or something unexpected, but is unafraid to hand out compliments (albeit again in a somewhat-stammering way, unless he’s completely comfortable). sweet and easy to be endeared to in a way. his charisma truly comes alive when he’s playing music, or doing something that requires him to put on some sort of a show. pretty good at giving speeches. a fairly active, athletic, adventurous person.

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Re: pls help me pick groups for my 2 characters
« Reply #1 on: July 23, 2019, 04:18:05 PM »
I’ll be honest they’d both fit v nicely in Flintlock but idk if that’s what you want KDNFNFNF

But the first guy—Arbën—would work v nicely in FL I think :^0 There’s a bunch of babies there, and while most of the younger kids are inactive now, there’s also young teens (mostly Brendan and Amity)!!

For the NAME TBA dude, I’m thinking Bluestem? I’m not in there rn, but it just seems like an aesthetically fitting personality for the group KDBCMNCVM